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free "matter" box
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Posted 28th Feb 2014Posted 28th Feb 2014
free "matter" box
Matter is a new way for companies to talk to you by giving you real, physical items that you will want to keep, use or give to your friends. Matter is a pioneering alternative to … Read more
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I am a Matterbox subscriber from day one and they haven't shipped me anything in around 2 years, guessing it may be a defunct thing now.


Ta op. ...I signed up to this a many years back. I don't think it was the 'cadburys' one. contents seemed random and may have been their 2nd box they ever made (compiled).


Heat added


"I have just signed up how/ when do I get box?" Unfortunately you won't. Ss mentioned before, Matter box has basically been dead for over 2 years. Used to be a member and all communications stopped and they haven't even updated the blog.


Just signed up. Great idea, great post and I don't mind waiting for freebies. Thanks!! ;)

Free Matter box
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Posted 3rd Sep 2012Posted 3rd Sep 2012
Free Matter box
Matter is a bit like a magazine; it's published in limited edition quantities to a set publication schedule. Join now and you'll receive future Matterboxes tailored to suit you.
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Signed up years ago and never received anything!!


Not this again. You never get anything.


Im blaming you laloopatel...why cause i can, stop whinging:p.....ive had a box it was ok got some choccy happy days.....I shall now go looking for hhhhmmmmm ah yes a life!!


Never get anything from Matter !


gone from having a book/sweet/toy/chocolate in first boxes to having nothing memorable in the latest

Cadbury Matterbox
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Posted 6th Jun 2011Posted 6th Jun 2011
Cadbury Matterbox
A new matterbox has just been released with 10000 free boxes up for grabs. I managed to get the last cadbury matterbox and while nothing amazing it's a nice little freebie.
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Same but not recieved as of yet although did get one of the first ones they did 2 years i think ago


Rubgy balls, or are they eggs? Binned it already.


Yep, load of balls aint it :-(


Well....that wasn;t worthwhile. No chocolate and the silly cardboard game I had in the last Matterbox (_;)


Me too! This will also be my third Matterbox :-)

Free Matter Box @ Matter Box
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Posted 13th Feb 2011Posted 13th Feb 2011
Free Matter Box @ Matter Box
Matter is a new way for companies to talk to you by giving you real, physical things you might like to keep, use or give to your friends. Matter is a box full of nice things deli… Read more
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Had one of their boxes turn up once, it's really not worth it IMHO.


I actually did get the last one from Cadbury's. But only as I was sat at my computer when the email came in and confirmed my details right away.


These are rubbish and a waste of time signing up. my son had one last time and box only contained a few bits of chocolate and a stupid game.


load of poo, nothing ever comes apart from junk mail, :(


Signed up yonks ago. Have had a couple of emails telling me I might get one, followed by one saying tough luck. Evil b***ards. I think it's down to demographics if you are in with a chance. Frankly, I don't see the point of them offering or us applying. It's like the free fridge freezer offer. Did anyone get one or are they saying they did to annoy you? I know at least one person hat did.

FREE Matterbox delivered to your door!  New one coming out soon!
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Posted 13th Nov 2010Posted 13th Nov 2010
FREE Matterbox delivered to your door! New one coming out soon!
Matter is a box full of FREE things you might like… to keep Matter is a new way for companies to talk to you by giving you real, physical things you might like to keep, use or give… Read more

Honestly don't worry about it. The only good thing was the bar of chocolate. There was a couple of cheap carboard games - all went in the recycling bin within 5mins - minus the chocolate bar of course :)


I was sent an email saying I'd receive my box within a week, that was on 7th December and still haven't received anything, also sent a message asking about it but had no reply and then I get an email telling me I have to vote by 31st Dec 2010 even though they knew I hadn't received it.


Received an email on the 10th.... Subject: Sorry, an overwhelming response! At least they let me know.


Mine came today........had some random male details on ;) Not as good as the last one


still not got mine :( what was actually in it lalalad?

Free Matter Box Full Of Goodies
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Posted 5th Aug 2010Posted 5th Aug 2010
Free Matter Box Full Of Goodies
I got one of these last time and it was full of cool stuff. Different editions go out at different times. Which box you get and when you get it depends on which companies they're w… Read more
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I got a load of junk in mine last time


Got mine yesterday. The chocolate was nice! :) What a stench from the racing game counters tho! (They are made from recycled tyres)


Not received mine yet... Such a random/awful box!


I got the same one as you Phil,i didn't even know what it was at first,i'd forgotten i'd sent off for it,wish they hadn't told me i wasn't getting it now lol


No signs of email just yet but I live in hope!!

Subscribe to Matterbox for free Goodies  -registration open again!!
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Posted 10th Sep 2009Posted 10th Sep 2009
Subscribe to Matterbox for free Goodies -registration open again!!
Matter is Free. Matter is a bit like a magazine; it's published in limited edition quantities to a set publication schedule-you don't get one automatically on joining. Join now an… Read more
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Cool thanks!


I'd forgotten about Matterbox - have just logged in and updated my details, so thanks for the reminder. For the curious, the box I remember had Original Source shower gel, some novel flavour of Cadbury's chocolate, a book sample chapter, various leaflet type things including film rentals and some brand of alcohol... hmm, not sure what else but it was a long time ago. I guess, for me, the advertising only worked for two brands!


That's the bit I wanted to know... Fingers crossed again! :thumbsup:


subscribed to see if i get anything!


seems good i'll try it out thanks

Free Box Full of Product Samples and Goodies from Matter
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Posted 21st Mar 2009Posted 21st Mar 2009
Free Box Full of Product Samples and Goodies from Matter
Matter is a new and unique idea in communications that brings companies and people together around real, physical stuff things you can hold in your hands, keep in your drawer, or g… Read more
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NEver received it :-(


Same as all the above - never received a thing and I registered over a year ago!


me neither. waste of time :x


Fingers crossed Thanks!


Just registered...hopefully a box will arrive :) Thanks op xxx

Matterbox Registration Back Open
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Posted 14th Nov 2008Posted 14th Nov 2008
Matterbox Registration Back Open
Matterbox is a Royal Mail service. Every so often they send out a box full of interesting stuff and freebies. The next box will be sent on Saturday Nov 29th. This post is to let… Read more

i recieved mine a couple of days ago after ordering it approx 6 months ago. it had a cadburys choco bar in it, some original source shower gel 4 free o2 sims, a dvd of a virtual fire, and a few more stuff its great for free. if you wanna check out what came in the box visit HOPE THIS HELPS


My Matterbox pitched up!. Ate the chocolate, had a shower, read the book, Wondered why the o2 offer had expired, and listen to the cd with a hangover :). Worth a punt for a freebe!


Exactly the same and as pleased as punch!


Got mine today. I don't understand why some were so disappointed...even though mine was a bit late, I was quite pleased with everything (ok maybe not the sim card lol ) but I love freebies :-D


:? Ruined Christmas? :giggle:

Matterbox - the next box
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Posted 28th Aug 2008Posted 28th Aug 2008
Matterbox - the next box
I see some have already discussed this but Matterbox is preparing to release another box of freebies at the end of October. Register quick to be in with a chance of receiving a bo… Read more

got this through yesterday some coll stuff :thumbsup:


Got mine today... Same as mentioned with the addition of a taster book of "The Men Commandments" which seems to be a bit of a chuckle. I had to look after my Godson last night and he was a pain in the rolf so he can have the chocolate! Heheh!!!


next matter box coming to work tomorrow too - pity i wont be there! got the blue one a week ago ... is this the same one? we'll know tomorrow (well monday for me!)


Getting mine tomorrow by all accounts, you have to laugh at them saying the Lovefilm trial is worth £18.99, they are ten a penny :giggle:


The 1st box was just a pilot, so not everybody got it. The 1st proper box is supposed to be delivered 6th December and looks like its going to include, amongst other things, Cadbury's awful granola chocolate, an offer for Love Film, shower gel again and a free o2 sim (not sure why that is special as they are normally free!)