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Free Brazilian Bowl with two purchases of Mccain Wedges 50p p&p
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Posted 11th May 2014Posted 11th May 2014
Free Brazilian Bowl with two purchases of Mccain Wedges 50p p&p£0.50
Got one of these from the promotion last year. Well worth looking out for the packs. 50p required for postage contribution.

If you still have them, it would be great if you sent them to me :)


Anyone want a couple of codes? Not paying 50p for more junk :D


Nope, dropped it :p


what did you do....sit on it?


i used to cut my brothers hair with a bowl. . oh he still remembers to this day lol

free photo gift with mccains smiles
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Posted 1st May 2014Posted 1st May 2014
free photo gift with mccains smiles
not completely free, but if you buy mccain smiles, with 2 packs and 50p you can order an item with your face on, like a plate, cup, coaster. mccain smiles are on offer at asda for … Read more

Has anyone pls got 1 code I could have as oh threw it it and now have 1 plate and another daughter


If anyone has a code they don't need could they please pm it to me? Thanks


Thanks OP. We use mc cain.I think its on mc smilies and jackets as well.


great idea x


£2.50 for a fathers day gift heat added

Free sharing bowl when you buy 2 promotional packs Mccain wedges 750g (on-line redemption required)
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Posted 5th Aug 2013Posted 5th Aug 2013
Free sharing bowl when you buy 2 promotional packs Mccain wedges 750g (on-line redemption required)
** Or buy 3 promotional packs for two free bowls delivered FREE ** Same offer that has been posted before, buy any two packs of Lightly Spiced, Mexican, Sea Salt & Black Peppe… Read more

Hi can anyone pls tell me a rough size of these bowls :-) Thanks


Would really appreciate 1 bowl code if anyone has one spare please


Just opened a pack, it only has a code for Crayola goodies. Will swap for a bowl code or i'll give it away to whoever wants it first.


Do an all protein and veg diet not much into junk food that is full of salt.


Codes are on the inside of the bag, don't be a douche and tear them open why not invest two quid ;)

FREE Crayola Goodies with McCain
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Posted 28th Oct 2012Posted 28th Oct 2012
FREE Crayola Goodies with McCain
We’ve teamed up with Crayola to offer you a choice of 6 free Goodies with every 2 promotional packs of McCain Smiles. Also when you have your crayons, make your own colouring shee… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

this is for children, and its not really free WTF!


Didn't say I bought them, just the fact that they are aimed at children and is therefore an appropriate give away


any spare codes?


Wouldn't feed my child this muck!!!


Thanks OP I'll look out 4 these.

McCain Lightly Spiced Wedges 750g @ Co-op  55p with Coupon
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Posted 30th Jul 2012Posted 30th Jul 2012
McCain Lightly Spiced Wedges 750g @ Co-op 55p with Coupon£0.55
Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Waitrose, etc, have all increased the price of these wedges to £1.80 or £1.70. Now Co-op have them at £1.05, so only 55p with coupon. You can print 2 coup… Read more

thanks! couldnt see it at the 90p price in my local tesco so this is the next best thing


The cheddar and red onion wedges are still half price (90p) at Tesco, so can be had for just 40p with the coupon. Also, the rustic wedges are also still on offer at £1 (50p with coupon). Both already been posted: Both slightly better deals than this, but for anyone with a coop as their nearest this is OK.

Free ladybird books with Mccain smilles £1 in tesco
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Posted 29th Jul 2012Posted 29th Jul 2012
Free ladybird books with Mccain smilles £1 in tesco£1
Free lady books with mccain smiles, this is currently £ tesco You need 2 tokens for 1 book. I am sure you can buy it from other stores too. Not sure if the mc cain 50p off ove… Read more

I've got one code for these, anyone have a spare perchance? Would be perfect for my little neice

McCains 1kg Steak Cut Fry Chips, was £1.99, Now 40p in Sainsburys.
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Posted 11th Mar 2012Posted 11th Mar 2012
McCains 1kg Steak Cut Fry Chips, was £1.99, Now 40p in Sainsburys.
Whilst shopping earlier this evening I came across this deal, don't know if its all stores but this was the St Albans store in Everard close.
Get deal*Get deal*

thanks but that doesnt answer the question oven....................durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr




same here, just got back from my local Sainsbury's, none there.


I think the deal is possibly for people who already have a deep fat fryer or a chip pan.. Your question is a bit like asking if you need to own a PS3, XBOX or WII when some body posts a cheap game deal ! Hot deal OP ,,, cheap as chips. Thanks


this is probably a silly question but do you still need a pan full of oil for these chips (like my dear ol mum did), only that seems like an expensive way to get chips if you factor in the cost of the oil

McCain HomeRoasts Tesco 50p with Voucher
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Posted 14th Apr 2011Posted 14th Apr 2011
McCain HomeRoasts Tesco 50p with Voucher£0.50
use the 50p of coupon from homeroasts are £1 at Tesco making them 50p

i really like these sort of deals... heat added!


Nice one


Here's a short cut. Microwave the frozen roasts until almost thawed then bung them in a hot oven, it cuts down on oven use and saves time and energy.


thanks x


It's for the lazy people...... like me :p

20 Free 'SPUD SHILLINGS' when you register with McCains
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Posted 15th Sep 2010Posted 15th Sep 2010
20 Free 'SPUD SHILLINGS' when you register with McCains
Do i know what they are? No But im intrigued And yes for the pessimistic you will probs get an email, but you will also probably get money off/free things.

Dunno if it`ll work, but I registered via an E-mail link (as I was already registered with them) and got 120 spud shillings for signing up. This is the LINK Like I said, don`t know if it`ll work, but worth a go. ;)


Thank you dealzilla X)




[image missing]


Visitors are rewarded for their engagement with points called “spud shillings” which can then be translated into vouchers for high street retailers such as HMV and

McCain Beer Battered Ridge Cut Chips £1 @morrisons
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Posted 26th Feb 2010Posted 26th Feb 2010LocalLocal
McCain Beer Battered Ridge Cut Chips £1 @morrisons£1
Probably the best chips I have ever had! McCain Beer Battered Ridge Cut Chips are made with an award winning beer from a family run brewery.
Get deal*Get deal*

the fatties amongst us will love these.


Beer batter sounds weird but beer is often used by chefs to make a batter for fish, you cannot taste the beer and any alcohol is boiled off, it just makes a really crisp nice batter, don't believe me take a look at this:


Of course the problem with chips is they just aren't fatty enough. Surely someone must have a solution ?


These are great, although I think its like Marmite you either love them or hate. I good price for them though Voted Hot.


gonna try them

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