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MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator Fan (Which? Best Buy & VERY quiet) - free 3 Year Warranty £95.95 @ Meaco Dehumidifiers
Posted 1 h, 26 m agoPosted 1 h, 26 m ago
Your perfect silent room fan – right here Meaco design the products that we’d want to use in our own homes. That’s why the MeacoFan 1056 not only gives you superior air cooling by… Read more

Did I tell you about my new A/C? Not a fan...


Having used this fan it definitely works better than a £15 fan. Shifts more air with less noise. Definitely makes the room feel cooler and quiet enough to sleep with it on.


I never said they didnti said they dont lower room temperature. Once the air is circulating, you can turn the fan right down and your room will stay cool This is false advertising, fans work by increasing convective heat loss on an object such as your skin which has no effect on room temperature. This fan does absolutely nothing more than a regular £10-£15 fan.


I mean, it's £4 less than everywhere else, hardly a hot deal is it??


Air circulator fan.. yes like every fan in existence

Meaco ABC 10L Compressor Dehumidifier - 3 year guarantee £134.95 @ meacodehumidifiers
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Posted 22nd Dec 2020Posted 22nd Dec 2020
Meaco ABC 10L Compressor Dehumidifier - 3 year guarantee £134.95 @ meacodehumidifiers£134.95 Free P&P Free
Black is also available Pennies cheaper than AppliancesDirect , and £5 cheaper than John Lewis Laundry mode – makes the machine run at full speed for 6 hours to help dry yo… Read more

Im looking at getting my Mrs 1 for her unheated dog grooming parlour. Winter months with the cold and humidity in there is ridiculous. Would you recommend this????


Anyone know what size humidifier is required for just a double bedroom? Not sure whether I need something this big or a £60 one from amazon. Only have the one room with condensation/mould problem


Ordered the 12L with the code - many thanks


Order purchased with WELCOME5 code. Thanks 8) and heat added. Hopefully it's a good one


My only experience is with the Zambezi - after 18 months of use 10-5 every day I’ve only had one problem after a power cut and Meaco’s customer service was excellent. Plus you’re contributing to elephant protection!

Meaco Dry ABC Range 12L Compressor Dehumidifier Black - FREE 3 Year Warranty £142.41 with code @ Meacodehumidifiers
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
Meaco Dry ABC Range 12L Compressor Dehumidifier Black - FREE 3 Year Warranty £142.41 with code @ Meacodehumidifiers£142.41£149.905% off Free P&P Free
Free Delivery on all orders (excluding Highlands and Islands) FREE 3 Year Warranty Worth £40 Ultra Low Noise Level From 35 Db to 40 Db Excellent Low Energy Dehumidifier El… Read more

I know nothing about dehumidifiers but my living room is 4m x 4m with 1 radiator and a clothes hourse which takes 3 days to dry and my clothes are damp and windows wet 😩 The clothes aren't dripping wet when they go onto the hourse so would a 10l do the job? And I agree with the massive with regards to you pay for what you get


The rate of extraction is different and obviously how often you have to empty them will change, but also bear in mind the size of the space you are hoping to dehumidify, bigger open spaces will need a bigger unit to work effectively


Ive just looked and as far as i can tell, the only diff is the rate at which is extracts moisture at (12l vs 10l). it seems like theyre exactly the same size..


The smaller 10l is around 130 as well. Is the 12 l really big difference?


I ordered this 149....

Meaco MeacoDry Dehumidifier ABC Range 10 !! Extended 3 year Warranty Just 2.4p ph- £134.99 @ Meaco MeacoDry Dehumidifier
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Posted 16th Oct 2020Posted 16th Oct 2020
Meaco MeacoDry Dehumidifier ABC Range 10 !! Extended 3 year Warranty Just 2.4p ph- £134.99 @ Meaco MeacoDry Dehumidifier£134.90£139.994% off
Great deal here as it’s cheaper than amazon but offers 3 years warranty compared to the 2 years you get ordering on amazon. Reduced from 169.99 to 139.99 on Amazon. Very energy… Read more

Haha yeah it was very strange but poor ventilation made sense, it’s not always around 50 when it’s running, goes up to 60-65 but never over that anymore if it’s turned off over night which is nice. Best thing is how fast it comes back down once turned on. Such a bargain for £ 85, works so well, totally justifies the expensive retail price, it’s so effective. Now removing 4-5L per day, guess the walls had humidity in them.


I got the 12L platinum you can also adjust the air grill towards laundry . I considered getting the 20L but didn't feel it was worth the extra £100. It has a higher extraction rate and storage and has two speed settings ( 12L platinum only has one ) also the grill can automatically swing up and down whereas the 12l is manual only. If I was considering the 20l I would have maybe just paid the extra and got the 25l fancy one .also the 60 quid extra for 5 years warranty if I had got the more expensive one . 12l should be fine I think I also have a 3 bedroom unless you have damp problems it should suffice. I don't mind leaving it on longer to get the same result.


Which is the better to work in a 3 bed house for condensation and laundry? The 12L ABC or the 12L Platinum? Are the 20L models worth spending the extra £100?


Wow that's crazy you sure you haven't had a leak or the swimming pool has disappeared ? (lol) I got the 12l and possibly removed 2l over 24 hours . Humidity of 80+ is very high I assume indoor laundry drying too and little air ventilation . We have an extractor fan in both kitchen and bathroom that really helps and now the meaco to keep onto of humidity and indoor laundry drying . I would personally keep it at Min 50 and I fel like the air will be too dry below that . What you'll find from reading is the building materials will slowly release moisture that has built up over time anyway so it will continue running a fair bit for some weeks until it reaches an equilibrium. Anyway welcome back to dry land.


I went for the 20L low energy platinum model. It’s a beast, I don’t understand where all the water is coming from. I have removed 24L of water in 2 days.. shocked really Humidity down from 80+ to 45 .. no sure if 45 is good place to stop or take it down to 40 My house is an old Victorian build. Is there humidity in the walls ? 24L of water in 2 days seems like a lot ?

MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator + Free storage bag - £99.99 @ Meaco
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Posted 14th Jun 2020Posted 14th Jun 2020
MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator + Free storage bag - £99.99 @ Meaco£99.99
Got this, now my son is getting one also, very quiet for amount of air it throws out, remote is a plus and eco mode when sleeping , t3 gives it a great review, bit pricy but worth … Read more

A friend is selling the Dyson cool AM06 at a good price so I am unsure which fan to pick, 1056 or the AM06 (price isn’t an issue as I really struggle to sleep when it’s hot) Has any one got any experience or recommendations on either the 1056 or the Dyson AM06


Thank you. Wow that’s expensive. Yea defo not worth extending then. The resellers offering the 3 year warranty is currently out of stock. Anyone who sees them getting more stock please do mention.


There's an extended warranty link on the bottom of the website. It'll cost you £60 for an extra 3 years. Not really worth it when the fan only costs £100. I think the link to the 3 year warranty is probably a better deal than the bag. Just keep the box and chuck it in the loft when the weather turns cooler.


How much does it cost to extend the warranty to 5 years? "All Meaco products come with a two year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option of extending warranty to five years."


I know, I ordered :)

Meaco 10L Home Dehumidifier 10 Litres - FREE 3 Year Warranty £119.92 @ meacode humidifiers
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Posted 28th Aug 2018Posted 28th Aug 2018
Meaco 10L Home Dehumidifier 10 Litres - FREE 3 Year Warranty £119.92 @ meacode humidifiers£119.92 Quick Facts Portable and compact Simple to operate Cost effective and energy efficient, 3.88p per hour based on… Read more

Yeah, I know the sort. Look really cool but not that functional as a roof then? I have a 12l which I move upstairs and downstairs in a 3 bed house and that has made a huge difference for me. I dry laundry indoors all year round and have a bathroom downstairs and shower upstairs, the house was suffering from damp till I got my dehumidifier. Peeling wallpaper and everything. All good now. Ideal to run it with all your doors open and Windows closed on full blast for a few hours a day to help dry the house out, then will be good to leave it to do its own thing after a week or two.


yes its for upstairs thanks will see how i go might have to go terrible old mushroom style roof if you know what that is lol caused a lot of problems


10L is a bit of a stretch to do a 2 bed house, but if you're only worried about upstairs that should be ok. Run it for a while and see how you get on. Then you could get a second or upgrade to an 18L or something, which would probably be cheaper to run than two units.


just purchased thanks after having upstairs re insulated and plastered need to keep the damp out for good would i need one in both bedrooms though its a 2 bed house?


Yeah, it will go on and off as needed. The only problem you can have with this is when they decide to come on at 4am and wake you up. Operating noise will vary unit to unit and of course location is important.