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Easy Filter Coffee Machine £25 delivered with code @ Melitta
88° Expired
Coffee enjoyment is easy The Melitta® Easy is characterised by a modern and compact design and an attractive price. It has a transparent water tank with cup scale and a dishwasher… Read more

I sincerely hope this is meant as a joke, right? Hint: it's in the title/on the box: filter coffee machine. You tried to run a filter coffee machine without a filter? Genius.


You will have to buy filter papers.i was caught out.tried without and my machine clogged up.


This is a bog standard filter coffee machine with no features beyond an on switch. Worth £10-15 quid max.

Awesome deal on Melitta bean-to-cup machine - £238 Delivered with code @ Melitta
144° Expired
£238 with code, free shipping! (Manchester United-emblazoned model available for £212.50, but that one is for a little more of a niche customer :D Pure coffee enjoyment The slim… Read more

This is back in stock. Came to £220.99 if anyone is interested. Offer ends in 6 hours.


did you got this one? is only for black coffee and expresso ?


The boys in Guildford will love it.


Nice machine if you drink espresso or black coffee, doesn't seem to be a frother so no good for latte or cappuccinos unless you have a separate milk frother.


They have been listed for months like that, I checked every few days and never saw one in stock...

Caffeo® Passione® OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine - £550 delivered @ Melitta
34° Expired
Caffeo® Passione® OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine - £550 delivered @ Melitta£550£5897% off
Melitta have this temporarily reduced to £550 from £600. Next cheapest price is £589 at CoffeeMate. 20% discount for BLC holders (code via email) on top making this £440

Hi Boggo James Hoffman is back again I see lol I Agree poor machine well overpriced for lukewarm milk and poor coffee dispensation! (skeptical)


Makes poor coffee, avoid


I have this machine. Makes lovely coffee. However, milk is only ever warm, not hot. I’d recommend buying a machine without milk frother and buy a separate Krups frother.

Melitta Caffeo Solo Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Organic Silver) £250 at Melitta Store
172° Expired
Melitta Caffeo Solo Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (Organic Silver) £250 at Melitta Store£250£33525% off Free P&P Free
£81 off this Cafe Solo machine today (ends 2300 tonight). Additional 20% discount available for Key Workers [code via email] bringing this down to £200.

That’s great. They close at 5pm so not holding out any hope but maybe they’ll still honour it in the morning for me (confused) (y)


I got my BLC discount sent to me within 15mins of requesting but that was around 5pm. Cost £200 when that was applied so happy with that.


Damn I would get this if the BLC discount was on top and I could get the code in the next four hours (presume price goes back up then)


Very deep machine, beware it may not fit on your worktop. It’s good, but mine broke down after almost 2 years. Luckily Costco took it back and refunded the money.


Got one of these from Costco for £199 earlier this year, it was the Matt black colour . Does the coffee brilliantly, really good taste. Machine is great for home use or a few cups per day. Some points, that don’t affect me, but I’ve read others mentioning as limitations- It does need water tank refilled quite a bit, you only get 3 cup fills from the tank, the bean storage needs topped up every 10 cups or so and the water drip tray needs emptying every two or three cups. These are all true so is best suited to a home use, near a tap/ sink! I wouldn’t swap mine now I’ve got it

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Melitta CI fill automatic coffee machine - bean to cup from Melitta for £499.99
211° Expired
Melitta CI fill automatic coffee machine - bean to cup from Melitta for £499.99£499.99 Free P&P Free
Hi, I’ve seen a lot of coffee machine deals on here. This is a proper deal on a really decent machine. Every review is fantastic. I have to be honest, I’ve never seen this machin… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

No sorry I thought it was white. Im sure it was when I first looked.. No I cant find one cheap.


Have you got a link to the white one? The link you gave goes to a silver one, I am actually looking for a white one. The OP link has black and silver but no white. ;(


I know but its white.


That's £30 more than the OP post?


Looks a good bit of kit for the price! (y)