Merry Christmas from MyMemory - 20% Off Everything Christmas Day Only-20%

Get code & visit siteMAS


I for one will be using this for a couple of Sandisk Memory Duo Pro 4GB cards for my boys PSP.

Thanks for the code. Heat and rep added.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

Thanks from me too macfan


tried to apply to a external hard drive - didnt accept it.

Valid only on Christmas day raykhanna :santa:

i think the offer starts from christmas day!!

edi you have faster fingers then me!!! sorry folks for duplicated post

It starts on Xmas day, so it wont work now.

no Ipod available though. I am looking for a 30gb video. wouldve been great price.
Thanks mate.



no Ipod available though. I am looking for a 30gb video. wouldve been … no Ipod available though. I am looking for a 30gb video. wouldve been great price.Thanks mate.

I can't see anywhere that says that they are excluded and there are some in stock.


Thanks, put the ipod video in another thread, great deal with 20% off. Might bag one if I can stay up. :thumbsup:

Thanks for this :santa: Very useful :santa:


Site has died... :viking:

I managed to just get my order in for a 1GB Sony M2 card at £26.34 inc postage. Not too shaby.

I had second thoughts about the Sandisk 4GB MS Pro Duo that I had my eye on. I'm sure prices for 4GB cards will come down a lot in the new year.

Welcome to HotUKDeals Odie :santa:

WTF, the 2gb ipod was in my basket, all fine etc, then later the site slows down and now reads 'we do not have stock'.


Just got my order in. I think a 4gb Sandisk MS Pro Duo for £63ish is going to be difficult to beat for a few months yet.

the site seems to be really slow...i desperately need a memory card for my new psp from viking.

Ok, own up....who took all the Ipods????? Lol...i can see ebay being flooded with them. This voucher is great. Thanks OP!

With the use of the 20% code you can get the following PSPs from mymemory

Sony PSP Base Pack - Black £118.36 + £3.95
Sony PSP Base Pack - White £118.36 + £3.95
Sony PSP Value Pack - Pink £131.96 + £3.95

All still in stock

surely they've made a mistake with this offer ... too good to be true ?? Maybe there'll be some red faces when everyone returns after the hols ??

looks like all the ipods have gone, at least the big ones - no surprise there - but the PSP's still appear to be available.

As well as all the SD/CF/USB, etc memory cards, be sure to check out the external hard drives (3.5 & 2.5"-ers), the (uniross) chargers & batts, and the Lowepro laptop & camera cases. There are also some media players under PORTABLE STORAGE that seem OK.

Don't assume these are cheapest for smallish memory cards because of the 20% discount.
With the £3.95 delivery charge there are cheaper places for some of the sub £20 cards.
e.g a 512Mb microSD card is cheaper at dvd.co.uk at £8.99 delivered.

Just got my Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB for £60.92 delivered after Quidco.

Thanks again,

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

Why do they only stock Kingston PC Memory? I was looking for a 512Mb stick for my desktop, but don't like their range.....is there a hidden section, or is that?


With the use of the 20% code you can get the following PSPs from … With the use of the 20% code you can get the following PSPs from mymemorySony PSP Base Pack - Black £118.36 + £3.95Sony PSP Base Pack - White £118.36 + £3.95Sony PSP Value Pack - Pink £131.96 + £3.95All still in stock

Those PSPs are AMAZING value!

Don't forget to got through Quidco for a quoted 4% Cashback, but strangely they gave me 7.5%!!!!

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

25 Dec 2006 MyMemory 39.97 3.00 tracked ~ Jan 2007

It indeed does seem to be tracking at 7.5%. This code plus the extra potential quidco does make this a very good offer from Mymemory.

Thanks mate, another trooper here with the 4gb pro-duo card for PSP goodness.

many thanks.

I couldn't resist, went back for the Sandisk 4GB Pro Duo. I'm surprised those are still in stock this late in the day.

Great post macfan

Thanks for this! Ordered a couple of things earlier with it. The payment screen seemed to crash with me, saying "too many requests", but I got a confirmation e-mail saying my payment was successful.

Hope I have no problems!

Question about Quidco; I am new to it, how long does it take for items to appear as being tracked? I bought from HMV ages ago using the link provided, and nothing has appeared. Nothing has appeared here either ... am I doing something wrong?

ordered rs-mmc 2gb for nokia70, thank you:thumbsup:

The website completely locked up from about 23.30pm tonight - wouldn't load with "too many connections" error. Mysteriously, now that it is past midnight, the website loads like a flash! I can confirm that the 20% xmas code has now expired.

It is my own fault for missing the boat, but still a bit annoying...

Oh well, hopefully others picked up some bargains

I struggled with the MyMemory website from about 23:30pm onwards tonight too ... even though it was loading slower than treacle, I think I finally managed to get my order to go through at around 23:58pm !

Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4gb -- £60.92 after quidco(tracked already!)+20% discount. Thanks to the OP for posting!

If anyone's really needed one and missed out on this, you can pick it up for £69.90 (+p&p) from Picstop:


(I wanted to add a 1gb Sandisk MicroSD Ultra II card to my MyMemory basket, but the site was playing up too much to let me. meh. wasn't a huge saving i guess on this particular item.)
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