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£2 Discount
£2 Discount
Hobbledown £2 voucher off in today’s Metro
Good timing during the summer holidays.


-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Gap 25% off until 5th October - online and instore using promo code @ Gap

You have to print out the page on the link to the metro site. Beware though as it prints out lots of pages that are not needed! I just used mine in store and they were fine with it :)


How do I use this instore?

£2 Discount
£2 Discount
£2 Off Red Magazine - With Free Jemma Kidd lipgloss with Red Magazine worth £14 (mag £1.80)

hot from me


Isn't it get £1.80 off and buy the mag for £2?[image missing]

Free Packet of Crisps from M&S - Voucher in Metro

Have to buy a sandwich - bit misleading


Breakfast sub & coffee or tea only £1 @ Subway with Metro's promotional discount voucher

I have :) I love the eggs, each to there own I suppose!


Good offer if you like Breakfast subs from subway. Personally I think they are horrible. Plastic egg and plastic sausage (IMO). In fact, has anyone ever had a Breakfast sub and enjoyed it ?:roll:


Had it this morning and did not enjoy it at all. Looks nothing like the pic in the paper! :x Not bad for £1 but defo not worth more. Oh, and the tea was like bath water!


[image missing]

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Vouchers Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich / Quarter Pounder & Cheese / Filet-O-Fish with Side Salad or Medium Fries - £1.99 in Metro Newspaper
19/09/2021Expires on 19/09/2021LocalLocalPosted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
The usual McDonald’s vouchers are back in the Metro earlier today at the bottom of page 5 as the previous ones expire on 25 July 2021 Image attached showing valid after 11am for B… Read more

Yes, I was amazed when I first experienced that they sold alcohol in Mcdonald's abroad. So wish they did here too!! Vouchers for a cheap meal and a large beer, OOOH heaven!!


Hence I guess why they need to be presented and surrendered at the in-person till before you order so that they won't be individually used again.


These vouchers were in Tuesday's newspapers as well and took 10 copies as this will last me the next 2 months :D One thing strange about these vouchers are that there is a barcode but no numbers below to manually key in on self-service machines.


Completely agree! (y) Variety is the spice of life! <3 My health wake up call was when my mum got diagnosed with diabetes and eventually my siblings and I all got tested and were found to have naturally high bad cholesterol in our genes so have had to moderate my diet since then. Hence I've tried and found it worked by eating a more varied diet with less saturated fat. (angel) Although for me, the only thing missing from having an occasional eat-in Maccy D's in their restaurants here in the UK is alcohol (for when I'm not driving) because they don't serve it! ;)


Everything in moderation, isn't that what we are told. I too only have it as a treat and like to think I eat a pretty healthy diet the rest of the time. I'm a big girl so can allow myself the occasional treat.

McDonalds Meal Vouchers - £1.99 in Metro Newspaper
384° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th JunLocalLocal
The usual McDonald’s vouchers are back in the metro this morning. Image attached. Hopefully helps some!

Yep page two at the bottom👌🏻


Has anyone spotted them in today's paper? If so will get my copy. Thanks :)


In yesterday's Metro (Thursday).


Samsung internet browser has a QR code scanner option, available from the bottom right corner menu.


Go to Google pay, add new card and from there you can scan in loyalty cards, gift cards etc and it recreates the bar code. I use it for Nectar, Clubcard etc.

Mcdonalds vouchers in free Metro newspaper page 7- burgers with fries £1.99 at Mcdonalds
361° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st AprLocalLocal
Mcdonalds vouchers in free Metro newspaper page 7- burgers with fries £1.99 at Mcdonalds£1.99
In today's( 01.04) Metro (London edition) there are four vouchers valid until 11.04. - 2 x for Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich. - 1 x for Quarter Pounder with Cheese. - 1 x for Fi… Read more
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Just drive through and told them you have a 1.99 voucher and what you want, nomally nobody asking for voucher and if anybody do just hand the voucher, they do not check. Have tried over 10 time and it works everytime


keep up the good work son👏🏼


Codes for these barcodes: Big Mac/McChicken: 81733606 Quarter Pounder: 81733804 Fillet Fish:81734108


The clue is in the title


How do I use this? How do I get the barcode ? The one on the image looks blurry

4 free copies "I" Newspaper
85° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2020Posted 26th Nov 2020
4 free copies "I" NewspaperFREE£0.01
On page 16 of todays Metro Free Newspaper, 3 weekday "i" newspapers and one weekend copy

@jcsymons Vouchers are in today’s edition as well page 23(y)


I just picked up a metro in Merseyside and no vouchers, just an advert for i. Must be region specific.


I only ever want the maccieD vouchers. Haven't had a copy in a while have done any lately?


Many that’s op. Although I picked up the Metro earlier this morning, I don’t always flick through it until later in the day. So thanks for the heads up. Will try and pick up a few more copies at the end of the day to make it a months trial(y) . I can at least guarantee that these will be recycled.

McDonald Voucher back page of Metro 29 Sept - Big Mac, Fillet o fish or quarter pounder with cheese £1.99 Valid after 11am
1038° Expired
Posted 29th Sep 2020Posted 29th Sep 2020LocalLocal
McDonald Voucher back page of Metro 29 Sept - Big Mac, Fillet o fish or quarter pounder with cheese £1.99 Valid after 11am£1.99£3.3941% off
No breakfast voucher unfortunately. Big Mac, Fillet o fish or quarter pounder with cheese. Valid after 11am until 11 October
View Deal

Mmmm bacon 🥓...




Wow now that’s a revelation (y) 🏼


Thanks for posting. We have added this to the Highlights section (highfive)


Make sure to do the little survey on the receipt. Then you can have one with fries for 1.99 every time.

McDonalds Vouchers Metro Newspaper London Page 7 - £1.99 - Club With 50% EOHO Meals from 99p (without drink) Next Monday
319° Expired
Posted 27th Aug 2020Posted 27th Aug 2020LocalLocal
McDonalds Vouchers Metro Newspaper London Page 7 - £1.99 - Club With 50% EOHO Meals from 99p (without drink) Next Monday£1.99
On page 7 of the newspaper there are the £1.99 vouchers for McDonalds meal which can still be clubbed with EOHO discount one last time next Monday, the newspaper is free so grab a … Read more

Is there a new code for the 6 Chicken Nuggets and Medium Fries for £1.99 ?


Yeh,the queues outside Mon-Wed. XD We went to the restaurant downstairs so only waited about 10 minutes. :) Upstairs is bit like boxpark where they got a variety of foodstalls and a big screen showing football matches etc.. The stalls are mainly Oriental based but there's also an Indian,Filipino and a chippy as well. Parking is limited to 3 hours which gives you enough time to go shopping in Morry/Asda afterwards as well. XD


I would have went there but the queue was like an hour long (horror) . I've never been is it good? Not to be bitchy, but the lady in McDonald's was deliberately causing a backlog. She wasn't letting people in to order taking it upon herself to enforce the eating in. When most people were happy to buy and eat in if possible. Also although she was hell bent on enforcing the eating in she wasn't as bothered about cleaning the tables once people had eaten and left. You can't have it both ways.

ACEACE have to select "I have voucher" option


I've actually used them before at one. Maybe the cashier didn't know what they were doing I guess

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Free i paper (four editions) via Metro newspaper
182° Expired
Posted 14th Aug 2020Posted 14th Aug 2020
Free i paper (four editions) via Metro newspaperFREE£0.01
On Page 12 of today's (Friday 14 August) Metro newspaper, there are four vouchers (3 weekday and 1 weekend) for a free copy of the i paper. Not sure if you can print out and take … Read more

Looking back I wasn't specific, so apologies there (y) . Actually thanks to the OP and comments, I now have the Press Reader app installed. Our library service now allows free access to this so there a plethora of newspapers (other than the I)to read (assuming this floats a boat :D ).


Ah right just you never mentioned that in your original post, I personally wouldn’t pay for any newspaper app as news is widely available for free on most places


There is no way I would look to pay for the Metro in either physical or digital form :D . My original comment had related to the I newspaper / original post though. Had been using free Google rewards credit for the I digital edition anyway so no actual cost (other than in privacy terms) anyway. (y)


Lol that’s for I newspaper though the metro app is free for everyone


There are two inews apps as shown @garry141 . The digital edition is the subscription one, identical to the daily newspaper in presentation. The other (UK) drip feeds articles from the paper throughout the day plus anything else they may choose to publish. You will see from the reviews (at least within the Play Store) that some confuse one with the other due to the in app purchases required :D .

Metro newspaper London has £1.99 McDonalds vouchers on page 3 - can be used with 50% eatout - meals from 99p (without drink) Mon - Wed
619° Expired
Posted 7th Aug 2020Posted 7th Aug 2020LocalLocal
Metro newspaper London has £1.99 McDonalds vouchers on page 3 - can be used with 50% eatout - meals from 99p (without drink) Mon - Wed£0.99
Metro newspaper has the 1.99 McDonald vouchers in on page 3 which can be used with the 50% off eat out scheme which run mon-weds in august so a big mac and chips , fillet of fish a… Read more

McDonald's really need your help. So ignore your local small independent restaurants and support the global brands.....


From gov website From 3 to 31 August, get a 50% discount when you eat in at restaurants that are registered with the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme. Published 15 July 2020 Last updated 29 July 2020 — see all updates From:HM Revenue & Customs Use the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme at a participating establishment: to get a 50% discount on food or non-alcoholic drinks to eat or drink in (up to a maximum of £10 discount per diner) every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 3 and 31 August as many times as you like You do not need a voucher to use this scheme and you can use it at the same time as other offers and discounts. There is no minimum spend


I tried this on Tuesday but they refused to add eat out to help out on top. Ended up paying the £1.99. I find the best way to get this offer everytime is memorise the codes and enter on self checkout. When it prints receipt write 5 random numbers on the top at the survey part and give that in if they ask for voucher.



Can you zoom in on the meals please. Just want the barcodes for quarter pounder please?

New McDonald’s vouchers in today’s Metro Newspaper Page 3
326° Expired
Posted 17th Feb 2020Posted 17th Feb 2020LocalLocal
New McDonald’s vouchers in today’s Metro Newspaper Page 3£1.99
There are four coupons on page 3 of Monday 17th Metro newspaper (free) These are from today as previous ones expired yesterday. 2 X Big Mac/McChicken Sandwich and medium fries or … Read more

Have this on lock screen (party)


The vouchers do not expire, at least mine don't. I've got the same ones from June last year.


Always keep a voucher in case they ask but they don’t look at it and the date if you have it folded up


Those machines dont give out a receipt most times in my experience. Few times I got caught out. I just told them I lost it. They give it to me anyway. But I've learnt to keep a voucher just in case.


All year round

Free bag of popchips voucher in metro - redeem at Co-op instore
468° Expired
Posted 15th Jan 2020Posted 15th Jan 2020LocalLocal
Free bag of popchips voucher in metro - redeem at Co-op instoreFREE£1.05
Free popchip voucher in the metro today. Pick it up in co op Valid until 19th Jan. Found in the celeb pages.
View Deal

Got some more(y)


The larger bag is on offer for £1 !


Also Page 28 Metro January 17th


I hope you enjoyed them /are enjoying them :) I tried two Co-op branches and neither even stocked them.


Just the one in mine on pg 13 (lol)

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