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Buy Racing Dreams Bedroom Package in Bedroom Package Deals at MFI £179
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Posted 20th Feb 2014Posted 20th Feb 2014
Buy Racing Dreams Bedroom Package in Bedroom Package Deals at MFI £179£179
was looking for bedroom sets for my daughter nd came pass this! might get that and change a few things myself for her! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Thats adorable. Heat added just because its cute :)


Used to sell this range... Not particularly great quality but at that price it's a good deal.


The Walker Group bought the name/company for £250,000 in 2010


Good price but MDF isnt ideal in my opinion... Heat for a budget bedroom :|


mfi? I thought they went out of business years ago.

Sunne Riser System £399 @ MFI
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Posted 6th Jan 2012Posted 6th Jan 2012
Sunne Riser System £399 @ MFI£399
The Sunne Riser System is a great way to add contemporary style to your new shower enclosure. The designer square chrome rail and Quadra valve works wonderfully with the stylish sh… Read more
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Well I guess it's true what they say, there really is one born every minute (_;)


but on the mfi website it's listed as MAXIMUM pressure... I suspect it's an error but it's what it says :)


err . it weighs 8kg so wont be plastic .Minimum Pressure: 1 bar


Like Woolworths, they trade from beyond the grave...


MFI thought they went bust ?

Killington 3 Door Mirror Cabinet Wenge  £149 @ MFI
Posted 6th Jan 2012Posted 6th Jan 2012
Killington 3 Door Mirror Cabinet Wenge £149 @ MFI£149
Furniture Type: Mirror Cabinet Mounting Type: Wall Colour: Wenge Material: Wood Door: Yes Drawer: No Height: 650 mm Width: 9… Read more
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Thought they went bust?

deleted285714 The Ikea one is larger and a little more expensive - But i have had this up for a few years now - It's fantastic! Heat added for your find!

60% off ALL Orders until December 12th 2011 + delivery @ MFI
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Posted 30th Nov 2011Posted 30th Nov 2011
60% off ALL Orders until December 12th 2011 + delivery @ MFI
60% off ALL Orders until December 12th 2011 + delivery

Mad whoever wanted to take on the MFI name.. hardly had the best rep did it!! cold from me because of the name and oh.. the rrp prices!!


Just looked at the prices. Ikea ftw.


people do know this is nothing to do with the old company. someone purchased the mfi brand from the administrators with the intention of setting up a new business, which they've now don.e.


Their shops all closed down cos their service is crap cold from me..


hmm feral trollley of the week? is this what they sell now?

MFI Oxford Road (Reading) Re-Opened! Warehouse Clearance
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Posted 1st Apr 2009Posted 1st Apr 2009
MFI Oxford Road (Reading) Re-Opened! Warehouse Clearance
Drove past the MFI on Oxford Road, Reading over the weekend and they had re-opened and were getting rid of all their old stock. We spoke to one of the guys who were getting in new… Read more
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Sad I know MFI stores closing 80% off all display items @ selected stores across Scotland INSTORE ONLY.
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Posted 16th Oct 2008Posted 16th Oct 2008
Sad I know MFI stores closing 80% off all display items @ selected stores across Scotland INSTORE ONLY.
Stores with closing down sales are Ayr Clydebank Dumfries Falkirk Glenrothes Kilmarnock Livingston Perth Pollokshaws Straiton Gone into administration, really bad for the staff :(… Read more
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MFI in Merry Hill, West Midlands also closing down. They are letting the display stuff go for 80% off. There are also signs on some of the units saying 'make me an offer' as the sales guy said that people are pinching the fittings, like the shower heads, taps.. so they're having to let stuff go even cheaper, as theyre incomplete units.


why do you work there?;-)


Thanks for keeping us updated


All the people saying you are glad they are shutting down do you ever think about the tradesmen for example the joiners mfi get to fit the kitchens the sparks the plumbers that do the kitchens theres alot more than just the store staff loosing out


"S****horpe" Can you believe this site? The number of NON offensive words you can not post never ceases to amaze me :-(

Double warddrobe / single 3 drawer chest/ double 5 drawer chest in Beech £149 package @ MFI  INSTORE ONLY.
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Posted 29th Aug 2008Posted 29th Aug 2008
Double warddrobe / single 3 drawer chest/ double 5 drawer chest in Beech £149 package @ MFI INSTORE ONLY.£149
Offer instore in todays Mirror,they have them online too,but more expensive,these are the Beech horizon range numbers HOB1325/HOB1525/HOB1555 online to view.
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Hot from me


[image missing] ][image missing] Horizon Beech - Double 5 Drawer Chest (Freestanding)Name: Horizon Beech - Double 5 Drawer Chest (Freestanding) SKU: HOB1555 General DescriptionDimensions: H878 x W717 x D393Now: £99.20 Was: £248.00[image missing] Beech - Single 3 Drawer Chest (Freestanding)Name: Horizon Beech - Single 3 Drawer Chest (Freestanding) SKU: HOB1525 General DescriptionDimensions: H556 x W393 x D393Now: £59.20 Was: £148.00[image missing]

Extra 10% off sales prices and free delivery this weekend at MFI
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Posted 22nd Aug 2008Posted 22nd Aug 2008
Extra 10% off sales prices and free delivery this weekend at MFI
Some ranges are already 80% off eg Quebec bedroom furniture so this is a great saving (plus free delivery helps too)

What a positive outlook on life you have. my dear friend please name me one industy in the world that does not take advantage of monoply status ? The public are not stupid but learn to live with the way of the world, and yes most are aware that we pay way over the odds for things, but we are not forced to purchase our luxurys its a choice we make simply walk away if your not interested. :thumbsup:


All I can say is check out the forums on MFI before buying.# Check out the price of an under bench wine rack in the cadogan kitchen range WAS £390 NOW £156 Is the public as thick as the chipboard they make these from.????? Cost at B&Q for chipboard is probably no more than £15 and dont forget a couple of quid for screws and legs. This is why this country is going down the drain because the governments let this daylight robbery happen. Its not inflation its RIP OFF and British people love being RIPPED OFF . I complained to mfi about this disgusting price and guess what NO RESPONSE 1000 % onto the real price to give 60% off It isnt 60% off it Its COME OFF IT


For all your info B&Q supply all the cabinets etc for MFI and they also do a fitting service for free, they were very efficient and our kitchen is excellent. MFI are quite expensive for the same thing. If it's 80% off however, then this is a good deal.

MFI sale on - 6% quidco?
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Posted 2nd Aug 2008Posted 2nd Aug 2008
MFI sale on - 6% quidco?
Hi Noticed there are 2 sales on MFI at the moment. 1 - the ever present random % off some items sale, and a much better 80% off older lines sale. Bear in mind the 80% off items we… Read more
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Why do they keep changing their prices? i is driving me mad! there is a table & chairs I was, it was £129 for ages, then when I was ready to order it i looked & it had gone up to £149, the there were no delivery dates that were suitable for about 6 weeks so I left it, looked again last week, it was £129 and had 10% off, then delivery was £12, went on to order a couple of days ago once I sorted out with Dh which delivery date was suitable, and it is back up to £149, but free postage!


they have their advert on tv at the moment sale prices 60% off. Then a caption comes up "higher prices between 5th and 18th June 2008", you gotta laugh


Good bargain here . . . . ? ? ?


going bust, going bust


]Here's the link to their 80% off range - very limited - only 4 kitchen ranges are featured in this deal, so of limited appeal, but I guess they may help some people, so I voted this hot.

Hygena Kitchen £445 till Monday
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Posted 22nd Mar 2008Posted 22nd Mar 2008
Hygena Kitchen £445 till Monday£445
Not sure if this is a HOT deal. Hygena Rimimi Maple Kitchen10 easy assemble cabinets and worktops Online was £1600, now £445.… Read more

well why didnt you put them on this site then!!!!


This is a very basic kitchen. Im guessing its 15mm carcase, with a 3mm hardboard back. The worktops are probably 30mm, 40 is standard. Its self assembly too, so a tip to save money on fitting costs would be to assemble the units yourself. Theres only8/9 units, so have a go at fitting yourself and get a pro in to mitre the worktops and do the sink/hob cut outs. Make sure you get a good cut on the cornice/pelmet too. And any wall units fitted to a stud wall are properly fixed. You do get what you pay for, the drawer boxes are nasty, the hinges aren't worth their weight. Its not a great deal. I work in the industry and a poor kitchen, plus a poor worktop, plus a poor fitter = a disaster. Shop around for exdisplay units, off cuts of "solid surface" worktops and put in the best you can afford at the time, its best to wait 3 extra months and save up, rather than wished you'd have spent £500more in 12months time! Its worth baring in mind that MFI were bought as a group a year or so ago for £1!!!! Be warned.


Lucky ducky. The telephone telesales team told me that they have been having calls about this deal all day and that it was a 'rouge' old deal online that isnt in their systems, was told the price is a misprice and that the price is £120 more and doesnt include the sink and taps. Might be luckier instore, depends on the staff I suppose. You wont get this deal over the phone, I rang them twice and spoke to two people and was told the same thing. I even asked my better half to ring (hoping to get someone who didnt know about it) but again was told the deal didnt exist. Kind of glad I didnt go for it, as by reading this thread I'm sure I would only feel let down by the build quality and service.


[QUOTE=dent in chip;1766328]Find some one who has a howdens joinery account Just as cheep But not flat pack rubbish...[/QUOTE You mean same rubbish, as mfi manufacturing exclusively supply howden with kitchens as part of the deal to sell the mfi business in September 2006


had no problem today at bridgend store. i just showed them the print off from above and they gave it to my daughter in law for £445 + £20 delivery. Lovely thick black worktop too. they called someone who adjusted the price on their screen which was showing higher and added the sink and tap. this is fine for her and my son, they have just bought a house and needed something cheap for the time being. they had a fan oven and gas hob from b&q for £199 and a maple extending table & 6 chairs from homebase for £149. they are over the moon, they couldnt afford a lot. glad for the web! not bad all those items, kitchen,sink, oven,hob & dining set for just over £800. thk to everyone who takes the time to post these deals.