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Dell Latitude E5470 14" Laptop - Intel Core i5-6200U 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD £469.90 @ Microderm
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Posted 22nd Nov 2020Posted 22nd Nov 2020Shipping from United StatesShipping from United States
Dell Latitude E5470 14" Laptop - Intel Core i5-6200U 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD £469.90 @ Microderm£469.90 Free P&P Free
Dell Latitude E5470 14" Laptop - Intel Core i5-6200U 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD HDMI WebCam WiFi BT Fingerprint Backlit Windows 10 Pro Product Code: 27593 Be the first to review this produ… Read more

Hey @ps9 thanks for sharing, it's getting cold unfortunately :(


Come on OP. That's a deceptive title.


Used, with a 5 year old processor and 720p screen. Absolutely atrocious for £470.


Terrible cpu for the price


At the moment £469.90, without VAT £391.58, this is stated very clear on the website. The deal shows as it starts tomorrow, so perhaps it will be £391.58 with VAT tomorrow, however, how do you know about this if you don't mind?

Refurb Lenovo i5 laptop, 120gb SSD, 8gb ram - £199.99 @ Microdream
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Posted 24th Aug 2019Posted 24th Aug 2019
Refurb Lenovo i5 laptop, 120gb SSD, 8gb ram - £199.99 @ Microdream£199.99
As the title and the link, seems a good deal to me, used the company many times before and never had a problem, free delivery

Just got the itzoo one for my Daughter for Christmas for £194 plus they gave me a £10 voucher :)


The 128gb was entirely possible to specify as a configuration. http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/withdrawnbook/ThinkPad_T430.pdf https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/thinkpad/t-series/t430/ That would have been a custom order with a CTO product code. Of course it's entirely possible that this is aftermarket, but to suggest it was impossible to get a 128gb with the rest of the specs here direct from Lenovo is untrue. Also the T series is not an entry level thinkpad. There are several other series below the T series that are considered the entry level models. These were massive sellers in the business arena and while they are not the most modern looking designs, they are functional, with semi rugged credentials that your average consumer grade tat doesn't have. Yes the screens are dreadful (though most 2nd user systems tend to be by people willing to upgrade the screen for very little money to more modern and nice panels). The T430 in this deal however, I stand by my original comment is not a bargain in any terms and you can get substantially newer hardware within the same budget. The Dell you posted seems a pretty good shout as a deal, only down side is Dell and their notorious driver issues.


Because the build quality of those are awful in comparison why do you think those Lenovo are still worth money after x years when what you've listed will be in landfill by then regardless if the quality if the CPU etc


u should be looking at t450s for this price


I got a 3rd Gen i7 for half that on eBay.

Apple iPad Air 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular - Space Grey - Unlocked (Grade A-) £169.90 @ microdream
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Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
Apple iPad Air 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular - Space Grey - Unlocked (Grade A-) £169.90 @ microdream£169.90
Apple iPad Air 32gb, Grade A- (University name engraved on the back cover) Cellular version unlocked to all networks. 12 Month RTB (Return to Base) warranty What's in the Box: i… Read more

Looking to get one for the kids, to get them familiar with the operating system as they sometimes use them at school. Would this be the way to go or should I go for a newer model? They already have a windows and android tablet. I guess they will end up doing other basic stuff like playing games and watching youtube on this but not much more.


Ok well your one of those people saying 16gb and just WiFi is cheaper and voting cold. Good on you hahaha and I agree this is expensive for that kind of a deal BUT this as a 32gb with cellular deal. That why it has heat at this price point. Also tethering is a major drain on your phones much smaller battery. Oh and not everyone wants to tether anyway believe it or not. Guess what though with this iPad you have the option of both tethering or not. Another plus point over a WiFi only model.


Stop going on about cellular cellular cellular . Nearly very place around offers free wi-fi now and with the average phone contact coming with 30-100 GB of data you can tether . It's not 2013 anymore !!!!! You think because the deal has heat it's a good deal incorrect . People just see iPad and £170 and click hot .


Thank you and I will, As will all the other people who have come to this thread looking for a deal on an iPad with cellular only to be bombarded with people giving no proof of deals without cellular or saying it’s a bad deal and not saying where you can buy the same for cheaper. A strange world!


That's fine. As long as "you" are happy with an aged and over-priced piece of tech with very limited lifespan then that is great. Who can argue with that? Enjoy!!!

Refurbished Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi 3G Unlocked 9.7" White (Boxed) - £199.90 @ microdream
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Posted 6th Feb 2015Posted 6th Feb 2015
Refurbished Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi 3G Unlocked 9.7" White (Boxed) - £199.90 @ microdream£199.90
Refurbished Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi 3G Unlocked 9.7" White (Boxed) - £199.90

Pretty pedestrian knowledge one keeps the iOS it is on now, foolish to even think about updating the iOS. Use it just like a productivity tool "as is".


Pay extra and get a newer model this one most likely won't get any future updates to iOS :(


So cold


With 12 months warranty...


3G - just wanted to highlight that fact!

Lenovo ThinkPad T410 i5-520M refurbished £179 delivered @ Microdream
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Posted 2nd Jan 2015Posted 2nd Jan 2015
Lenovo ThinkPad T410 i5-520M refurbished £179 delivered @ Microdream
Hi there been looking for a cheap and cheerful refurbished laptop and this one tops my list. Hope it helps someone!
Get deal*Get deal*

They've gone up. I paid £179 for mine.


This is showing as £189 has it gone up or did I miss a voucher code somewhere?!



IMHO to avoid disappointments try to find T410 with Nvidia NVS 3100M discrete graphics card.


Looking to get the gf a laptop so she stops stealing mine. This looks a good deal to me. She needs it for browsing, light office work and light gaming (old school theme park, rollercoaster tycoon etc nothing too heavy) and itunes. Does this look capable enough or am I better off looking elsewhere?

Refurbished Laptops from £129.90 @ Microdream
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Posted 2nd Aug 2014Posted 2nd Aug 2014
Refurbished Laptops from £129.90 @ Microdream£129.90
Incredible under £100 if you buy 5 (if you have tax exemption) AMAZING memory and harddrive increases are available for small additional cost. Nice sized screen. ideal for young s… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

In my experience with adding USB 3.0 via expansion card on 2 different laptops with two different cards, they rarely power external HDDs even with the power cable supplied, or with a double headed cable. They're fine for USB pen drives though.


Very unfortunate! Probably safer then to deal with them through their Ebay outlet http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=surfers.pl&ftab=AllFeedback Threatening ebay sellers with negative feedback usually puts the fear of God into them :)


I'll second this. Avoid! I bought some desktops from them. Three of which had the exact same fault (which I myself spent ages pinpointing). It cost me over £40 quid to return them, which they refused to pay. (I'd have demanded a refund, but I actually needed the computers for work) Long story short, I'd wasted a lot of money & time on something which should just have been ready to go. Which meant I was essentially working on these before I was able to get any of my own work done. They told me it was in their T&C's that I was responsible for return postage. I was going to pursue it legally, but I eventually just went out & did something less boring instead. Oh, and the whole process took forever, because they kept trying to fob me off with an alternative model which I wasn't interested in. I hate complaining & threatening someone's livelihood. Their prices are good & everything. But I was treated pretty badly. The whole process was painful.


These only ever came with USB 2.0 (released in 2007). USB 3.0 can only be added with an expansion card. It's also worth noting that the recent Dell deal the processor in that machine is about the same sort of performance to the T7100 in this Lenovo.


Sorry but cold from me also as you can get a later model thinkpad (or latitude/probook/elitebook/satelite pro) for the same money with more ram, faster processor and a larger hard disk and with a similar warranty from more reputable sources.