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Miele Universal XL-Pack Universal (SUB20 brush, bags & filters) pack £22.99 (free P&P) @ Miele UK
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Pack contains: - Miele's natural bristle SUB20 brush - with rotatable collar that allows you to clean the tops of cabinets without having to resort to standing on a chair or ladder… Read more



Just ordered the 8 bags, don't need the brush anyway, ty


You've seen the 8 bags for £7.51 deal on Amazon right? (FJM) They say, that since the release of their post EU directive lower wattage'd machines, that they rely upon these "3D" bags in order to achieve the expected suction performance equivalent to their >1200W predecessors. Lots of eBay retailers posting out the previous gen of bags that don't mention 3D or 30% better performance. Basically, it's not really an issue if you've mainly hard floor surfaces, but with carpets when every little counts, your carpet will want the latest gen of bags if you've purchased one of their machines in the last 2 years or so (with the 890W motor) to get best cleaning suction performance. The other thing with the genuine bags is that they can be used until they're full to almost bursting with accumulated garbage. Their air-ribbon design feature and the filtering membrane they use helps maintain performance right to the hilt. Using genuine bags, the filters also stay a lot cleaner for longer (so better for the motor as well I suspect), whereas 3rd party bags tend to suffer from poorer filtering, or the sprung indicator thingimajig on the cover showing you it's time to change the bag more often. If you can find 3rd party bags for about 50pence a bag, then go for those. That way you're financial ahead whilst still being able to change them the moment they stop offering effective performance. Das ist gut, ja?


In 2 minds whether to get these or cheapie ones from Amazon, 8 bags will last me a year I reckon

Miele WEG365 Washing Machine £669.30 from Miele Outlet
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Posted 11th Dec 2020Posted 11th Dec 2020
Miele WEG365 Washing Machine £669.30 from Miele Outlet£669.30 Free P&P Free
WEG365 B2 model is currently showing as £750 on the outlet website but called through and it is being offered for £699.30. Considering it is usually £1200 but currently on promo (n… Read more

This the link for Miele outlet http://application.miele.co.uk/resources/pdf/MieleOutletPricelist.pdf


Hello do you have a link for this ?


It's a £25 option to add when ordering online. Further £20 to disconnect and take your old one.


Wow, that is wonderful I didn't know Miele fit the machine as well


+1 We managed to get one last week direct online from Miele for £995 all in fully fitted (and take old Hotpoint one away) with 10 year warranty.

Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Power Obsidian black £199.00 @ Miele UK Abingdon Outlet
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Posted 11th Sep 2020Posted 11th Sep 2020LocalLocal
Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Power Obsidian black £199.00 @ Miele UK Abingdon Outlet£199 Free P&P Free
Miele's current Outlet stock listing has 5 reduced price vacuum cleaners (2 of which are B3 stock = refurbs) miele.co.uk/c/m…htm To view everything currently available view thei… Read more

Keeping shtumb now, aren't they? We all want a free vacuum cleaner, tell us how computer3780. Make it so.


I'm going to need you to elaborate on that..


The CX1 series is a really powerful vacuum cleaner. Better than C1, go for any colour; blue or red


This CX1 Pure Power uses Miele's currently most powerful 890 Watt motor. Pet (Cat & Dog) models denote that they come fitted with an activated carbon air filter (to deal with pet smells) and a Turbo brush (to deal with pet hair). Their naming convention for a specific model indicates the the combination of: Vacuum cleaner (maybe in a specific colour) with either an Eco(550w) or Boost (550w with peak 890w) or Power (890w) motor + basic/Cat&Dog/Allergy(HEPA) filter + brush-head(s) included


Is this their most powerful version like the pet one?

reduced price Miele Vacuum Cleaners @ Miele Abingdon outlet - E.G Classic C1 Junior Tech blue £99
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Posted 4th Sep 2020Posted 4th Sep 2020
reduced price Miele Vacuum Cleaners @ Miele Abingdon outlet - E.G Classic C1 Junior Tech blue £99£99
Miele's current Outlet stock listing has 3 reduced price vacuum cleaners https://www.miele.co.uk/c/miele-outlet-abingdon-1409.htm? To view everything currently available view th… Read more

If you have an extra £100 go for CX1 which is more powerful. I got one myself and in comparison Dyson is just a good looking toy


These are great: really powerful so you end up turning them down to the lower power settings and then they are really quiet. I don't know why I wasted my time with any other brand.


From the same outlet?


You were lucky


They have been even cheaper than this. Got a c3 for £90 recently.

Miele FJM or GN Allergy XL HyClean 3D - 8 Bags & 1 HEPA filter £29.99 delivered (excludes N. Ireland) @ Miele UK
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Posted 22nd Apr 2020Posted 22nd Apr 2020
Miele FJM or GN Allergy XL HyClean 3D - 8 Bags & 1 HEPA filter £29.99 delivered (excludes N. Ireland) @ Miele UK£29.99 Free P&P Free
Miele Allergy XL Pack HyClean 3D Efficiency 8 dustbags and 1 HEPA AirClean filter at a discount price Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filter Highest level of efficiency … Read more

Back in stock online...


Sold out already? Wow! Seems they're promoting the call us option for both the GN or FJM options.


I'm just seeing 'Currently unavailable online' for GN - have you guys had to call in?


No worries. The difference between Hyclean and Hyclean 3D is a very subtle packaging change, unless you're looking for it, you probably won't spot the difference. When first released the pack would state a 20% improvement and the word 3D, but the % improvement is being gradually phased out as a packaging identifier. Online retailers offering deals on Miele bags, often are selling the older tech Hyclean's. Don't get me wrong, they're still good, but nicht as gut as their revised 3D approach the EU ruling must have spurred them on to develop. If you find the non 3Ds on a good deal (£6 or less for a 4pack), they're still worth grabbing some to have. Kenco spares do just the GN bags loose for good prices if you buy more than 8 at a time but you'll need to source your own pre-motor and post motor filters. I posted a recent in store deal by Marks Electrical, for the complete bundle pack of 4 FJM 3D Hyclean bags plus the pre/post filters for £4.99, but that's long gone, now £12. Keep your eyes open when Robert Dyas run promotions. They stock these items at the normal price, but every so often, you might be able to take advantage of a price reduction plus a voucher promo they may be running.


Now that's a response - thanks TopTrump!

Miele Vacuum Cleaner deals - Vacuums from £97.50 Instore or telephone order @ Miele Outlet (Abingdon)
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Posted 10th Mar 2020Posted 10th Mar 2020LocalLocal
Miele Vacuum Cleaner deals - Vacuums from £97.50 Instore or telephone order @ Miele Outlet (Abingdon)£97.50
B2 Grade Vacuum Cleaners have damaged packaging but no use 10661220 Blizzard CX1 Cat&Dog autumn red GB Blizzard CX1 Outlet B2 Stock: £360.00 £234.00 10661280 Bl… Read more

Here's a good deal. C1 Compact Cat & Dog £137.97 at Amazon. So for £20.97 you're getting yourself a Turbo brush that the "10660710 Compact C1 Obsidian black GB Compact C1 Outlet B2 Stock: £180.00 £117.00" doesn't come with. These brushes normally sell at 50ish of your finest British Pounds Sterlings - which might not be worth quite as much as they were before Mark Carney's announcement today. Just ensure you can live with the compromises Miele's Compact Vacuums make.


It's the typical SALE price trick all retailers use and it's called RRP. The model you refer to is currently £316.00 & FREE Delivery at Amazon or Currys. According to Miele, their B2 grade stock has not been used, just a damaged box (Miele is describing it as such so I'd be inclined to trust). £49.50 for a brand new box? If it were made from toilet paper infused with hand sanitiser and pasta, I could maybe understand. Refurbished on eBay for £240.99. Only problem is what does refurbished actually mean? A wipe over with a damp rag or strip down and rebuild with new motor brushes and brand new filters?


I’m after a new vac, so had a little google search of the blizzard cx1 and I can’t see this £410 price for it. You can buy it new for less than this used price?

Miele Complete C2 Allergy PowerLine £129 includes delivery @ Miele Outlet (in-store / by telephone)
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Posted 11th Feb 2020Posted 11th Feb 2020
Miele Complete C2 Allergy PowerLine £129 includes delivery @ Miele Outlet (in-store / by telephone)£129
Miele Complete C2 Allergy PowerLine, sprint blue Cylinder vacuum cleaners Outlet A-Grade £129.00 Complete C2 Allergy PowerLine - SFCF3 Cylinder vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter … Read more

Take him out for a pint of the black stuff and send him our regards. I think Kenco are selling the pre 3D era bags (the ones that now claim 20% more efficient on the boxes). I think they were used when Miele's had larger wattage motors so less invested in maximising efficiency measures / greener planet. Don't get me wrong, they're still genuine merch and work really well.


LOL I actually know the man and he is king of the dodgy deal tried to sell stuff to me years ago can get a bit irate easily ;p nice enough chap though if your "in" with him, he brings stuff in from Ireland to sell here, does deals back and forth for stuff you can get here to sell over there. Miele would go ape probably seeing he's splitting boxes.


Leave the man alone. He's doin' what he has to do to survive for a wee dram of the golden stuff! A genuine business that places the customer at the heart of it. Months back, I bought a Braun super deluxe all the bells and whistles traditional steam iron for £25, reduced from RRP of £70. Didn't arrive, dropped a message - the next day he/she/they despatched another unit which landed a couple of days later. Brand new, top quality, premium item that in the UK you couldn't find for anything less than £60.


Not seen Ken for years! typical of the Irishman splitting genuine boxes bags to sell as single he would do anything for dollar!


Talk about not being 'arrs'd to do your own homework! And then society has a go at millennials! (You've really taken to the spirit of HUKD ain't ya?!) But seeing as we're not all waiting for the government and society at large to do everything for us, HERE! I'll help you out... GN dustbags (4.5 litres) are usually available at more competitive prices from 3rd party retailers (eg: Kenco spares Quantity / Price per unit 2+ / £2.25 3+ / £1.99 4+ / £1.75 8+ / £1.25 ). Man invented the internet, then he invented the search engine. Do some of the legwork, or do you just coast through life?

50% off listed Vacuum Cleaners @ Miele Outlet UK
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Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
50% off listed Vacuum Cleaners @ Miele Outlet UK
Miele Outlet A Grade Pricelist - Updated 11/12/19 These products are from new stock and may have been discontinued. They are still in their original packaging. Products are priced… Read more

Miele are always doing the vacuum equivalent of a supermarket promotional price on a packet of crisps that costs £1 normally, but they increased the priced to £2.50 for a week and then 'reduced' it back down to £1. Miele have been doing this a lot the last couple of years, I guess they know it will drive sales. Where they sting you is on the price of accessories, but a couple of times a year they're lowered to reasonable levels.


Yeah, C3 definitely the best bet, especially with a petrol engine. Far better suction.


I think the pick of the bunch are 10660760 Complete C2 Allergy PowerLine, sprint blue Cylinder vacuum cleaners Outlet A-Grade £270.00 £129.00 11244290 Complete C3 Series 120, petrol blue Cylinder vacuum cleaners Outlet A-Grade £250.00 £125.00 I'd go for the C3.


That Miele rrp prices are high. I mean I bought c2 cat&dog for £159 in Currys.

Miele Compact C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine - SCBF3 - £149 Delivered at Miele Shop
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Miele Compact C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine - SCBF3 - £149 Delivered at Miele Shop£149£18921% off
Miele Black Friday deal The head on this sells for £71.99 alone on the Miele website This unit uses bags Cylinder vacuum cleaner With turbobrush and odour filter; ideal for pet … Read more

Do not get bagless if: 1) you care about weight 2) volume of container Using for my business, are biggest minuses, but you have also getting saving not purchasing bags


Sorry, I thought it was still the same hoover! We had one that lasted well over 10 years through 2 house renovations where it hoovered up everything. It was fantastic. We replaced it with a cordless Dyson 2 years ago which I love for day to day, but it can’t hoover the whole house or hard to access areas. So we also bought another Miele complete C3 when it was on offer. I really like it and I use the rotating head of the old hoover with it, if I need to. Hope that helps!


Yeah we bought a new one not knowing,, it’s nowhere as good, but it is quieter and produces less heat. I find it useless for Dog hair, where the old one would suck anything up.


How does it compare to the older more powerful meile hoovers? I assume not as good but livable as meile ones are so good..


Purchased this few years ago now, via hotdeals (120.00 ish ) . Fab hoover used daily with very hairy dogs and 3 ragdoll cat's. Mine also came with 2 head's, one that has never been used because suction is so powerful I can't move it lol

Miele Blizzard CX1 Jubilee PowerLine - SKRF3 - £179 Delivered @ Miele Shop
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Miele Blizzard CX1 Jubilee PowerLine - SKRF3 - £179 Delivered @ Miele Shop£179
Black Friday Deal through the Miele website - I can't see a price even close to this Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners with protective parquet floorhead for first-class care of d… Read more

uk.trustpilot.com/rev….uk Avoid Miele products, appalling reviews as above


This is a great price! just wish they'd offer the cx1 cat dog at this price <3

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