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Minirig Sub 3 - £119.96 @
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Minirig Sub 3 - £119.96 @£119.96
Not a massive discount. But these are amazing! Great sound (Loud) and a 100 hours battery life on bluetooth.

Just bought one on the back of this review. Which also shows what a joke What Hifi are,as they rate the wonder boom better.


They were always a joke. All of these audio publications are paid for by companies to sell their stuff. Oluv's gadgets is pretty awesome, I bought a few things from his recommendations and haven't been let down.


Anyone not sure about a Bluetooth speakers capabilities or qualities,I find oluv’s gadgets channel on YouTube very informative. Seems pretty unbiased. Unlike the likes of ‘What Hifi’ who have become a joke.


Fantastic little speakers.....The Minirig mini also has £10 off at the moment too (y)


Reminds me of when I use to have Bazooka tubes in the car. 😁

Minirig 3 portable speakers £119.96 @ Minirigs
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Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Minirig 3 portable speakers £119.96 @ Minirigs£119.96£139.9514% off
Reviews & videos Price is cheapest I have seen and directly from Minirig themselves. These cracking little speakers have been designed by UK DJ's in Bristol. The reviews are… Read more

A long sleep (lol) Depends how much i spend on a new phone since the deals have been underwhelming this weekend, but boy do i want this - i would mainly be using for bedside listening but want something i can regularly use to fill a friend's living room and cover a medium sized area outdoors - the anker seems to be best for bedside listening due to stereo with wider soundstage and clarity but minirig would be best for everything else, with the massive benefit pointing upwards so being much less of a pain in the ass to position. Might end up keeping both and embracing the guilt...


Good review pal. What are you going for?


For anyone in the same situation as myself i found this review especially useful in addition to the one above:

vacman2 Comparison between JBL charge 4 (loads of these about to listen to as a comparison) and 1 Minirig 3. Lot's of comparisons around the bass. Hope this helps pal (y) !


If you could just get a link to the good review that would be great! I'll do my own digging for finding the other info, only asked in case you could answer off hand, don't want you spending your own precious time to help me (y)

Minirig portable speaker - Black Friday deal £109.25 down from 129.95
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Posted 26th Nov 2017Posted 26th Nov 2017
Minirig portable speaker - Black Friday deal £109.25 down from 129.95£109.95
Seems a good price for a powerful, Bristol-made speaker with fantastic battery life, which appears to be universally priced at £129.95 elsewhere. Offer ends 5pm 27th Nov. Additiona… Read more

i've not heard one, so can't compare, sorry....


Ha, I hold Ozzy directly responsible for knocking a good few KHz off of my hearing range as well. I haven't found much in the way of side-by-side comparisona online but I suspect the sound quality of the minirig vs. Ue Boom would be quite similar. Minirig is smaller, and has double the battery life, UE Boom 2 is waterproof and a bit cheaper. I wanted a speaker to take away on a camping weekend, which swung it in favour of the minirig for me. I would assume they play with Alexa although I have seen nothing to say this is the case.


How do they compare to the UE boom 2?


Sorry, I rescind my comment. I hadn't heard of Minirig and thought it was a Chinese seller promoting their own goods directly on HUKD. I'm no audiophile having spent my younger years listening to Black Sabbath full belt and doing the combining without a cab or ear defenders on our farm from about 14 years old. I suppose I will have to buy one to see how good they are and if they are better than my UE booms. Do they connect to Alexa ok?


Agree, hasn't got the looks but the sound and durability beat most other contenders. Hot

Minirigs portable bluetooth speaker £109.99 black friday only
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Minirigs portable bluetooth speaker £109.99 black friday only£109.99
Excellent little speakers, take these camping and connect them together, great sound and last all weekend on battery. Sound is amazing for the size.

That's the one I have - good choice!


Thanks, changed the picture to one which is on sale.


Amazing speakers - although the one pictured is not at the advertised price. Just for the 'normal' colours. Still the best speaker I've ever had :)