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Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke £284.90 @ Mirafit
Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke £284.90 @ Mirafit£284.90
Take Strongman training to the next level with the Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke. The adjustable height makes it perfect for any type of Strongman workout, whether it's a yoke carry or… Read more

Am i really? Spent the past hour cooking (lol)


Some might question whether it is promotional? Ooh, he's doing a bit of revenge down voting on all my active deals, classy...


Basically just listing everything on the site as a deal.


Not sure, but he's getting a lot of cold weightlifting tat deals lined up?


Where is the deal (confused)

MIRAFIT 8.7" STRONGMAN LOG £174.90 @ Mirafit
Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
MIRAFIT 8.7" STRONGMAN LOG £174.90 @ Mirafit£174.90
Our 8.7" Strongman Log is the perfect tool for adding Strongman exercises to your workouts. The 300kg capacity allows you to take your training to the next level while the neutral … Read more

I must be getting Strength shop commission too... Apparently I own that store


Is Mirafit your middle name by any chance?! Or you just getting commission.. (lol) 🤪 (lol)

Mirafit Farmers Walk Handles With Qr Collars £94.94 delivered @ Mirafit
Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
Mirafit Farmers Walk Handles With Qr Collars £94.94 delivered @ Mirafit£89.95 £4.95
Improve your functional fitness levels tenfold using our Farmers Walk Handles with QR Collars. Perfect for working your delts and upper back, load up the weights and test your stre… Read more

Me behind my missus with £90 grocery shopping.:{

Mirafit M1 Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotters £154.90 delivered @ Mirafit
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Squat rack back in stock. Really good price for what you get. Looking at the images in the reviews, it can be used for bench pressing.

Argos hex Olympic plates are decent value. But they go within hours of becoming available. I picked up a pair of 25kg plates for £110 a couple of weeks ago which is the cheapest Olympic plate I'm aware of new. Argos stock comes in centrally and shows on the website about a week before it's available. You need to keep checking the website and as soon as it says 'available at your local store from next wednesday' you need to get your order in. Unfortunately even Argos has jacked up their prices recently. They've rebranded from 'mens health' to 'pro fitness' and despite the products being identical they've added £10 to to the coat of each set of Olympic plates. I realise some people don't like the hexplates for deadlifts.


Last July when most people belived the virus was dealt with, did prices go down? I don't think they did. Demand was still high for fitness equipment and with our incompetent Govt, it wouldn't surprise me if gyms closed down again in Oct 2021. Also consider that a lot of people who used to visit a gym have permanently set up home gyms. They are buying big houses to accommodate this. I believe that for the next few years, gym equipment will be pricey.


Mr Cress thanks for posting. I’ve bought quite few MIRAFIT products recently and been very impressed with quality, value and postage and packing. A great British company IMO. However just a work of warning, the HUKD mods may move this deal to what they call the ‘Discussions section’ - citing the reason being that this is ‘not a deal but MIRAFITs normal price’ - you can try explaining that it’s hard to get stock anywhere for good quality reasonably priced kit eyc. etc, but they will ignore you! (It’s happened to me for a MIRAFIT Olympic Barbell deal I posted - I posted it to help folk as there are so many peeps on EBay flogging overpriced cheapo ‘quality’ Olympic barbells). Hope they don’t do this to you, but ‘forwarned is forarmed’ etc!


Register with MIRAFIT website and set up a stock alert, they will the email you when barbells you want are back in stock, this has worked well for me over last 4-6 weeks. Order ASAP after you get the stock alert - as wil go out of stock again very quickly IME! Good luck! (y) 😄


It's only made of cheapo box section, if there was issues I'd be a little more than concerned.

Mirafit cast iron 1inch hole 2 - 5kg for £29.99 / £34.94 delivered @ Mirafit
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
Mirafit cast iron 1inch hole 2 - 5kg for £29.99 / £34.94 delivered @ Mirafit£34.94
MIRAFIT CAST IRON 1" TRI GRIP WEIGHTS Rating: 100% 8 ReviewsAdd Your Review Our Cast Iron 1" Tri Grip Weights are easy to grip, making weight changes quick and efficient. Available… Read more

Shocking price




DM me your address so I can post your medal to you (y)


I posted this weeks ago

Mirafit 20KG Studio Pump Set - £79.95 (+£4.95 Shipping) @ Mirafit
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Back in stock and best price I can find for a pump set

Stay delusional m8.


No the Spanish flu was alot worse I'm not comparing anything, giving examples. Times have indeed changed we are in 2021, life will be back to normal don't worry your educated mind with it, must drive you up the wall feeling all this anxiousness. I hope to get a message back when things are back to normal. (highfive)


That's some list of nonsense you've come up with. "No place for my negatively?!" Maybe check what you've written before you post it? ;)


I mean hopefully we can re-visit this conversation and we will see... I don't use Facebook and again don't read the news, I read history books. free travel, trade, I think ur marginally off with ur thoughts on the Spanish flu. We learn and we adjust, life essentially goes back to normal always does always will. I'm not 32, 88 represent the boobies, 1+1 usually ends up being 2 right. (lol) I think you would go back and forth all day.


Fortunately none of us can predict the future. Actually what is Normal? Humans are very resilient and have recovered from far worst events. Hotukdeals is no place for your negatively. Maybe join a cult?

Mirafit M2 Adjustable FID Weight Bench £149.95 + £4.95 delivery at Mirafit
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Mirafit M2 Adjustable FID Weight Bench £149.95 + £4.95 delivery at Mirafit£154.90
Finally, some sturdy weights benches back in stock! The standard M2 adjustable came back 2 days ago but sold out quickly. I suspect the M3 might be available in a few days too.

I missed this but emailed them and they said they expect more stock next month.


out of stock


It will take up the amount of space that the dimensions show. If you want to 'put it away' you'll have to disassemble it as it doesn't fold.


Is this easy enough to put away and not take much space?


The m2 adjustable bench definitely looks like better quality, albeit with no leg pads

Hex dumbbells - 15kg pair £79.95 / 3kg pair £19.95 / 1kg pair £7.95 + £4.95 delivery at Mirafit
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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
Hex dumbbells - 15kg pair £79.95 / 3kg pair £19.95 / 1kg pair £7.95 + £4.95 delivery at Mirafit£84.90
Been on the lookout for some decent Hex dumbbells for the last couple of months - completely put off by the scalpers. Anyway, this is the best price I've seen for a long time at a… Read more

Iron prices are up 100% during the last year. I've just ordered dumbbells from China and the cost there, before shipping, is higher than the £1 per kilo some quote above. £1 per kilo days are long gone. Add to that the cost of shipping a container from China shot up from £2,200 not long before covid to £15,800 (a quote I got a couple of weeks ago). That's £13,600 extra to deliver a container that can store 24,000 kilos - but the government apply their import duty to shipping costs too - so add about 24% to that extra £13,600 shipping. In short shipping is 70p per kilo more expensive than pre-covid when import duty and VAT is added (not 70p total, 70p more expensive). When you add the 100% increase in the price of raw materials used by the manufacturers (iron prices), you can see why stock is currently expensive and why many retailers are choosing to remain out of stock, for now, instead.


Just thought I’d make u aware of this deal posted today in case you want more https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/mirafit-olympic-hex-weights-various-sizes-3654469?utm_source=mappshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=3654469


Received yesterday and they are perfect my son is very happy, Thanks


A good deal in the current climate (y) Only other place online that I've come across that is cheaper is Argos but to actually get any of the stuff on there is like a lottery and you need to keep on checking constantly (and at all hours).


To anyone seeing this I added my email so I'd get a notification if certain items were in stock. They have a bundle of DBs now. I ordered my 20s and 30s. Good luck folks.

MIRAFIT M2 ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH £154.90 Delivered @ Miraft.co.uk
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Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
MIRAFIT M2 ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH £154.90 Delivered @ Miraft.co.uk£154.90
MIRAFIT M2 ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH back in stock in black. I know these were cheaper prior to lockdown but this is as cheap as you will find a decent bench now. This won't be for e… Read more

The more notifications that I get the more posts that I read I can’t help but think the only people complaining haven’t assembled the benches to the a sufficient standard it’s works great. People have had over 200kg’s and no squeaks or wobbles. Maybe I got the only good bench ?


Thanks. Ive already setup my mirafit and am happy. The most load ill be putting on it is dumbell pressing 40's and its fine for that. I cant fit more than 40kg on each dumbell without spending more money on extra thin plates, but if i ever buy another squat rack/olympic bar ill look to buy that if its available.


(Just to be clear I have a Mirafit Power Rack and Hex weights - so pound for pound think their kit is great quality and excellent value) However, I have just bought a ‘Bodycraft F320 Flat Incline-Decline bench’ secondhand (for £200) and have been really impressed. Feels really robust and great quality, very solid and comfortable. They were in stock new at Powerhouse Fitness last week for £300, but out of stock now! With the F320 bench you can easily adjust the seat height quickly, to very low on the ground - makes it’s easy to reach dumbbells off the floor / real easy drop them onto floor - without damaging your floor. The already built in foot pad on the F320 bench means you can do decline crunches too. Also you can buy a leg curl attachment that fits on the front for £115 inc delivery (from powerhouse fitness), that you can put weights on for quads / hamstring strengthening - so you can make even more use of the bench. They also do a ‘Preacher’ attachment too for biceps work.There are some good videos on Youtube about the F320 bench and the attachments. Obviously this is double the price of the Mirafit, but a solid, comfortable bench really makes a world of difference in use and in its longevity- so IMHO it’s definitely worth spending more on if your budget can stretch to it. Anyone who has used a cheap bench at home or in a gym will testify to this - on cheap equipment the seat covering splits easily and the foam is sometimes not dense enough to provide enough support under heavy loads (that being said I have not used any Mirafit benches myself yet, so it’s seat covering and foam density might be great!). Hope this helps. :) (y)


To be fair IMHO this is a deal and not a stock alert, as this bench is being sold elsewhere for more money. :) (y)


I can't fault mine, solid as any gym bench I've used and a million miles off the old Argos York type rubbish that used to be mainstream home gym equipment.

Mirafit M1 Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotters £154.90 delivered at Mirafit
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Mirafit M1 Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotters £154.90 delivered at Mirafit£154.90
Mirafit M1 Adjustable Squat Rack With Spotters Fully adjustable - adjust width, rack height and spotter height Improved design now includes rear weight storage poles Suitable fo… Read more

Then add delivery taking it to the same price


Ooooh and its even cheaper £149.95. (y)


Back in stock again. (strong)




I do