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x2 GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Performance Tyres 195/65 R15 £91.61 delivered w/code @ Mister Auto
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Posted 2nd Mar 2018Posted 2nd Mar 2018
x2 GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Performance Tyres 195/65 R15 £91.61 delivered w/code @ Mister Auto£91.61
Free delivery with 2 tyres. Code: PAYPAL10

My existing tyre is 195/55/R15, 2 of them are still reasonable good, 2 of them is a little wear. Therefore, I just want to replace 2 of the tyres. Could I use 2x existing 195/55/R15, and 2x this new 195/65/R15? Many thanks for advising.


More disseminated misinformation. Completely false. They are NOT a winter tyre. They can be used all year round including summer.


CrossClimate+ are a so called all season tyre. I'd call them a winter tyre. These should never be used in the summer as the stopping distances are dreadful compared to ordinary summer tyres for 10 months of the year. Good for the snow and ice but thats about it.


I recommend them on the basis of using them rather than on some EC lab tests that are actually about as much use as the NEDC CO2 and fuel economy tests. Reviews and user data is a far more realistic barometer to judge against. These tyres are not the best all rounder. They would have been hopeless this past week in the snow. The CrossClimate+ are the best balance of performance for the UK climate.


C rated for fuel, B rated for wet grip... vs the Goodyear's B rating for fuel, and A rating for wet grip? The Goodyear's are fantastic tyres, easily the best all rounder going.

Free £150 Alpine EZI-DAB Car Radio Adapter With Orders Over £150 @ Mister Auto
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Posted 27th Jun 2016Posted 27th Jun 2016
Free £150 Alpine EZI-DAB Car Radio Adapter With Orders Over £150 @ Mister Auto
Got this email today from Mister Auto, seems you get a free Alpine EZI-DAB Car Radio Adapter, with orders over £150 until this coming Wednesday. Seems amazing really if you are ne… Read more

Glad to see Mr Auto have got their T&C's right at last. My Dab adapter arrived today, Alpine box (already open), windscreen aerial and a wiring harness dated 2011. Lots of bits to justify the Alpine £150 price tag. Not too sure how much better/different it is from the £50/£60 Pure original. I'd assumed after 4-5 years Pure had either dropped it or about to release a newer version (bluetooth would have made a lot of sense, imagine DAB and handsfree and streaming) hence mr auto knocking these old ones out as a freebie. I'll fit mine either this weekend or next hopefully and report back


Mister Auto have started another promotion, spend £45 and get a free Philips LED Torch. This time they have printed terms and conditions, they are learning! "How to benefit? Make a shopping basket with a minimum of £45 inc VAT Not have a basket composed of Coupling Systems or Exhaust Components (end silencers, middle silencers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters) Add the torch to your shopping basket, before validating your order Mister- Auto reserves the right to end the promotion at any time if there are insufficient quantities available to fulfill the demand, or if the there are not more in stock. The end date is indicative only and is the maximum duration of the promotion, unless we decide to extend it."


Mike1212 Have managed to PM you!


mike1212 Received the DAB today. Surprise, surprise. Looked into re-ordering only to find all the prices have gone up - by about 3%. £ vs € I guess. Not a lot but given all the hassle I don't feel quite so "honourable" now especially as the original prices were at a premium and the saga was all their fault. I think I will sit and wait for now!


Phone call today from mister-auto saying they are going to honour the offer. They didn't want to see the screenshots/pdf-printouts which shows that there were no t&c's attached to the offer. They obviously understood that they would lose at small claims. Looks like they're accepting responsibility for the mess of their own making/marketing. I'm to expect delivery next week. No sign of anything yet as being ordered, but it feels like customer service is run from France, hence the delays, and some poor bod has to go through everything and sort it out. They should get the people who cocked it up in the first place down there to help out. My order was over £180 with a DAB adapter, I'll be happy when the DAB adapter arrives to complete the order. Like everybody else, the order was only placed because of the offer. It's a shame the whole experience has been tainted

Engine Oil HELIX ULTRA ECT 0W30 5 litres £29.98 plus £3.95 del or free del with spend of £39 MisterAuto
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Posted 1st Jan 2016Posted 1st Jan 2016
Engine Oil HELIX ULTRA ECT 0W30 5 litres £29.98 plus £3.95 del or free del with spend of £39 MisterAuto£33.93
will only seem a good deal to those who know what 0w30 means and its benefits also do the Audi VW specific version for a pound less, these are great for filters and service items… Read more

My car renault megane hatchback 1998cc petrol engine takes about 5.4 ltr of oil. Could anyone suggest me which maker does 6lts oil drum? I seem to find only max 5 itr ones. few yrs ago I had bought Ac Delco but don't see the 6ltr online now. and recently I have been giving car for servicing without paying too much attn and don't think garages uses good quality oil.


Unfortunately no 0w30 in their range


Also checkout Halfords synthetic oils for £12 for 4 litres... http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil?cm_re=VNCategories-_-feature1-_-engineoil


Even better! Didn't know they had one


£29.95 delivered at their ebay store http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Engine-Oil-HELIX-ULTRA-ECT-Petrol-Diesel-0W30-Synthetic-5-Litres-SHELL-550042370-/291624590183?hash=item43e62e1b67:g:0T8AAOSwcBhWVajH

Mister-Auto, save 15% (SAVE15) and free delivery on top of cheap prices, FILTER10 for filters and 15% off engine oil (ENGINEOIL15)
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Posted 4th Feb 2014Posted 4th Feb 2014
Mister-Auto, save 15% (SAVE15) and free delivery on top of cheap prices, FILTER10 for filters and 15% off engine oil (ENGINEOIL15)
'SAVE15' on top of discounted items (upto 25%) on Starter, Alternator, Gas Spring, boot, Glow Plug, Heat Exchanger, interior heating, Gas Spring, bonnet, Spark Plug, Coil, ignition… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I've compared the MANN and Bosch side by side. Bosch is miles better, crimped, not glued, there's more filter paper and it comes in a plastic bag which means it's cleaner. A speck of dirt can ruin the injection system!


I payed via paypal they sent part of the shipment from UK the rest from France, I brought a Bosch dizzy cap for £38 Carparts4less wanted near £60. Item was genuine Bosch one gripe was the box they sent item in was huge but that no biggie. Part of my order was out of stock and got a prompt refund so no issues for me. I was a tad sceptical but the saving was good and if payed via paypal your covered.


are they really sending ordered stuff? Heard the opinion they might be scam...


ordered filter sunday (auction service) recieved it today free delivery and bargain price


Mann filter are very well constructed and are better IMHO

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