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Air Con refresh for just £10 @ Mitsubishi
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Posted 5th Sep 2016Posted 5th Sep 2016
Air Con refresh for just £10 @ Mitsubishi£10
Dealerships normally charge £50-70 so a tenner seems really good. Even states "We will even re-treat your vehicle free of charge should you experience any problems associated with… Read more

I tried one of them cans, they were utter pants. Is getting it done at a garage any different?


Is it only for Mitsubishi vehicles or any make?


Who's head,mine or yours X)




You could try it but I don't think you will have much chance seeing they have a * where it says about ac coolant level ,and that it is an additional cost.

New Mitsubishi CV1 Colt 0% VAT + 0% APR now starting from £6,995
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Posted 5th Jan 2013Posted 5th Jan 2013
New Mitsubishi CV1 Colt 0% VAT + 0% APR now starting from £6,995£6,995
Amazing little car, had my 2008 reg from new and only had one bulb go! Most reliable car I've ever owned and I had a Jazz before! Very low insurance, a great budget car which will … Read more

I'm talking Fiesta Zetecs not Styles or Studios. Strange how the cheapest pre reg 1.3 Colt on Oakleys site is almost £10k. Sounds like you need your eyes testing.


I pass Oakley Mitsubishi (County Durham) every day on the way to work ... they've had 1.3 pre-reg Colts on sale for £6795 on and off for months. As I say, only a fool buys bottom of the range, and that goes especially for poverty-spec Fiestas.


This deal is for a new 1.1 not a nearly new 1.3. Cheapest 1.3 62 plate pre reg I've seen is £8.5k which is getting on for nearly new Fiesta money.


Only a fool buys the bottom of the range model ... and BHP/ton isn't everything anyway -- the 107 runs out of legs very quickly. Yes, the 1.1 is underpowered, but it's only the bottom-end car. Pre-reg 1.3s are available at a lot of dealers for this price, and have been for some time. 1.3 is just getting to that point where the car can be used on the motorway without annoying everyone else.


Good price for a new car but the Mitsubishi Colt is ancient in design. I test drove one years ago and it was ok but nothing special. However £6995 is hot for a new set of wheels. I think that you could spend a little bit more and get something 100 times better. Still hot from me.

New Mitsubishi Colt 0% VAT + 0% APR now starting from £7,875
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Posted 21st Aug 2012Posted 21st Aug 2012
New Mitsubishi Colt 0% VAT + 0% APR now starting from £7,875£7,875
Nothing else to say really. I am still looking for a new car from super mini range and almost decided to grab Fiesta when all of a sudden that offer came out. Pros: - It comes … Read more

Not sour grapes, we ended up dumping the franchise in favour of a better one. Ask anyone in the motor trade...the cars are frowned upon. Fact


I don't consider myself a new car buyer because of the perceived initial depreciation. However, my last 3 car purchases have been for new cars have been new because of the stonking deals on them. Plus, if you are buying 'nearly new' to avoid the initial depreciation, don't forget that all cars depreciate, not just new ones. Therefore, buying new (if you can afford it), doesn't increase the overall cost of ownership as much as the headline numbers suggest. And like other reviewers have said, you get the assurance of the full warranty and knowledge of the car's full history.


Are you American or just can't spell - or write a proper sentence?


I don't recall making a comparison, rather an illustration that "low" power isn't necessarily underpowered. Maybe you should start reading full-stop. I hear it helps to comprehend things


So in your nonsensical way two completely different cars weighing the same (kerb weight) but hugely different power outputs will do what exactly? Maybe you should stop reading Wiki for a while, I hear it's mostly written by school kids.

48 hour test drive in Mitsubishi I-Miev Electric car.
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Posted 7th Mar 2012Posted 7th Mar 2012
48 hour test drive in Mitsubishi I-Miev Electric car.
Should save a lot of people 2 days petrol money, and a chance to see what an electric vehicle performs like.

I've gone for the Lancer instead!! Definitely more my thing!




Will do


Let me know how you get on. I couldn't find anywhere online about the Evo being advertised for the extended test drive


Nice one for the heads up....know what I'd prefer but going for both of them

Mitsubishi Lancer Juro Brand New Car with SatNav,reverse cam, leather seats, 2.0 Diesel £14,999.00
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Posted 4th Nov 2010Posted 4th Nov 2010
Mitsubishi Lancer Juro Brand New Car with SatNav,reverse cam, leather seats, 2.0 Diesel £14,999.00£14,999
where are you going to get a 2.0 diesel, Mitsubishi Hatchback with Satnav, reverse camera, leather seats and bluetooth, Brandnew for £14,999.00. Also 12Months 0% APR http://www.m… Read more

I bought one. No quidco though :(


Didn't you know, everyone gets a free old man's hat.... well they all wear them, so I just assumed they came with the car! ;-)


Did i miss a Hotukdeal? i didnt get a hat with my one.... LOL


Below average car, not great fuel economy for a diesel, well spec'd for the price i guess. Not for me.


I always did, (well two of them - who in any modern car spends much time on the inside lane doing 45 with lumbering lorries?), but of course no-one expects you to do that when you drive a Volvo, so they do all sorts of ridiculous acrobatics to get out in front of you... well shot of them for that reason alone! The cars are OK, but unless you particularly WANT to be treated like a Volvo driver, then I don't recommend them! Oddly enough my current Lancer is far less powerful then my last Volvo, but no-one knows that!

Free Chocolates from Mitsubishi
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Posted 11th Nov 2009Posted 11th Nov 2009
Free Chocolates from Mitsubishi
Simply download and print the entry form, take it with you to your local Mitsubishi dealer, ask your dealer to stamp it, then place it in an envelope and send it to: Mitsubishi Mot… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Bit long winded if you ask me.


Great freebiw if you happen to close so well done


I guess Pinkmelon should apologize for finding you guys a FREEBIE...sheesh!


wow, even if i had a dealer near me i dont think id bother.


Hot for me,

Free Travel Mug for visiting a Mitsubishi Dealer
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Posted 3rd Aug 2009Posted 3rd Aug 2009
Free Travel Mug for visiting a Mitsubishi Dealer
FREE TRAVEL MUG Mitsubishi are pleased to offer Sun readers a FREE travel mug for visiting a Mitsubishi dealer. To claim your FREE travel mug simply download an entry form, take i… Read more

done, thanks.

Free Disney BOLT DVD when you test drive a mitsubishi
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Posted 6th Jun 2009Posted 6th Jun 2009
Free Disney BOLT DVD when you test drive a mitsubishi
I found this through the Times newspaper. Test drive a mitsy and get a BOLT DVD free. PLUS enter into a family holiday to Florida. I've picked the EVO for a giggle. ---------DVD ca… Read more

the gf would love the dvd, me, the car!


great deal! heat added, shame you have to be 21 to test drive, shame in only 18 :(




correct, i ended up taking the outlander out but they said if i want to take the evo out i could as well. just that my local dealer is a ralliart dealer and i needed to re book for the evo experience. looking forward to it!!!:w00t::-D


Just read the small print, says excluding evo models :whistling:

Free £10 M&S Voucher With a Mitsubishi Test Drive
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Posted 25th Feb 2009Posted 25th Feb 2009
Free £10 M&S Voucher With a Mitsubishi Test Drive
Visit your local Mitsubishi dealer for a test drive in a new Mitsubishi and receive a £10 Marks & Spencer voucher. You will then also be entered into the prize draw to win a fa… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

offer ends 30th April 2009 btw