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Losi DBXL-E RTR - Black RC Car Ready To Run, Huge 1/5 Scale 84cm - £899 @ Modelsport
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Posted 19th Mar 2020Posted 19th Mar 2020
Losi DBXL-E RTR - Black RC Car Ready To Run, Huge 1/5 Scale 84cm - £899 @ Modelsport£899£1,199.9925% off
Before voting cold: Losi is the Apple of RC cars, and this is a huge hobby grade RC car usally well over £1000 Losi DBXL-E RTR - Black RC Car Ready To Run, Huge 1/5 Scale 84cm lon… Read more

ya missed the comma there...


1258kg without batteries? 😳 weighs more than my car..... (lol)


great deal.


Been tempted by a losi for a few years now mainoy the 5IVE...


Voted hot, nice find (y)

Blade Chroma BNF (spektrum compatible) £299 @ modelsportuk
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Posted 27th Apr 2016Posted 27th Apr 2016
Blade Chroma BNF (spektrum compatible) £299 @ modelsportuk£299
If the phantom 3 advanced I posted is out of your budget and you fancy using your own camera and have a spektrum controller then the blade chroma maybe an option. Brushless, GPS eq… Read more

If you don't post the deal then hopefully others will take advantage of your information!


Cheaper here Its £169 here but I can't post it as a deal, even though its a genuine shop


Now £303.99


Can't post this as a deal, but if you're looking for a large cheap starter quad, then the syma x8c is available here for £58 (I have one, love it) Brushed motors, and no fancy GPS, but has excellent range for a toy quad (I've had mine out over 300m before I couldn't see it, some have done 400+), 10m flight time, cheap batteries, water proof (mines landed in a lake, been stuck in a tree for a fortnight in wind and rain), motors are plugged, no fiddly soldering like my hubsan x4, will take a gopro or mobius and looks great in black

RC Dromida MT4.18 1/18 RTR 4wd Truck was £69.99 now £49.00 + £6 postage @ modelsport
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Posted 7th Jan 2016Posted 7th Jan 2016
RC Dromida MT4.18 1/18 RTR 4wd Truck was £69.99 now £49.00 + £6 postage @ modelsport£55
Great car either dor young kids to learn with or for bashing in limited space great deal for £49.00 This is the Dromida MT4.18 1/18 Ready-to-Run Electric Monster Truck. Take the c… Read more

And yes deal is worth it as i have a maverick ion same scale as the one on offer but that cost me £79.00

Blue138 Also good models


Carnt go wrong with tamiya, the midnight pumpkin and lunchbox are my favs My advice is though if you think itll get used alot and will get alot of punishment then spend abit more. I like hpi as you get a 2 year warranty. £150 will get you a hpi jumpshot that im sure will take alot of punishment as its built more solidly than tamiya models. If i had the money right now id buy one Hope this helps


Sorry to jump in on this but have the same age group of kids and currently looking at the Tamiya kits (the 80s re release stuff such as Hornet or Frog). Same pricing as those suggested I think but never seem to be on a good deal away from rrp. Interested if Blue138 has experience of the 2 brands as to value for money (Tamiya or Traxx).


Wow. Thanks for the replies. The spend goes up a fair bit of course. Is this deal worth the money, or worth added that more on top?

Syma x8w quadcopter with FPV streaming video, 2mp camera, 400m range £99.99 @ Modelsport
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Posted 3rd Aug 2015Posted 3rd Aug 2015
Syma x8w quadcopter with FPV streaming video, 2mp camera, 400m range £99.99 @ Modelsport£99.99
Cheapest 'legit' UK seller awaiting stock - I've just purchased from UK based stock on ebay for £85 but HUKD rules forbid me from posting these, but for those wishing to purchase f… Read more

Wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take 3 hours to charge, I reckon a better charger will be on a future purchase list


Got mine from here The youtube vid that showed nearly 400m of range is this one.


​What would be your recommendation to start with Quadcopters? You seem to have a good range of them. Cheers


Are you able to PM me the ebay shop you bought yours from? Might have a browse.


​apart from the fact this is a good 200-300 quid cheaper? :{

Thunder Tiger MTA4 S28 1/8 Nitro Monster Truck at Modelsport UK - £219
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Posted 25th Feb 2014Posted 25th Feb 2014
Thunder Tiger MTA4 S28 1/8 Nitro Monster Truck at Modelsport UK - £219£219
Thunder Tiger MTA4 S28 1/8 Nitro Monster Truck, 1/8 scale monster truck from a quality manufacturer, Had one of these a few years ago, Great truck at a great price.

After much thought I have come to the same conclusion and think you should ignore my previous comment unless she has shoot you already in which case its too late apologise.


Probably shooting is a more likely option ;)


Be a man and say look here little women I'm getting a xbox one so obviously I'll buy you a new gadget for the kitchen which is where you belong. In shock she may either be oh sure that sounds like a plan OR shoot you.


Ha! Good ! I've made that mistake with Xbox 360 and never again ;)


I had the EK4 s2 with all the upgrades. Holy $h1t that was a monster. largest engine capacity ever built (at the time) have some heat.

Losi Speed-T Brushless RTR Stadium Truck £119 @ Modelsport
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Posted 11th Oct 2012Posted 11th Oct 2012
Losi Speed-T Brushless RTR Stadium Truck £119 @ Modelsport£119
You are still going to need a Battery pack and charger to get it running, But a Losi car with Spectrum 2.4Ghz radio and brushless system for 119 quid delivered is a total bargain.

"And" Lipo's are cheaper than Ni-cads these days, If you don't mind a few week wait, You can go to HobbyKing and get 2 5000mAh 3 cells to run this for about 30 quid delivered, And there good Lipo's.


jeepers if your read carefully getting that speed would need a lipo * Will Require Lipo Cells And Alternative Gearing To Achieve Such Speeds


Over 65mph with a 3 cell lithium battery apparently. I have a mini-t and tempted by this. Great price, but needs plenty of space and probably replacement parts. Heat for deal.


My word, that's a cracking price.

Traxxas Rustler XL-5WP RTR RC car (Complete assembled kit) - £175 @ ModelSport UK
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Posted 15th Oct 2011Posted 15th Oct 2011
Traxxas Rustler XL-5WP RTR RC car (Complete assembled kit) - £175 @ ModelSport UK£175
RRP: £219.99, now £175. Just bought this for my son and was amazed at the quality of the components and the complete kit for the price. It includes 3 modes, normal, race and trai… Read more

I know where you are coming from! I remember buying my Tamiya Falcon and loving building it till late in to the night. I still have that in a box but needs lots of parts to get it going again. I think the Grasshopper has just been re-released. Or one of the mid 80s buggies has. Maybe it was the Hornet? But 2.4 and brushless with lipos is the way to go. If the radio doesn't have a failsafe fit one. It is only £10 or so and stops the buggy going off in to the distance to hit someone or run on to a road if the radio fails.


This look ace,,im 34 and would love this. Back in the day I used to tear the street up with a grasshopper 2,,I think if memory serves me correct it had an rs540s motor WOOOOW :D... 3 step forward and reverse....woooosh!! Ive still got the car and my favoured type of radio gear,(the old hand held with the little cant remember the name) I could never used these triger style controllers which always put me of in my later life of getting a big kids toy! My old grasshopper,is missing a few parts now,,the shell,and bottom battery cover, a battery and charger.The remote is complete with a couple of extra cristals X) X) the ariel is like 3 foot long!!! I got it from beatties model shop in manchester..and the car is still in the beaties holdall that came with the car. Sorry guys this post has made me reminisce of my childhood days..heat added just for that


This model I think is a better comparison to the traxxas deal: This is waterproofed but Babylons link is to an older model but with brushless motor.


Sounds good


according to modelsport the latest hpi flux is also waterproof, might need to check the one from JEspares is also the latest model... I guess it depends what you want, as my son is only 7, the Traxxas was a better choice as has the training mode.

HPI Baja 5B SS Buggy £779.00 @ Modelsport
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Posted 30th Jun 2010Posted 30th Jun 2010
HPI Baja 5B SS Buggy £779.00 @ Modelsport£779
Bargain price £779 should be £939 HPI is proud to announce the Baja SS, a full-option Baja kit that you assemble yourself, loaded with tons of hop-ups that enhance the speed and p… Read more

How noisy are Nitro cars? Can you fit a silencer? We've got a massive garden, but th neighbours will have a fit if I buy a Nitro and it sounds 10x louder than a Petrol mower !!!


Im just looking at this at the moment but its silly expensive. Have a Savage 25 that I recently dug out to put back together again but after a few weeks work it rolled over last night and the enginer smashed in half. Now to decide if I should pop in a new engine or just buy a new Savage x 4.6 before I find anything else wrong with it. Started looing at the Baja but well over 100 quid just for the shell and a couple of hundred for a single shock arm scares the hell outta me considering how much the Savage has cost me already....


Just picked up a Venom gpv-1 bike brand new from eBay for £99, so will have a play around with that and look for a HPI Nitro car as well. Damn this site for making me buy things I dont need, but always wanted to mess about with :whistling:


Only £739.99 at kings lynn........ or £749 at wheelspin


The HPI kits are excellent quality. Just fuel it up and get it started. It will want running a bit rich for a few runs then lean it out. No building required which is great unless you enjoy that in which case there are lots of kit options out there. Never looked at an RC bike as they are really only good on proper race tracks, as soon as it falls over you will need to go pick it up. Cars can be a pain too though if they roll on to their roof!