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Lenovo Thinkpad X230 12.5" Laptop Intel i5-3320M Processor 4GB RAM 320GB HDD - £179.95 / £184.94 delivered @ Morgan Computers
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Posted 23rd Sep 2021Posted 23rd Sep 2021
Lenovo Thinkpad X230 12.5" Laptop Intel i5-3320M Processor 4GB RAM 320GB HDD - £179.95 / £184.94 delivered @ Morgan Computers£184.94
"MIL Spec Tested - Reconditioned". Who knows, you might get the whole Trident targeting list, the way the MoD behaves with classified data. Be gentle - but this did look to me to be reaso…
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I remember buying a Fuji digital camera c 2004 from a warehouse type set up they had along the A40 in Perivale / Greenford near a B and Q.


Would avoid this generation and go for x240 / L440 and upwards as a minimum as that's when Lenovo started to supply Windows 10 drivers. With this you are relying mostly on Microsoft Windows built in generic drivers which don't always cover everything and W7 drivers don't always work in W10. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of buying.


The shop later moved from Tottenham Court Road to just around the corner near to CentrePoint - Proops Brothers, Henry's Radio (Edgeware Road), GW Smith (Lisle Street) and one the name of which escapes me - close the Edgeware Road Tube, that sold a lot of instrumentation. I bought my Polyskop there and a Time Domain Reflectometer. All were selling lots of military surplus electronics - in the late '60s, treasure troves of the eclectic.


they shut their shops and now trade on-line - I used to visit them regularly at their original shop on tottenham court road in the mid 1980s and saw them expand to birmingham before they vanished with the boom.


These are great, well built and reliable laptops however the main problem with these cheap refurbished ones is the screen resolution 1366 x 768. If it had a full HD screen I would vote hot, however for this resolution I have voted cold.

Refurbished Apple MacBook 13.3" Unibody A1342 2.26GHz 4GB 250GB El Capitan £186.94 delivered @ Morgan Computers
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Posted 11th Apr 2020Posted 11th Apr 2020
Refurbished Apple MacBook 13.3" Unibody A1342 2.26GHz 4GB 250GB El Capitan £186.94 delivered @ Morgan Computers£179.95 £6.95
Refurbished, grade a2, only three months warranty, so a bit cheaper. This MacBook A1342 offer a great way to update an old laptop, or break into Apple computing without spending thousands …

Great work


Success, I managed to get iLife 2009 from ebay(£10) and garage band has installed successfully, one happy daughter (y)


Ah. Sadly mine has been sent to the 🗑 as didn’t see a need for it. Only kept the OS disk. Might be worth asking these suppliers if they have one though.


Yes, that's it, it's an old iworks disc that has it...


No idea sorry. I’ve never used it though my mum used to and you get it from the software free with a newer Mac purchase. Only thing I’ve ever had is iWorks and the OS disk with this laptop. Never used either. You might be able to find on eBay or always worth asking at her school or a library as often have these sorts of things in a draw somewhere.

Refurbished - Grade A2 - HP Pro 3520 20" All in One PC - £176.94 delivered by Morgan Computers
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Posted 10th Apr 2020Posted 10th Apr 2020
Refurbished - Grade A2 - HP Pro 3520 20" All in One PC - £176.94 delivered by Morgan Computers£169.99 £6.95
I suspect I'll get criticized by the IT crowd for not have enough megaflops, but this might be a handy little setup. Windows 10 version available for £200:…

We're not talking about a gaming computer though. I have a G2020 in a home server, it's fine for what it does. Your 2013 CPU still holds up on modern games - this 2013 CPU still holds up on general office applications. And it's safe to say that the CPU demands of a 2019 game compared to a 2013 game is a bigger difference than between the demands of, say, Office 2013 and Office 2019.


Brrrrr about the same time your junk computers were originally being introduced to the landfill. These are Cash Converters daily deal JUNK at best. Buyer beware.


They're not necessarily outdated - I think the computer I've just replaced has a 2013 CPU and still holds up on modern games. But it's not this CPU, which is very poor.


It's perhaps a bit overpriced depending on how much someone values it being 'ready to use' (except for Windows 7 being unsupported now), but the CPU is still absolutely fine for general office type work (just needs a SSD - like any machine). Always bizarre when people slate off 2013 era machines as being outdated, despite the need for more CPU power not really being an issue since then, except for heavy duty things like video editing and image processing. My main laptop is Sandy Bridge and does the job fine - this is Ivy Bridge, the next generation. It's absolutely fine (and I'm typing this on a Ryzen 3700x, so not as if I'm used to old machines).


Agreed, that's what I said in the first post, but you can get one on here for £20, and a stick of ram, probably won't hurt. It is probably £30 to £50 more than a really good bargain, but I thought it might be useful for someone working from home who don't want all the hassle. Also, you're paying a bit extra for the customer service, which has always been good from Morgan (at least for me, in the past).

Parrot Swing Quadcopter Minidrone £29.95 Inc delivery @ Morgan Computers
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Posted 28th Jun 2019Posted 28th Jun 2019
Parrot Swing Quadcopter Minidrone £29.95 Inc delivery @ Morgan Computers£29.95£29.99
New Stock Just In £29.95 + FREE UK Delivery Special Features Auto land and Take-off. Quick Pre-Programmed stunts & tricks. Advanced Auto Pilot, 100m control range. Fly by Smartphon…

Back in stock


Wow... My 2 arrived today (very impressed for a Sunday)


At first glance I thought it was a weights bench and a game controller. I was going to say that VR accessories have gone too far!


Wondering if it's got the power to lift a FPV camera.....


Ahhhhh yes... Remember haggling with them over a 40Meg HDD (y) good times

Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Pro Refurbished / Grade A1 £279.95 @ Morgan computers with code
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Posted 13th Feb 2018Posted 13th Feb 2018
Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Pro Refurbished / Grade A1 £279.95 @ Morgan computers with code£279.95
Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Pro (Refurbished / Grade A1) @ £274.96 ext £274.96 1 x Special Discount OFF Thinkstation …

I'm a stock trader, so I just want to display several websites and use Excel.


Other than needing to connect 4 monitors what will you need your pc to do?


I need a PC to run 4 monitors but dont have a clue where to start. Can anyone point me in the direction of a PC I can hook 4 monitors up to?


This is an old workstation not a server. That means it was originally intended to sit on someone's desk so it should be... hmm... not quiet as such, but someone will have at least considered noise while designing the thing.


hmmm not really sure if I'd rather put the money towards something newer like an i3 or i5 desktop that would probably be more economical to run and quieter (I assume) - the Xeon E5620 seems to be similar, or slightly lower performer than an i7 3370k so benchmarks suggest.

Pebble Time Smartwatch brand new £55.94 delivered from Morgan Computers
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Posted 29th Oct 2017Posted 29th Oct 2017
Pebble Time Smartwatch brand new £55.94 delivered from Morgan Computers£55.94
This is an excellent price for a very accomplished piece of kit. Plays very nicely with iOS too :)
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Since Fitbit basically killed these, I'm tempted to stockpile a few for when my current one dies. They're a very good, cheap, smartwatch. One company who nails the smartwatch concept, gets killed by the fitness tracker company whose stuff is multiple times the cost with features not everyone wants. Typical.


I just got a one from Cex only 35 delivered but obviously second hand. Great watch.


True, but they have made it open source and there is a good community Got mine the last time it was cheap on Amazon (about two months ago) and have really got a lot of use out of it. Battery life is a solid 3-4 days, doesn't require much fuss. Previously I was very unconvinced by the whole idea of a smart watch but the key thing for me is I use my phone a lot less because of it which is great. Would go for an Apple Watch next time, but for now and at this price it's a great way in to the world of smart watches if you aren't too sure and don't want to lay out a fortune for one of the Apple or Sony one's.


I'll agree with this for the reason that I bought a printer off them and my card details were shared for buying mobile top ups. Others on that deal also had the same, never again. I even phoned them and the guy I spoke to admitted there had been some security problems.


I bought one of these a few months ago when they were a similar price on Amazon... I’ve had zero issues with any functionality that doomsayers proclaimed due to the Fitbit acquisition. I love the watch, functionality is a great balance, doesn’t try to do too much, and the e-ink display is perfect imo, always readable, and battery life for a week! Hot.

Wikipad 7" Gaming Tablet & Controller NVIDIA Quad Core £49.95 / £55.94 delivered @ Morgans computers
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Posted 18th Sep 2017Posted 18th Sep 2017
Wikipad 7" Gaming Tablet & Controller NVIDIA Quad Core £49.95 / £55.94 delivered @ Morgans computers£49.95
Wikipad 7 - the ultimate portable gaming and entertainment system. Unleash your favourite Android, Playstation Mobile & PC games, movies, music and more. The lightweight, interchangea…

I bought one a few years ago but never really used it for emulators/gaming much. It would mainly come into its own for gaming whilst travelling/on holiday (more comfortable gaming on PC /TV at home) but the battery drains quickly when gaming or watching video and it gets worryingly hot so it's not much use. I suppose having to stop gaming to charge it after an hour or two could be seen as a good thing though, as we all do tend to overdo it and neglect to take breaks!


had mine quite a few years, awesome for retro upto PS1, plus nvidia chipset although old still works very well, shame its stuck at 4.2.2. Android. Good battery life too. Also good for streaming as mentioned


Not powerful enough for much on it's own now, but fantastic for streaming games from a PC to if you have Steam and an NVidia card via the Moonlight Gamestreaming app from Google Play. :) I clock up serious hours on it this way.


That's the guys


I have one (gathering dust) and thats a fair evaluation actually. It's good for SNES and earlier, workable for PS1 but poor and anything newer. I originally bought it (for much less than this) to Remote Play my PS4 but the wifi performance is pretty bad so the experience is laggy. It'll play some native Android 3D games but not demanding ones. I don't reckon it's good value these days - you're effectively paying over the odds for a limited and aged controller / tablet combo when there are other options these days like the iPega 9023 (or any other) Bluetooth controller. If you don't need a tablet / phone clasp, Game have a great Bluetooth controller for £8: if you don't already have an Android tablet /phone, they have a decent ATV (with emulators but still won't be great for Dreamcast) / gamepad combo for £20: you already have a PS4 gamepad, you can simply attach your phone to it for a few quid:,ps4)+phone+holder&_sop=15

Toshiba Satellite C40 14" Dual Core Intel Laptop (A1 Refurb) only £159.95 delivered (with discount code) @ Morgan Computers
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Posted 23rd Jun 2017Posted 23rd Jun 2017
Toshiba Satellite C40 14" Dual Core Intel Laptop (A1 Refurb) only £159.95 delivered (with discount code) @ Morgan Computers£159.95
Use code : morg10 at checkout for discount to apply. Hardly going to set the world alight with basic specs, but similar processor/screen models retail for around the £230 mark, so a good…

@cicobuff Lmao why are you like this? Oh and, your deals icey cold mate.




Oh and by the way, with regards to the 'last word' of course I am going to comment if I do not agree about deliberately interrupting the thread, I posted a comment, one you and your sidekick chose to jump on and heckle.


Oh dear...shall we try and engage your brain....I offered advice after doing some research, now whether you choose to like that advice or not is entirely up to you, a number of people found that advice useful and liked the comment.You in your infinite wisdom along with your sidekick chose to heckle me about this advice, asking for I did.As I have said before damned if you do, damned if you don't.Like any reviews, you have to weigh up both the good and bad, the bad reviews for any item tend to come from those that have bought and used an item for a is natural for any of us to change our opinion on something over time, so many a positive review on Argos is after someone has just bought something, including the dense individuals that don't know their pleather from their leather and their metal sprayed plastic from metal. The bad reviews clearly are from the ones that have had the chair break or become uncomfortable in no time at all.Now naturally with a chair built like a cheap sofa but with the disadvantage of balancing on a dodgy fulcrum point there is a recipe for disaster. It is not rocket science that such a cheap, badly ergonomic chair is not going to last or offer long lasting comfort.Now the real reason you keep heckling me is you know it was a crap decision. Not my problem, deal with it or take it back to Argos and get something better, you know...something that offers some structure of support....something with a metal framed base, something that replacement parts can be obtained easily and something that is serviceable.


You deliberately tried to disrupt the thread by posting certain comments and photos, hence you were trolling that thread. And given you're a Type 2 troll - "and they're always determined to have the last word"...will you follow predicted form and "have the last word" here....

BT Simpler Networks 200Mbps Mains AC Passthrough Powerline Adapter Kit £17.45 delivered @ Morgan Computers with code
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Posted 6th Jan 2017Posted 6th Jan 2017
BT Simpler Networks 200Mbps Mains AC Passthrough Powerline Adapter Kit £17.45 delivered @ Morgan Computers with code£17.45
Just had a BT youview box so looking around for powerline connectors as router is in another room and these were the best deal that I could find, cheaper than second hand ones on ebay! They …

Thanks for that snippet of information, you just saved me a small fortune, l`ve` been looking for a Powerline Adapter, after switching to BT last year, again from This Deal Always missing the £20 odds deal, and balk paying £40 odds, will rather leave cables trailing.;) This morning, looking through, saw the OP post, thought that`s cheap why cold? Into comments to find out why, saw your comment, and presto onto chat, Powerline Adapter on it`s way, like you said 2-3 days. Thank you so much.:3


​I tried looking myself, other than old business accounts and discounts I couldn't buy cheaper as a normal buyer.. good find


it's definitely not a cold deal, if u can't get free from BT try looking in currys etc cost a fortune. should be way hotter


jamieww -many thanks for this info regarding BT! Just called and ordered FOC!


Bought a set of these before Xmas for ~£15 on another deal and they've been great. No idea why this is getting cold votes.

Swann DIY 6 Camera dummy CCTV Theft Prevention kit £24.95 (4.99 Delivery) Morgancomputers
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Posted 4th Jan 2017Posted 4th Jan 2017
Swann DIY 6 Camera dummy CCTV Theft Prevention kit £24.95 (4.99 Delivery) Morgancomputers£24.95
Currently £39.99 @ Maplins. Top quality dummies (_;) great for those with vast acres of land who can not necessarily fit real cameras everywhere.
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