Found 26th Nov 2015
Purchase gift cards at Morrisons to save money on petrol with their Fuel Save program.

so I have checked if it's works with Amazon Gift Card and when I spend £100 for card git this coupon so now I can buy up to 100 l of fuel 10p cheaper on one transaction and I'm planning to buy more gift cards from Amazon for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to save £1 on each litre of fuel and also You can use few coupons from Morrisons fuel Saver as long as they will be up to £1 OFF so You could buy 100 litres of fuel for only 7-8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!
Amazon and other gift cards (no Apple)
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what sort of car do you have that holds 100 litres?
So you would need to buy £1059 of gift cards to get a free tank of petrol, good if you plan on spending that amount, which if you buying a computer or decorating an entire house it's a saving
If You don't have 100l tank and for example have 50p a litre off just sell it on Ebay You will get more benefit than using Yourself with 50 litre standard tank In my case 46lx50p off , I could have 23 Pound off but selling it on Ebay (around 38 Quid for 50p off) - ebay fees will get 31-32 Pound to hand Around 35% more
have 65 on my Fiat Doblo plus have to spare petrol can so all ready have 1£ OFF so max will pay 7.9 £ for 100l :)))))
and Yes You can sell it on EBay... Just checked... there is few to buy
Sorry for being dumb but what do I need to do to get petrol voucher?

Sorry for being dumb but what do I need to do to get petrol voucher?

You can buy Gift cards at Morrisons and for every £10 you get 1p of a litre. So if you spend £100 on a gift card you get 10p off a litre of fuel.

As simple as that.
Has anyone been able to activate a…aid since Xmas? I've had to pay full price for fuel twice this month, first time since 2013.
Expires 11/7

Instead of 10% back as a fuel saving, they are giving you 2.5% back to spend instore RIP.…es/
yep... now to get 5£ voulcher need to spend 200£ before for spending 200£ I could get 20£ off from 100l of fuel ...and they say thath peoples call them to make a changes ....buahahah Amazon is not that attractive; ( at least I get 5 times almost free fuel
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