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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (2019) £8,999 @ Motorcycle Direct
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Posted 1st May 2020Posted 1st May 2020
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (2019) £8,999 @ Motorcycle Direct£8,999
FREE PERFORMANCE KIT AVAILABLE WITH THIS MODEL. Kawasaki unveils a sublime Ninja ZX-6R supersport package for 2019, mating the iconic 636cc Ninja powerhouse with a KQS quick upshi… Read more

It's not the 50cc bike that is dangerous. It's the person straddling it!


Learning to look ahead is a brilliant piece of advice. What a shame that most car drivers can't see further ahead than the end of their bonnet.


My 1000cc GSXR does about 190mph


Quite the opposite



Kawasaki Z900 (Pre Reg 2019) £7,199 @ Motorcycle Direct
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Posted 29th Feb 2020Posted 29th Feb 2020
Kawasaki Z900 (Pre Reg 2019) £7,199 @ Motorcycle Direct£7,199£8,54916% off
Choice of 2 colour schemes. PRE-REG MODELS FOR JUST £7,199 WITH 0% FINANCE. Iconic Z900 name re-born. A cutting edge rider-focused Supernaked wih the sublime balance of power and… Read more

Don't be silly, seeking comfort in hatchback? With elbows and knees sticking out of the windows? Almost any other type of the bike is more comfortable, but I hope you know that already.


Indeed they are


And get to know your AA/RAC man very well.


Ricer bike


Have seen some of your other posts. Elderly troll.

Kawasaki Ninja 125 (2019) £3,799 @ Motorcycles Direct/Colchester Kawasaki
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Posted 6th Feb 2020Posted 6th Feb 2020
Kawasaki Ninja 125 (2019) £3,799 @ Motorcycles Direct/Colchester Kawasaki£3,799£4,39914% off
2019. model. Blue Version: RRP £4,399. Deals on other Kawasaki bikes too. The Ninja style is clearly visible in the new Ninja 125 with a silhouette and graphic treatment that owe… Read more

I had a 2 stroke aprilia mx 125 as my learner. Found a second had power valve and controller from an unrestricted model, fitted them and tuned the carb and it doubled its power. No chance of things like that on 4 strokes!


No way. I had my first bike 16 years ago. After derestriction it made a huge difference as if I had put turbo on it. Those were the good old days.


Having looked into this, they'll nick anything that they think they can get away with nicking, they're opportunists. This 125cc may be worth more than some of the higher cc bikes out there as its newer so they can probably get more for it or sell the parts easier as they have less wear. The government and police need to come up with a better strategy to tackle these bike thieves, because at the moment bikes theft is only increasing and its getting more and more stressful thinking about how to go about protecting your bike.


Genuine question - if this is so popular for kids to steal, surely they won't be insuring them, and chances are, they won't have a valid drivers licence to operate them either. Then... why do they settle for small 125cc instead of a full size supersport bikes?


I must say, great looking 125 but all the kids are going to want to nick it!

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 2014 for £8199 OTR from motorcycles direct
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Posted 10th May 2015Posted 10th May 2015
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 2014 for £8199 OTR from motorcycles direct£8,199
(RRP £8999.00) This bike now comes with a FREE Leo Vince Exhaust You can now CHOOSE from 3 great offers: Offer 1 0% APR finance over 3 years with just £99 deposit. Repayments start… Read more
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deleted72773 £7.5k! Sports 600's not the easiest things to shift these days so worth haggling hard. These guys still have stock hanging around since 2013


Because the person interested was a new rider looking for a vehicle to commute with. So, similarly... a Punto may well be a better option for the car side of a similar situation. (Well, a small good mpg car anyway.)


I do now, lol! Why was he suggesting a 125 scooter as an alternative to a 600 Ninja? It's like suggesting a Fiat Punto as an alternative on an Audi S3 deal. Or is he just having us on?


Although I agree with your comment this guy is talking about a scooter I think maybe then it is safe to assume he doesn't have a licence.


I hope you do realise he is comparing a 125 to a scooter?

Kawasaki VN1700 Classic 2010 for £9499 OTR at motorcyclesdirect
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Posted 5th May 2015Posted 5th May 2015
Kawasaki VN1700 Classic 2010 for £9499 OTR at motorcyclesdirect£9,499
(RRP £11,549) With an APR of just 4.9% APR Representative over 37 months, and a minimum 15% deposit required
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Big bike or little bike. A donor in waiting on wheels is all you are. Good luck!


Yeah and they have 4 wheels and bore the life out of me. How to turn a 20 minute fun run into a 50 minute crawl. Whatever the weather. I only drive the car when I have more than one passenger, or a week's shopping to do.


I was going to say proper biker, but I meant miser... no shame in driving a car to work when it's pi$$ing it down ;) lots of cars do 50mpg now and they have a heater :)


Not as daft as it sounds ;)


Ground clearence looks good to me.... wheelbase and fork rake make it not so good in the twisties ;) .. stable in a straight line without a doubt :)

Kawasaki VN900 Custom for £5999 OTR - Motorcyclesdirect
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Posted 5th May 2015Posted 5th May 2015
Kawasaki VN900 Custom for £5999 OTR - Motorcyclesdirect£5,999
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For a while if you took your test on a 125 you were restricted to 33bhp for two years then got automatically upgraded. Now If you start when you are 17 you will have to wait to take the full unrestricted test - when you are 21 I think, but older folks can go direct.


Cheers for that. Not that if do it I'll jump straight onto too much bike for a beginner but I thought there was something about moving up the bands and yo had to have X yrs in each before moving on.


Glad i did mine years ago, 50quid cbt and think it was 40min & 30quid for the test. I had a honda cg aswell, very reliable and economical. Gotta say i wouldn't reccomend anyone go from cbt to a 900cc bike within a month tho unless they do have a death wish. Even after passing the new intensive test i wouldn't get anything more than a 250, ride it for a year then look at bigger bikes. What you learn about real world riding in the first few years can't be learnt in a few weeks and if you buy this bike that soon it will be a very expensive and possibily fatal learning curve. I only ride in other countries now when im travelling or on hol but I've thought about getting a cruiser a few times.


CBT first - a one day course for around £100 , then the theory test. For the full licence there are now three bands - 125cc/15hp is the lowest. Up to 46.6hp is the next, and then an unrestricted licence. You need to take the test on an appropriate sized bike and it's split into two parts. The first is done off the public roads where you ride round a marked out track doing emergency stops and the like. The second is on the road, being followed by the examiner. There are age restrictions on the two higher bandings, but you are old enough to go direct to the top step.


thanks for the picture scamster......i wouldnt mind one of those

Vespa GTS Super 300 for £3999 OTR at motorcycles direct (RRP £4,440)
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Posted 5th May 2015Posted 5th May 2015
Vespa GTS Super 300 for £3999 OTR at motorcycles direct (RRP £4,440)£3,999
Now available with 0% APR finance over 2 years with £99 deposit Repayments start from just £162.50 per month.
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In London there's a huge theft problem with the GTS 300. Not so much elsewhere. Anyway, back to the deal, there aren't normally discounts on Vespas, so this isn't a bad price. On the down side, there has recently been a revision to the GTS with a different dash and much better front suspension. Going by the picture this is the old model and I think the extras are worth paying for.


The traditional Vespa's eg PX , Rally , GS etc do have a clutch, but these new models are mostly auto gears. I prefer the old type.


I ride a bike and, very occasionally, my wife's Vespa. When I'm on it, it's a just a constant mantra of "it's not a clutch, it's not a clutch".


top find i have just ordered a red one.


Because that's the comparison that usually gets made by people that do'nt like scooters, "bean can" is a new one I aint heard before.......but I have heard Pea Brain.