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Half price Jack Whitehall tickets are NOTTINGHAM arena from £20.80
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Posted 12th Nov 2019Posted 12th Nov 2019
Half price Jack Whitehall tickets are NOTTINGHAM arena from £20.80£20.80
Jack Whitehall heads to Nottingham in 2 weeks time! Treat yourself to 50% off tickets to see him in person on his brand new STOOD UP tour. ⏰ Offer only available for N… Read more

Comedy should be in small theaters, you should be able to hear the voice with a simple microphone and low output, not a massive sound system. The best comedy comes with audience interaction and it's impossible to interact with 3000 people. Forget the politics but Manning did it every week, like it or not that was comedy.


Quite funny not one of the top tier comedians though and personally don't think I would pay those prices to see him.


Does anyone actually think he's funny.


@Speculator Have you "reevaluated your life" yet or are you still being "extremely pathetic"? Oh, the irony! (lol)


I haven't even listened to the video and I get your point (y)

Nearly new C4 Cactus Diesel Hatchback 1.6 Bluehdi Flair 5Dr [Non Start Stop] from Motorpoint - £8799
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Posted 12th Aug 2017Posted 12th Aug 2017
Nearly new C4 Cactus Diesel Hatchback 1.6 Bluehdi Flair 5Dr [Non Start Stop] from Motorpoint - £8799£8,799
A number of 2016 plate Citreon C4 Cactus Diesel Hatchback 1.6 Bluehdi Flair 5Dr [Non Start Stop] in the range from £8799 to £9599, all with less than 18000 miles on the clock and j… Read more

We bought a one year old one of these as a practical choice. Obviously ex rental cars. Took a while to get one with leather split folding seats. Went for the 110bhp petrol as it had more low rev usable torque than the diesel. We live in a hilly town and have a four-up commute. Plenty of interior space for the class. Disappointing fuel consumption compared to published rates, despite mild driving habits. Generally happy owner, though. Currently renting a similar Fiat 500L on holiday, hating it.


Truly awful car is the worst car I've ever seen or driven.


Cactus ? because you feel a bit of a ****k driving it


They import from Jersey too. Id be war


Agreed - I know that they also import from Malta and the car I was interested in had a non-UK spec plus the warranty issue was unclear!

motorpoint audi a3 2.0 tdi sport 5dr s-tronic auto deals from £16999.00 (pre-owned) @ Motorpoint
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Posted 21st Feb 2017Posted 21st Feb 2017
motorpoint audi a3 2.0 tdi sport 5dr s-tronic auto deals from £16999.00 (pre-owned) @ Motorpoint£16,999
motorpoint comes with a big fleet of 16 plate lower than 15k miles cars with 27 months warranty. for £277.59 average, please check the stock for specific monthly and final payment … Read more

​cause citroens are awful to drive and have terrible interiors and look hideous




I think this was right. I'm pretty sure my Skoda Superb will have the same warranty terms as the Audi - which is 3 years/60,000 miles and transferable to a second (or subsequent) owner.


​that's because an onion is sweeter than a c4 and an onion is definitely not sweet.


​no it won't. it will come with remaining balance. so if it's 1 year old audi. you still have 2 years left regardless who owns it.

VOLKSWAGEN Golf Hatchback (Imported vehicle, specification may differ from UK model) 1.2 TSI S 5DR 2016 (66) around 800 miles on clock @ Motorpoint
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Posted 19th Dec 2016Posted 19th Dec 2016
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Hatchback (Imported vehicle, specification may differ from UK model) 1.2 TSI S 5DR 2016 (66) around 800 miles on clock @ Motorpoint£11,999
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Hatchback Imported vehicle, specification may differ from UK model 1.2 TSI S 5DR 810 miles. few more at delivery mileage £12,699 they have few at around this price.… Read more

​or you could go pay a extra 4 grand for your car from a main dealer and get a full tank of fuel


​you can have it delivered to any motorpoint for a £300 returnable deposit


Make sure u take a petrol can with u as they r so mean u drive the car on fumes to the petrol station,I no from experience,I bought a 20,000 pound car and they wouldn't give me any fuel quoting they sell them at low prices they won't give u anything extra.never again will I buy from these cheap stakes


I once bought a brand new Focus imported from Spain with delivery mileage of about 40,all well and good till I wanted to trade it in,dealers wanted it for nowt when they found it was an import.The savings you make at point of purchase are lost in resale value further down the line,never again


What's a 1 hit wonder box mate?

40% discount off seats for Bear Grylls this Saturday night Nottingham Arena
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Posted 14th Oct 2016Posted 14th Oct 2016
40% discount off seats for Bear Grylls this Saturday night Nottingham Arena£16.80
T&Cs • Bookings must made online here - • Must input code NCC40 to unlock the discount. Then select… Read more

Saw the show on Tuesday, good show in Bear's usual style, a bit motivational too. Nepotism because his son is part of the show?


I saw it. it's garbage. watch out for the nepotism.


Hi any chance of a link for this please


Seefilmfirst yesterday offered free tickets (+£2 admin fee each) for Leeds tonight. Annoying when paid full price to take my son (birthday present) but great for those looking to grab a bargain or are unsure about paying top whack. You never know, a similar deal may pop up for other locations...


Guessing not a full house then. (_;) (And I liked his TV shows before all the celebrity bullocks)

VW Golf 1.2 TSI £12599 at Motorpoint
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Posted 25th Mar 2016Posted 25th Mar 2016
VW Golf 1.2 TSI £12599 at Motorpoint£12,599
This is a better deal than the out going Astra deal posted yesterday. This is a brand new 16 plate and you are the first registered keeper. The VW Golf 1.2 blue motion with all ro… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I had a brand new Polo GTi a couple of years ago and they are a nightmare ... Thankfully offloaded it as it drank oil by the litre a month. VW reliability is average at best and lots of engineering issues if you dig into it. Do a google ...


Apologies meant to post this review. I'm not saying they are the perfect car as there is no such thing as all cars are a compromise between many factors but I'm saying they have recently evolved beyond their direct competitors.


The one you posted to demonstrate your point didn't put it up on a pedestal, it pretty much said it had caught up with the others. Seems an ok car and it will be a used bargain due to very high initial depreciation. Vauxhall reliability issues? In my experience they last forever (my mam had a 1.4 auto that she had 23 years and sailed through almost every MOT. It was a crap drive though).


Yes I read several reviews it's placed above the Focus and Leon.


Fords interiors were always ****, its one thing Vauxhall were usually quite good at. I have never sat in a Ford that didn't have an annoying rattle somewhere.

Brand New Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI vRS DSG [Nav], Choice Of Colours £20199 (with VED & DVLA registration fee) @ Motorpoint
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Posted 20th Sep 2015Posted 20th Sep 2015
Brand New Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI vRS DSG [Nav], Choice Of Colours £20199 (with VED & DVLA registration fee) @ Motorpoint£20,199
Nearly £6000 (22%) saving of list price. They just say "new" but from experience they will be pre-reg. Wide choice of colours available including "special" colours like white. … Read more

Price reduced for the last 2 in stock (one yellow and one grey) - now £18999!


Few pictures of these up now. Curious looking things, never seen these alloys and seats before on a UK car!


No problem, it will be on whatever database they get the car details from when they enter the reg. The DVLA will hold it as an import. Its easy to see - find a car such as a nissan GTR - get the reg off one off autotrader, do a quote then find a japanese importers and get a quote off one of their reg's Think you will be in for a shock!


How would they know though? Genuine question, I'm not trolling or owt. If you are the first registered owner the V5 will say nothing about whether it was imported? My definition of an imported car would be something which was registered somewhere else first then brought into the country.

Very nice cars – got a previous version Octavia but the latest really take a step on with interior quality. Need to get a replacement in the next 12 months or so and have my eye on a Scout (no innuendos please) but wifey’s probably not going to let me :( Agree the new Superb is a thing of beauty (though the old ones were pig ugly). Really keen to upgrade to one of these, but just wish they were a little wider for three kids (Skoda seem to have issues with car width – they stretch them out lengthways for legroom, but the car widths are still narrower than most cars).

Kia Sportage from £14999 @ motorpoint
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Posted 21st Jun 2015Posted 21st Jun 2015
Kia Sportage from £14999 @ motorpoint£14,999
Brand new Kia Sportage from 14999. Seems like a good price

The good thing about that reliability data is it has absolutely no bias. It's simply an insurance company insuring cars for warranty and detailing the frequency and cost of repair for the various models which gives end users and understanding why the Warranty for a Audi is hugely more expensive than a Honda. It's not about favourite cars or performance but simply hard facts about reliability. You question why Volkswagen is more reliable than Audi yet it is clearly obvious that Audi are the premium range of cars with larger and more sophisticated engines and more luxury features, nothing complicated to work out there. You state Chevrolet are american but again you have no understanding that the engines are german designed and the cars are mainly manufactured in Korea which has a brilliant record for assembling cars. So many people make assumptions that all french cars have electrical problems or all german cars are reliable etc based on past evidence. You still get people joking about Skoda cars. Those whose minds work a bit more logically simply look at the evidence that is available. A BMW for example may have great performance and high quality materials in its cabin but it still has a much higher failure rate than the average and the cost of repairs can be double other brands, 2x the frequency and 2x the cost of repairs is 4x the overall cost of competitor's cars. That can be a huge amount of money over the lifetime of ownership. Not forgetting the very high initial cost of ownership too and performance cars burn more fuel, tyre wear etc. The end result can be a lot of money spent. That could be the difference between better or more frequent holidays, renting or buying a better home etc. There are no surprises in that reliability data, the Japanese come top and complicated luxury cars are at the bottom.


They do actually have new cars at this price, search the page for "Mileage:Delivery"


Thanks, I see what you mean, where it says "Reg:New" and "Mileage:Delivery". Consider adding this note to your message?


Yes, shorter warranty could cost you a lot more down the line than the saving you get upfront. Of course resale value might also be impacted by the fact it has 2 previous owners instead of just one.


So you're the expert you were referring to in your opening statement? Who said Porches are bulletproof ?? Your post makes no sense. I only pointed out Porche is listed second-last after Bentley! You are building a straw man argument here, nobody said Porche is bulletproof! So Peugeots are no good according to you? Cause according to the link, Peugeot ranks 14 out of 39 (39 being Bentley, 38 being Porche), and listed as more reliable than VW, Volvo, Saab, Mini, Renault, Jaguar, Audi, Jeep, Rover etc. It is also more reliable than SsanYong and Mercedes (by far, as they are at 31 and 32). You are again showing your expertise when trying to explain how SsangYong is listed more reliable than Mercedes... it is just one position between them by the way. I doubt the engine is the only thing that matters in a car, and yes, I doubt anyone would choose a SsangYong over a Mercedes based on this link. But you seem to agree with it so you probably would?

14 Plate DFSK Loadhopper Van Only £6362.80 (Derby Motorpoint)
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Posted 11th Mar 2014Posted 11th Mar 2014
14 Plate DFSK Loadhopper Van Only £6362.80 (Derby Motorpoint)£6,362.80
This will only really apply to those who miss the micro vans of yesteryear, such as the Suzuki Carry, Bedford Rascal, etc. So the Chinese are coming to fill the void left by the J… Read more

Excellent for trips to the cash and carry!


If I hadn't seen this thread and came across one of these on a road I would have assumed it was a BMW. I doubt BMW are pleased with that grill design especially on such a crude basic van.


Sim Simma..... who's gone and made this in to ......FFS a Bimma.....lolzzz heat though :p


Hahahaha lol, best laugh I had today - nicely done mate...hahaha


Ordered 4 to sell on eBay :)

Brand New MG6 Magnette over 40% off; £8999 (S), £9999 (SE), £10999 (TSE) @ Motorpoint
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Posted 3rd Oct 2013Posted 3rd Oct 2013
Brand New MG6 Magnette over 40% off; £8999 (S), £9999 (SE), £10999 (TSE) @ Motorpoint£8,999
Delivery mileage MG6 Magnette (saloons) for sale at Motorpoint with huge discounts. £8999 for an S spec (RRP £16020) £9999 for an SE spec (RRP £17520) £10999 for a TSE spec (RRP … Read more

I know this is an old thread but felt the need to post. Apart from a couple of posters, I've never read so much tripe in all my life! I bought one of the Motorpoint Magnette TSEs in October 2013. Great car and 100% reliable! Handsome (imo) with unbelievable kit for the price! It's no wonder the 6 has not sold in the UK given the ill informed ignorance that has been spouted all over the net by people who have never even seen one in the flesh! I don't think 30mpg in stop start urban driving is bad either (That's what I'm getting) and on a run you'll see it up in the 40s and 50s. I think the guy going on about a 3.0 Land Rover having a similar mpg can only have been talking about the diesel version not petrol! The full leather interior and black and silver trim is very nice too! I love my Magnette and will gladly get another, unfortunately with the recent facelift to the 6, the Magnette was dropped. Mind you, I own one of the rarest modern saloons on the road so kind of glad! less than 700 in total!


Not sure why this was expired, SEs are now £9299. One TSE left at £10999.


Touring cars share little of the road going car anymore. Dashboard is the same, most body panels (Rob Austin in A4's strips road going cars to use as parts), engine is TOCA specified so has to be 2 litre turbo charged to certain output, plus the weight and ride height are heavily scrutinised. Still the best racing series in the UK bar none, F1 is too predictable.


Did anyone buy one and if so what's your opinion on it ?


good price