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Transformers Classic Animated DVD complete G1 4 seasons 95 episodes 13 discs @ Movies&Games
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Posted 8th Dec 2020Posted 8th Dec 2020
Transformers Classic Animated DVD complete G1 4 seasons 95 episodes 13 discs @ Movies&Games£16.49 Free P&P Free
I'd guess many TF fans out there bought the fold out box set or the individual sets/volumes from HMV and MVC back in the day, but here is a fairly comprehensive collection of one o… Read more

Roger Dodger!


Updated from original OOS Base deal to a Movies & Games online second best price.


Gone already, they couldn’t have had much stock




Awesome! This beats the current films any day!

Wii U Party, get the game for just £18.31 delivered @moviesandgamesonline
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Posted 9th Jan 2016Posted 9th Jan 2016
Wii U Party, get the game for just £18.31 delivered @moviesandgamesonline£18.31
Great price in current market with very few options for buying. Been looking for a decent deal on this game for ages now. The bundle deals with free remotes of a year ago are not g… Read more

Well some are saying its obsolete now, and others have been saying it for over a year now. I wanted to play it now with my family so was happy to pay £18. I am actually thinking I might be better of sticking my copy on ebay and getting a second hand copy from CEX, meaning I will end up with a free game. The short term view of key Wii U games, is some scalpers will do well and make a tidy profit. Is a bit risky though as like you say, there will be an iffy year ahead, and then at some point the games will go cheap as chips on Ebay when nobody has time or interest in them and its all about the new boy in town.


Wait till game is obsolete and console in it's last year. Save £10.


Just had this delivered last week from ebay along with the remote; looks brand new,at £9.99 and £1.48 postage


Not sure that even for £5 I'd bite 'cause it's not my type of game and Nintendoland's replay value ended extremely quickly due to the lack of online play. I'd have loved to play with other Wii U players online because not everyone has folks to play locally.


HUKD is for the scalpers.

Dirty Dancing - Ultimate Girls' Night In [Collector's Pack] Blu Ray £9.99 Delivered @
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Posted 18th Jun 2009Posted 18th Jun 2009
Dirty Dancing - Ultimate Girls' Night In [Collector's Pack] Blu Ray £9.99 Delivered @£9.99
(Next cheapest is £12.73 at thehut) The box set includes: Nightie Washbag Eye mask Deleted and extended scenes Outtakes Interviews Multi angle dance sequences Commentarie… Read more

Received today, so I can confirm 2nd class takes 5 working days

Wii Sharp Shooter Zapper "Gun" for £8.99 Delivered
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Posted 2nd Nov 2007Posted 2nd Nov 2007
Wii Sharp Shooter Zapper "Gun" for £8.99 Delivered£8.99
With the release of the Wii Zapper later this month for an estimated £20 plus delivery, here's an almost identical alternative. Lock and load with the Sharp Shooter from JOYTECH. … Read more

Thanks for the post! Have placed my pre-order! ;-)


Thanks for posting that, as I've been looking for Link's Crossbow Training & Wii Zapper and couldn't find it anywhere for less than RRP. :)


The official Wii Zapper and Link's crossbow training is available to preorder on Amazon for only £16.99 delivered (release date is 7th December). Imho, the official gun looks alot better and the crossbow training looks like a bit of fun even if it is only an updated Duck Hunt.


Personally although the Zapper looks like a low tech weapon from Deep Space 9 it looks like it will be fairly comfortable to use, don't see many games where quick draw is a necessity :giggle: but seeing the screenshots of the bundled links game I see it holds like a tommy gun or such like. So I will wait for the Zapper and then Resi Evil Umbrella Chronicles.:thumbsup:


I think the joytech pistol version looks better - especially for the "cool" shoot from the hip effect. the official one isn't much good if you ever have to do a fast draw

Nintendo Official Wii-RGB Component Cable (Wii) £8.99 @ moviesandgamesonline (Misprice?)
Posted 23rd Sep 2007Posted 23rd Sep 2007
Nintendo Official Wii-RGB Component Cable (Wii) £8.99 @ moviesandgamesonline (Misprice?)£8.99
The Wii RGB Cable links your Wii console to your TV, allowing you to view and enjoy your games with an enhanced image display. RGB video splits the signal into three separate chan… Read more

Sorry everyone. The website has totally changed the listing around. Its now a 3rd party Cable.


Well spotted auroras, seems like this is a Logic 3 one by the looks of it. The site has put a picture of the official one up next to the description though - probably an admin error or similar! Not quite such a good deal now unfortunately (still thanks to the OP, I would have thought whatever is in the picture is what you get.. obviously not!).. Will


This does not seem to be the 'Official' (as stated in the title) cable. Quick search on google for the product code 'NW863' returns 'Logic3 Nintendo Wii RGB Component Cable (NW863)'. Now even more confused, picture shows SCART (RGB?) code & post title refer to component cable, however, seems to be made by Logic3:? :thinking: Still a good deal even if is Logic3 component. [not voted cold!!!]


The title does say "Nintendo Official Wii-RGB Component Cable (Wii) £8.99 @ moviesandgamesonline (Misprice?)", so should really be corrected. Personally I'd get a 3rd party one from ebay, but if anyone is looking for an official one, this is a good deal. I also don't understand why it's being voted cold.


don't see where anyone said it was a component cable, thanks OP i'm now £8.99 worse of lol :thumbsup: Regards Megazoid edit: i'm sure theres some people on here who vote everything cold regardless of what it is, why is this cold

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition 16.99 using Google checkout
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Posted 10th Jun 2007Posted 10th Jun 2007
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition 16.99 using Google checkout£16.99
Even though its a direct port of the GC version I thought at 22.51GBP after google checkout cant go wrong with it. You also get 3 packets of AA or AAA batteries as you need to bump… Read more

Same thing happened with me, funny that....


Hurragh! Finally got dispatch email for resi evil 4...shame it's two weeks since it got released though eh!? And am I being cynical when I think its slightly suspicious that I get a dispatch email today...barely a few hours after I submitted an enquiry as to where my order was!? EDIT: and finally got it delivered yesterday (18th JUL)


I thought this company is very good, mine was dispatched on release, but never arrived, and they let me pick any other game from their range of wii titles at no extra cost, I picked Zelda, ordered saturday, recieved this morning. Great customer services. Dont know if it makes a difference but I was emailing through their website not google checkout, because of the two occasions I emailed through google, I did not recieve a reply, but on the first email through their website I got a reply a few minutes later.


not got my copy yet. Emailed them and they told me they still waiting for stock from their supplier. I think we could be waiting a while. Very poor service considering they knew how many preorders they had taken. Its in stock at most other places as well.They also haven taken the money up front. They've had my cash for over a month now. Well i'll know for next time. Dont use movies and games online.


Delivery was a little slow (due to the P.O strike) One 'phone call confirmed that the item had been posted, and indeed was received on time. No complaints here. :thumbsup:

(Wii) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for £23.99
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Posted 7th Jun 2007Posted 7th Jun 2007
(Wii) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for £23.99£23.99
to get this price you have to use google checkout...but i think that is the cheapest available new in the uk as the £20 argos deal expired ages ago... Description: The Metroid Pri… Read more

I've added an image and a price to the thread title. Seems to be £23.99 inc del :)


i think its free...well thats what it said on my google checkout invoice

Xbox 360 Live 12 Months Gold, £27.99 with Google Checkout
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Posted 29th May 2007Posted 29th May 2007
Xbox 360 Live 12 Months Gold, £27.99 with Google Checkout£27.99
This was posted before but lasted about 20 mins before site took it away. Well its back and cheapest I could find. Just ordered mine :) Stop the press! Sign up to Xbox Live Gold … Read more

Mine arrived today :)


Takes Like 2 - 3 Weeks, My 1 Month Trial Expired By The Time They Sent It :-(


How long does delivery take with these people usually once despatched?


i upgraded form silver and no points for me : (, good deal for a 12 month though


Come on people where is the fighting spirit? MS told us to buy the Live Gold pack to get 1500 free points and everyone seems to have accepted they won't get them! :? Get your fight back and pester MS to get them sent out. (yes I know they have till 25th June....but still) :viking: :viking: GGRRRRRRRRRR :giggle:

Guitar Hero 2 + Guitar - PS2 - £34.99 delivered at
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Posted 20th May 2007Posted 20th May 2007
Guitar Hero 2 + Guitar - PS2 - £34.99 delivered at£34.99
Another good Google Checkout deal through This is the best price I can find for the PS2 Guitar Hero 2 bundle pack. I know it has been this price before e… Read more

I did use Google checkout. p&p was £9.99 as I said earlier. Proof below. I'm not making it up you know! :whistling: [image missing]


you have to use google checkout to get it says in the post


As mentioned by others.. it's not 34.99 delivered. It's 44.99 delivered! Original post should be updated. Was this a recent change?


I didn't know there was a p&p charge on this item - their terms and conditions state that p&p is free - it certainly was for the Wii Play deal.


Or there's Choices who have it listed at £38.95 and 5% Quidco or buy it through (Choices have a data feed through them) and get it for the same price but with 7% Quidco. :)

Be quick!! Nintendo Wii-Remote Controller @ - £16.99 delivered! (Google C
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Posted 20th May 2007Posted 20th May 2007
Be quick!! Nintendo Wii-Remote Controller @ - £16.99 delivered! (Google C£16.99
Be quick guys...this one may not last long! For some reason, Google Checkout is discounting £10 off this product even though its only £26.99. I tried it upto the google checkout st… Read more

Postage.... Drop it to 2nd class, and it will still be £28.49. They now charge postage for accessories


On the product page it lists as £26.99 but when its in the cart it comes up as £29.99 whats that about?!


I got confirmation of shipping on both my ordereds today :D


any1 recived theres?


cant get it into the shopping basket :(