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Use Firefox Send to send up to 2.5GB of files which can be shared with whoever you want free
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Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
Use Firefox Send to send up to 2.5GB of files which can be shared with whoever you want freeFREE£0.01
Mozilla has publicly launched its Firefox Send service, which enables users to exchange large files with the added benefit of encryption. By signing up for a free account, it’ll b… Read more

Oh-ho (embarrassed) And actually uploading the file(s) take(s) an age, particularly with a slow connection (of course) and there is no 'resume' so if it stops sending then you just have to start all over


WeTransfer Security Incident Sent Files to the Wrong People In an embarrassing security incident, the WeTransfer file sharing service announced that for two days it was sending its users shared files to the wrong people. As this service is used to transfer what are considered private, and potentially sensitive files, this could be a big privacy issue for affected users.


This says it uses end to end encryption. Cant see anything about Wetransfer.


Wet Ransfer


Anyone trying this with a low bandwidth connection (your upload speed will be about 10% of your download speed (of course in this country)) It does work. You may find using a wired connection helps. Not wi-fi Having a single tab may help (firefox). Having something else working in the background (e.g an email client) may stop it working. The problem seems to be it just seems to pause without giving any indication that it has paused other than the % doesn't go up! And there is no retry. You just have to start again. Try with a small file eg 100MB first! My 2 cents

Watching and listening to live concerts free (with Firefox browser)
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Posted 6th Dec 2018Posted 6th Dec 2018
Watching and listening to live concerts free (with Firefox browser)
Not sure whether this will work from the UK, but it's probably worth a look. Reminders can be set "Here’s to you. Here’s to live music. Here’s to watching it free, fr… Read more

The stuff from my original post is still there. Oxygene's stuff has been added to a lot, so I've unexpired the post, someone may find it useful :)


Well for the stuff that Oxygene posted, you can just downoad most of it (if you click on the link on the rt hand side you get the option (in various sizes) but a few I tried don't allow you to download. With the firefox stuff, it's simply view in the browser unless you can work out the link for the stream for VLC, which I find very difficult anyway. Or if you have something that records youtubes ;) that may work


I'm not a miley fan, and I don't get how they got the dates wrong! heh


Intrigued by both, presume VLC would be the player of choice for streaming and downloads?


That's an odd collection!

Honey - Firefox add on to auto search for vouchers
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Posted 29th Mar 2018Posted 29th Mar 2018
Honey - Firefox add on to auto search for vouchers
Add on description: Stop searching for coupon codes. Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply the best coupon codes to your shopping cart at ov… Read more

I think it's still evolving for the UK market. More established in countries like Canada and the USA.


Stupid plugin. Had been using it on Chrome last week. Never worked. It is using same codes for every websites.


Cool, add it to your browser today.


Also on Chrome


Saw LinusTechTips ad on this. Sounds good but I'm not sure I'd like it to be watching me browse then getting codes. Could be watching me type in credentials or something. It seems legitimate enough though.

Firefox Quantum [Windows - Mac - Linux]
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Posted 14th Nov 2017Posted 14th Nov 2017
Firefox Quantum [Windows - Mac - Linux]
Today the team over at Mozilla released the official version of Firefox Quantum. They say it's 2x faster (compared to Firefox 52, released a year ago) and is 30% lighter than Chr… Read more

Thanks for that info. Is it safe enough (i.e. it won't break FF) if I set everything to False, that's connected with Telemetry? I usually disable Health Reports etc in FF (I've not updated to v57 yet). I've also seen it mentioned, that setting "toolkit.telemetry.server" to is a good idea too


Cold from me for now as the developers have not caught up with the new browser standards!..


Adds a nice touch of blue up top! :) I also recommend for a refreshing new tab page.. displays a really nice high quality wallpaper from time to time.

deleted348871 know some don't like the look of the new version,but this theme looks to be staying.


57 Is absolute disastrous for add-ons!!! Do yourself a favor and disable your Firefox auto upgrade/update settings until your add-ons are........ upgraded! Got to find a way to downgrade my Ubuntu back to 56 now :-(.

uBlock Origin
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Posted 4th Jun 2015Posted 4th Jun 2015
uBlock Origin
I don't know if you are aware of this, but some ad-blockers allow ads through from certain companies. There's a new kid on the block, which is open source, and doesn't. Here's th… Read more

old thread but just noticed that it today wants updated permission to store unlimited amount of client side data!


Thanks for the tip ! I missed that as I spend all my time blocking Caitlyn Jenner


You could do that, but no one will visit it! Threat neutralised


Yes i have considered the people that work hard on some websites and so have the adblock developers and this is why they allow their users to add exceptions meaning that if the user wishes to support a website via allowing the ads though then they can do this easily. As for relying totally on ad revenue for your income that was a choice you made just like its your choice on weather you charge your visitors to access your content. If your visitors feel its worth the price you want to charge them, then maybe they will support you, then again maybe they will just look elsewhere for similar content. Without knowing what your site(s) are about its impossible to tell if your ads are good or bad or if the content is good as we all have different tastes and visit different sites for our interests. Now what i do find funny though is that your calling me a leecher because i supported a developer for his hard work and that developer isn't you at this time. You also have no idea what sites i visit nor the exceptions i have so you dont know what sites i do or do not support.


Have you considered the people who work hard to create websites with good content, and they rely on the ads on the site to make a living? By using an ad blocker you're leeching from them. 100% of my income comes from the ads I show on my websites. I don't use annoying popups or flashing images etc, just basic text and banners. Maybe I should start charging people to access my websites, and see how people feel about that.

Fasterfox Gives performance & network tweaks for Firefox. Fasterfox makes your browsing much faster! (check comments for FAQs & Screenshots)
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Posted 6th Mar 2014Posted 6th Mar 2014
Fasterfox Gives performance & network tweaks for Firefox. Fasterfox makes your browsing much faster! (check comments for FAQs & Screenshots)
Prefetch Links Dynamic speed increases can be obtained with Fasterfox's unique prefetching mechanism, which recycles idle bandwidth by silently loading and caching all of the links… Read more

Probably better to set up a RAMdisk and use it to store the Firefox cache etc.


All you are doing is downloading a lot of data in advance.



Which Shopping Toolbar for Firefox
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Posted 11th Dec 2013Posted 11th Dec 2013
Which Shopping Toolbar for Firefox
Ok guys, I know this is always free and if needed please feel free to move it to Misc. I wanted to share this as quite often people put deals on here that within seconds I can see… Read more

I just installed it for google chrome hope it's good :)


It seems quite handy, I just installed it. Not sure it gets all the prices though. So i'm sure i'll still search around myself. It does offer reviews of products too though which is great.


It keeps coming up saying that lots of people have voted this hot on my updates but it's only got 5 heat. I guess others are voting it cold for it being a toolbar type of thing.


One thing to note, the toolbar only shows up when it detects a product. The rest of the time it's hidden and so doesn't take up any space or annoy you.

Lightbeam for Firefox - See who’s tracking you online.
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Posted 28th Oct 2013Posted 28th Oct 2013
Lightbeam for Firefox - See who’s tracking you online.
Lightbeam is a Firefox add-on that uses interactive visualizations to show you the first and third party sites you interact with on the Web. As you browse, Lightbeam reveals the fu… Read more

I use similar on safari, can't remember what it's called tho.


That's an interesting find.


YouTube Smart Pause automatically pauses currently playing videos on YouTube - Firefox
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Posted 31st May 2013Posted 31st May 2013
YouTube Smart Pause automatically pauses currently playing videos on YouTube - Firefox
once you leave the page and resumes playback as soon as you return. As long as you want it to. ;)

Why people are putting any silly stuff as freebie here!


I can see dome uses for an addon like this as it simply automates something that saves a little time. As far as slowing a browser down, with the speed of machines today, you would either have something of a dinosaur of a PC or a few other things that are really impacting on performance. Nice one OP :D


Because its a **** add-on


Why is this getting cold? It should be credited for what it can do and not discredited because it is an add-on


Yh, I mostly use it for music so cold

Collusion add-on for Firefox  - Discover who’s tracking you online (link for Chrome in comments)
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Posted 21st Mar 2013Posted 21st Mar 2013
Collusion add-on for Firefox - Discover who’s tracking you online (link for Chrome in comments)
Collusion is an experimental add-on for Firefox and allows you to see all the third parties that are tracking your movements across the Web. It will show, in real time, how that da… Read more

A breakdown of HUKD's background activity based on that and my knowledge of these peeps: is for edits to the site and keeping it online with new changes. This is why its first line; they have multiple versions - they do a change, roll it out with no downtime is the host for the website (They're a money pit I hate them with a passion) provides the non standard web fonts and track the licensing most probably do sales as a service (SAAS) so are here to help HUKD make money no doubt provides analytics for assessing visitors to the site for the owner. and are just ad servers to gain revenue from the site (these are the only ones here purely to generate income from tracking/ads - but could also be the main revenue stream for HUKD) So there you go!


Anything for iPad?


works on latest firefox update with no problemns.


works on latest firefox update with no problemns.


We are on Firefox 19.02 I believe. Try updating.