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AKAI PROFESSIONAL MPK Mini MK3 £81 @ Music matter
85° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
AKAI PROFESSIONAL MPK Mini MK3 £81 @ Music matter£81£821% off Free P&P Free
Great price with free dleivery for this 25-key MIDI Controller which includes MPC Beats, Bassline, Tubesynth, Electric, Hybrid 3, Mini Grand & more. Also Amazon are doing it on… Read more

Good price. Having all of the keys black puts me off though. I guess that's why it's cheaper than the black/white keys one.


£75.65 in Red/Black


Is this like Korg quality ?


Keep an eye on Music Matter as they are frequently included in the eBay 15% off deals. They inflate a lot of their eBay prices but quite a few are good even before the 15%, so they become good value. Don't know how they price this Akai on eBay! The red one is £89 currently, so about £76 with 15%, IF they keep the price the same. Some sellers have them for £70 on eBay right now also; varying colours.


great bit of kit. got one for my birthday and looking forward to learning it. voted up

GARRITAN Personal Orchestra 5 (Download) Orchestral Sound Library (VST) £59.51 @ Music matter
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Posted 11th Jul 2018Posted 11th Jul 2018
GARRITAN Personal Orchestra 5 (Download) Orchestral Sound Library (VST) £59.51 @ Music matter£59.51£12954% off
Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 is Orchestral Sound Library software that features the highest quality collection of orchestral instruments ever sampled! OK very specialised for us … Read more

If you have a US address linked to your PayPal account you can purchase from here for £49.51: Provided the address is a state such as California where there is no online sales tax.


Ah i thought it had expired on Plugin Boutique! I'll use them in that case, thanks for the heads up. It seems like all the re sellers reflect what the offers the developers are doing? BTW I know Instant Orchestra is the simplified version, but which would you buy out of that and Personal edition and why?


Also same price from plugin boutique.


Thanks, OP. It's worth pointing out that there are discounts on other Garritan sample libraries at the moment, including: Harps and Pipe Organs (£39.97 each); Concert & Marching Band, Jazz & Big Band and World Instruments (£59.51 each); and Instant Orchestra (£72.50). I have ordered the organ library which I have been wanting for a while. Also, although I own GPO5 and think that it's good value for money (especially at this price), I doubt whether it offers "the highest quality collection of orchestral instruments ever sampled". Finally, as you suggest, the offers are also available from at least one other suppler – Time+Space – and their "normal" prices are quite a bit lower than the RRP figures quoted by Music Matters, so the savings are, in fact, less dramatic.

V-moda Cross-fade 2 Wireless Bluetooth Professional Headphones £219 - Music Matter
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Posted 7th Dec 2017Posted 7th Dec 2017
V-moda Cross-fade 2 Wireless Bluetooth Professional Headphones £219 - Music Matter£219
These have excellent reviews online by most any audiophile. Usually sold for around £300. Hope its helpful to some.

I have V-Moda M-100 and I use Chord Mojo dac both work well together.


Does anyone know any good DACs for this headset? I heard you should get one for a expensive headset


Good damn. I am tempted. I just got some HyperX Cloud 2s but I think I want some audiophile headset Are these good for gaming? I don't use a microphone so that's not a negative for me


I had V-Moda earphones, they were great.


I also own the M100 and previously owned the Crossfade LP. If you like bass, these are the way to go

Tascam DR-05 V2 With Flexi Mini Tripod - £66 @ Music Matter
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Posted 6th Apr 2017Posted 6th Apr 2017
Tascam DR-05 V2 With Flexi Mini Tripod - £66 @ Music Matter£66
Tascam DR-05 V2 With Flexi Mini Tripod Product Description 1 x Tascam DR-05 V2 TASCAM DR-05 Portable Handheld Recorder - there’s no easier way to get great-sounding recordings tha… Read more

That's not the complete specifications, it records uncompressed WAV audio.


Wow "Rec Format: 24 Bit MP3". Is that what they used to record Mini Disc masters?


Stick the word "Ghost" in the title, and you would have a whole market of gullible idiots willing to buy this


Saved me £66 then! Not sure I want to hear how bad I am at the guitar anyway


Gits have put the price up to £72 now.

Pro active monitors with BT and tuning controls, Presonus Ceres £79 @ Music Matters
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Posted 4th Dec 2015Posted 4th Dec 2015
Pro active monitors with BT and tuning controls, Presonus Ceres £79 @ Music Matters£79
Probably the best little speakers for the price but looks like a very few left. Free delivery. I wish I had more space in my room... C3.5BT can connect to a variety of gear such … Read more



Availability Discontinued Call 0330 380 1135 to find a suitable replacement.

Pro external audio controller, Fostex £29 @ Music Matters
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Posted 3rd Dec 2015Posted 3rd Dec 2015
Pro external audio controller, Fostex £29 @ Music Matters£29
Over £50 normally, bargain under £30. Fostex PC-100USB is a high grade USB digital audio signal to analog signal converter for high quality computer audio with Monitor Volume Contr… Read more

Excellent. BTW I found that when initially attaching the device to the Windows XP netbook I was using it seems to set the Windows output volume to a half as a default (hence headphone output seemed a bit quiet). I maximised that and the volume in my music player (Foobar) which I believe technically is for the best. Hope it works out as a good purchase for you.


Thanks, just ordered one from the Keene website (£34) - as it is over £30 it offered a free P&P option.


Fostex are about the very bottom of the "Pro audio market this box is no exception its 16bit 44.8k or 48k sampling rate which is just about the default for every motherboard. where as is 24bit/192K -- good spot Mr CJ Voting cold cos it c$ap


Possible alternative. Got this from these guys via Amazon a few weeks back; not as fancy but better spec : Unfortunately both these items now seem to require an additional postage fee. Reckon model I got to be same as these (well reviewed) :


5mW @ 32ohm is utterly abysmal for a headphone output, not sure why you would use line level adjustments instead of amplification either. Doubt the DAC is any better than a cheap motherboard.

Presonus Eris E8 Studio Monitors
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Presonus Eris E8 Studio Monitors£290
Great deal, with the isolation pad/stands and cables bundle is even better!
Denon DN-HP700 Professional DJ Headphones - £59.00 @ Music Matter (Free Next Day Delivery)
Posted 6th Feb 2015Posted 6th Feb 2015
Denon DN-HP700 Professional DJ Headphones - £59.00 @ Music Matter (Free Next Day Delivery)£59
Best Price I have seen for these. Comparible to the Audio Technica ATH-M50 Also available on Amazon from the same seller, although no free next day delivery on this option. - http… Read more

Not sure why people are voting this cold. Hopefully someone benefits from this deal.



M-Audio Studio Producer Headphones half price @
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Posted 18th Dec 2012Posted 18th Dec 2012
M-Audio Studio Producer Headphones half price @£59
My boyfriend wanted these headphones - They say 50% off, but I had seen them for £90 but @ £59 with free postage these are a steal. Tip, use google checkout to get free delivery a… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I know a few people who have these. Seem great quality. Maybe the cold voters have never heard of M-Audio. I've used their midi controllers and have always found them to be well built. Hot from me. Real cans from a real music tech company.