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Existing AOL Customers - AOL Platinum Broadband + Free AOL unlimited local & national calls + free wireless router all for £6.99 per month!!!!!!
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Posted 18th Apr 2009Posted 18th Apr 2009
Existing AOL Customers - AOL Platinum Broadband + Free AOL unlimited local & national calls + free wireless router all for £6.99 per month!!!!!!£6.99
I was paying £24.99 on AOL Platinum, then when I phoned to cancel they reduced my mthly payments to £6.99 permanently and gave me a free wireless router too! Also when I complaine… Read more

I am totally fed up with aol platinum. More off line than on. Been an aol customer since 2003 was great but since talk talk has taken over the service is dreadful. Definitely not reliable, more off than on. Will definitely change when my contract is finished.


I forgot to mention that my O2 is unlimited, when i asked for my MAC address from AOL they said the faults were with my computer, strange how now I have removed all of AOL's software my Internet is working fine, also they have never once offered me any special deals.


Thankyou! Have just rang and spoke to a very nice lady and have got the same package as op.Was also advised to ring back at the end of the contract (12months) to see if there were any new offers.I was also told that after the 12 months contract I would be continued to be billed at the same rate of £6.99.:thumbsup:


aol sold out a few months ago cant remember the name of the now parent company, they gave the change over as being the reason I was getting such bad connection problems, then told me that unless my router was plugged into the main BT socket my connection wouldnt be supported by them, I tried to explain because of the position of the socket this was impossible, and got the normal ma-aaaaaam based condescending waffle, hence as soon as contract is finished im also off to O2, (in fact thanks for the reminder op it ends this week woohoo)


I've had no real problems with AOL, however i have dumped their software, and their supplied router on the way. their techsupport is a joke, I swear they have a script that they go through,I did the 'why am i paying you so much for a dodgy serviceroute' and went from £24.99 to £9.99 a month instantly, no download limits or anything. The connection is not as stable as it used to be, but it's grief to swap ISPs and it's not so bad i need to change. BTW if you ever need to speak to their tech team, ALWAYS tell them you've already rebooted andre-installed their software, it's the first 2 lines on their script! ;)

Existing AOL Customers - AOL Silver Broadband For £6.99, Speed Upto 8mb, Unlimited Download Limit + Free Wireless Router + Free Aol Talk Unlimited Calls to 01,02,03 Numbers
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Posted 10th Sep 2008Posted 10th Sep 2008LocalLocal
Existing AOL Customers - AOL Silver Broadband For £6.99, Speed Upto 8mb, Unlimited Download Limit + Free Wireless Router + Free Aol Talk Unlimited Calls to 01,02,03 Numbers£6.99
Call Aol on 0800 2006254, tell them your an existing customer and you know of people being offered Aol Silver that's currently £9.99 for only £6.99 per month and you'd like the sam… Read more
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I've been with aol for years paying £14.99 phoned this morning quoting mriceman1974. Now on £6.99 with router on the way, did have to sign up for the phone for 12 months but even that will save me £'s:thumbsup:. thanks to op - mriceman1974:-D


sounds a winner all round:thumbsup: im similar but have the 8meg(6.5meg in reality) for £9.99 with the freecalls:),no free router though i had to pay £15 on top but i needed one anyway so payed up... mine wasnt a special offer i just threatend to cancel:-D


It's been a month now since i took this deal up Internet speed has gone from 2meg - 4.5meg:thumbsup: I have only been charged £6.99p :thumbsup: Sold the router they sent me on fleebay for £15:thumbsup: And all my telephone calls are 100% free of all charge (except for mobiles):thumbsup: So i am now saving £20 permonth on my old tarrif:thumbsup:


Your exchange is either equipped for ADSL Max or it isn't, though in your case it doesn't matter. There's nothing like proof though is there; even if only to stop people bashing AOL based on your speedtest. Regardless there is potential there for you to increase your downstream speed, whether or not you investigate it further is up to you.


[COLOR="Red"]To quote me...[/COLOR] I already said it's not an issue with AOL, that it was an exchange-related issue. I.E.- I'm far away from the exchange so the speed is poor and also different exchanges are set up for different broadband abilities meaning that if an exchange provides for a countryside area there will only be a few people on that exchange, whereas one in the middle of Glasgow city centre will have many more and so it will be more cost-effective for them to increase the exchange's capabilites.

AOL Broadband - £100 quidco cashback plus a free PS3 or laptop!! with a free wireless modem too.
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Posted 8th Sep 2008Posted 8th Sep 2008
AOL Broadband - £100 quidco cashback plus a free PS3 or laptop!! with a free wireless modem too.
A selection of broadband packages varying in price, check it out for yourself!

yeah nevet thought of that... i'll give it a go and let u know how it goes....


ring them, threaten to cancel. See what they offer, other wise cancel move to someone like Be who don't have 12/18 month contracts and go back.


does anyone know if you can current aol contract then take out this new offer?? i've been with them for about 9/10yrs now...


I have been with AOL for 12 years, we have had our ups and downs got a down at present, but i get it sorted, got freinds on virgin (ntl) and have nothing but trouble (pay for 20mb and get 5mb for 12 hours a day) brilliant deal that for £35 a month. Me thinks not.


AOL is for NooBs lol. You try cancelling when you want to leave them, they make it impossible.

AOL Broadband with FREE HP Laptop and FREE Netgear Wireless Router!!!!
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Posted 24th May 2008Posted 24th May 2008
AOL Broadband with FREE HP Laptop and FREE Netgear Wireless Router!!!!£19.99
I honestly can't believe they're bundling free laptops with broadband but here it is. Yeah yeah, I know it's just AOL... but this would be ideal for a family setup rather than for… Read more

One of the biggest cons I've seen, now that I've went into greater depth on this 'bargain' offer ! Already a white elephant for those who live in a favourable unbundled area, with a 24 month contract tie-in, those of us not so fortunate have to fork out an extra £10/Mnth for the service. So a £24.99: Broadband + Free Unlimited Calling Plan then becomes a £34.99 Calling Plan. Add to that the cost of BT Line Rental & your paying almost twice what you thought to obtain a fairly primitive Laptop (free?) Think it better to stick with my Virgin Media (non-cable) @ £10/mnth for up to 8meg + £10.50 line rental. If I add circa £5/mnth on for calls I'd still be able to afford to buy a £500 Laptop with my savings.


I dont like the idea of a 24 month contract, but if your going to get broadband & not bothered about the 2 year contract, and if its adequate speed for you then this is a brilliant deal - as if you were going to get it anyway at least tis way you get something for it. I wouldnt install the AOL software though, just configure your router but dont use the software as its slow & rubbish! wouldnt go back to AOL I was with them afew years ago, and they tried to scam me out of a full annual payment - rip off merchants! I got it back in the end like they offered 6 months FREE, so i took that and then moved on to NTL at the time, and it was FAB! Dont use anything other than fibre optic lines you cannot beat the speed & quality. I never have any downtime - not so far in 9 months of my new contract. All speeds will go up in due course & so will the prices!!


have you gotta be a new customer to get this offer:oops:


Alot of people (like me) dont have LLU enabled exchanges so these cheap deals dont apply to them


I get 8 meg @ £9.99 no contract from AOL, If you are out of contract just tell them to close your account and they do all sorts to keep you, remind them you dont want a new contract tho,

Aol Talk Unlimited Free
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Posted 29th Apr 2008Posted 29th Apr 2008
Aol Talk Unlimited Free
To thank you for being a valued customer we want to give you our newest and best AOL Talk offer. We believe you won't find a better value call package in the market, and it's avail… Read more
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Does anyone know if you can still use 18185 and the like with aol?


You're another one who needs to read posts. Get someone to do it for you and they might point out it wasn't ME who got "arsey" first.


No need to get arsey, they said they didn't vote anyway so whats the problem. People are allowed to have an opinion if they think AOL are rubbish, which plenty of people do!!! Even if its free it still doesn't mean its worth having to deal with AOL for....


Aye, well, that's AOL for you ;-)


Great :thumbsup: I was receiving AOL evening and weekend calls for free this is even better. When I phoned up I was also offered an upgrade from 2mbps to 8mbps for no extra charge. I had to start a new 18 month contract, but I'm only 3 months into my contract anyway.:) As for the anti AOL comments, I've tried quite a lot of providers and AOL is head and shoulders above the rest.

AOL Broadband from £19.99 per month with a Free PS3 with game and film
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Posted 28th Jan 2008Posted 28th Jan 2008
AOL Broadband from £19.99 per month with a Free PS3 with game and film
Quite a good deal; my tiscali internet is almost over and I'm considering switching to AOL especially since the customer service is a lot better I hear! There are 4 levels of cont… Read more

This does seem a little on the expensive side so the PS3 is hardly free given the overall cost over 2 years. I think there is so much competition in the market they are desperate to tie people into longer contracts to stop them taking advantage of better offers. I'd recommend the O2 broadband offer discussed in this thread ]HERE. Its £7.50 for O2 customers and £12.50 for non O2 customers and has a freephone UK based support centre.


AOL's ok but only if you keep out of the chatrooms. They are full of idots, abusing people every day in the foulest and nastiest way immaginable and AOL does absolutely nothing at all to stop it. AOL is too interested in it's income to annoy abusive customers.


Sorry i misunderstood you first post. However i also have other email accounts from work that i access at home and they're based on bt email accounts.


Since the Talk Talk take over they have been appalling, with Virgin Cable now,.


I was with AOL for 5 years and for the last year, I had nothing but problems with them. Their staff in the Indian call centre didn't understand english very well at all, the helpline isn't free (its 0845 if I remember), the first wireless router they sent me was defective from the start and it took a total of about 8 phone calls and over 5 hours on the phone to get a manager to agree to send a replacement, the internet speed was consistantly 5mb slower than BT Openreach said my line was capable of and that I should be getting and AOL didn't care or do anything about it which was why I left. (I was paying for 8mb and getting around or below 1mb) In my opinion, absolutely shocking service and very very poor value for money. I'm now with Be and I can't fault them and am very happy getting an average of 12mb for £18 a month and unlimited downloads

Free Laptop from AOL with 2 yr broadband contract
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Posted 4th Jan 2008Posted 4th Jan 2008
Free Laptop from AOL with 2 yr broadband contract
1st time to submit. Called to a friend of mine today and they told me that they telephoned aol regarding the free laptop to new customers offer, They asked if they could have a fre… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

forget the 2 year tie-in, the thing that gets me the most is the download limit. last i checked it was pretty low, dunno what it is now. voted cold!


Yes, but is it worth being locked in for two years? perhaps BB price will go down? And we know technology prices go down all the time. If you don't have the money, maybe its worth talking a interest free payment scheme from Dixson's or something.


i know two people who got the laptop befor the internet was activated!


yes it is, if you get he laptop!! Ive had endless amount of 4 months wait and still no laptop they keep frobbing me off. imo if you dont need the laptop dont sign up at all to a 2 yr contract.


but its also a good way of paying for a laptop if you cant afford 240 quid like that!

Get out of your AOL contract early (With Evidence)
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Posted 28th Oct 2007Posted 28th Oct 2007
Get out of your AOL contract early (With Evidence)
I Posted this before but it got taken down as it wasn't proven... Well now it is! You can get out of your contract with AOL due to their recent changes... Heres the email i reciev… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

ive been with aol for a number of years ,and came back last august , will i be able to end my contract , under the t&c


works a treat, guy tried to sell me every other package under the sun but gave up in the end.. phoned up 2 days later and i got my MAC code over the phone.. job done.. shift over to sky and savin £15 a month!


finally making the jump to be and going to request my mac code today. Was just wondering anybody who has made the same leap, how long did it take for be to be up and running and was there anytime when you never had any internet connection between the change? cheers


took a couple of days and got a text from them mate.


mm no e-mail today. Better be her tomorrow or Ill have to call them again. Has everyone got their Mac code on time?

AOL Free wirless router+ Free Dell laptop
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Posted 8th Sep 2007Posted 8th Sep 2007
AOL Free wirless router+ Free Dell laptop£14.99
AOL are Offering a Free dell Inspiron® 1520 laptop when you join their aol talk+broadband for a 24 month contract, starting from £14.99 a month and £24.99 a month for unlimited aol… Read more

How many people who have ordered a reasonable amount of time before have received their laptops? From a few reports on other websites, it appears that AOl are messing up the dispatch of laptops. Also, even AOL CS are not sure, when the offer actually ends OR will everyone who orders through the CPW website will receive their laptops or not.:? Does anyone know when the offer actually ends?


i think this is an ok deal.Free laptop ok for surfing etc,wireless router,free calls,8 meg download speed,40 gig limit for £25 per month What is aol broadband like it reliable?


hey night yard. how does this LCR dialler work and wat is this 1280 dialler. Im really new to this and I have actually ordered the Broadband without knowing all of this! :( But i can always cancel it. If what your saying is possible. That means I will get a bill from BT everymonth? and I dont have to use the AOL TALK plan?


thanks,read the aol talk terms and conditions and you don't have to make any chargable phone calls each month, so £19.99 for it and then get a a LCR dailler range to dirvert calls to BT so £19.99 a month for 8mb broadband+ free laptop,24 month contract


Yes, if you follow my link to Orchid Electronics above. There are two main versions, a simple one to override to one provider at £10.99 and another at £14.99 which lets you program a number of providers. I have one at £14.99 that I use on a BT line to call 1899, etc. You can also get a 20% discount on the dialler via a code on the MSE forums, and there is further discussion there. Support from Orchid is also good, which may be required for the £14.99 one, as its web program to configure is a bit complicted, probably because it is aimed at system integrators.

AOL Upgrade if you go to cancel maybe??
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Posted 11th Jun 2007Posted 11th Jun 2007
AOL Upgrade if you go to cancel maybe??£9.99
Went to cancel my AOL Contract yesterday but was offered their Platinum package inc. Free Weekend/Evening calls and a Wireless router for only £9.99 per Month (18 moth contract)as … Read more
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Hi All I think with AOL it depends on who you speak to. I was on the dial-up trial last year as I had just moved into my new house. I rang up to cancel and was offered the AOL Silver package for £14.99 for 12 months. I called back again and haggled with a guy in a call centre (abroad prob india) he managed to give me the silver package for £9.99 plu a free Netgear Wireless router. I though this was a good deal at the time. My 12 months is coming up so I am going to ring them and haggle them. Glad I read this post as last year they sold me the package as being completely 'unlimited' and 'unthrottled' like other isp's. Will have to think twice about staying with them Fraudy


Hi smcwales, Just do what I did and ask for your Mac code as you're going to change suppliers (i.e. Sky etc) ... They should then put you throught to someone who'll hopefully ofer you the platinum deal etc for £9.99 per month. Good Luck!!!


Well, it seems most ppl who commented on this thread got AOL Platinum for £9.99 inc. AOL Talk (free evening and weekend calls). I, however, was not so lucky and despite talking to three different AOL reps in their cancellation department, the best offer I got was AOL Platinum at £17.99 (with one month free, therefore 17 months at £17.99), AOL Talk and a free NetGear router. Not bad but I was really gunning for the £9.99 deal. I think if you've been with AOL for under 2 years, that's the best offer u'll get.


Hi,I'd phone them and say your going to Sky Broadband for example and ask for your MAC Code. You'll hopefully be transferred to someone who'll offer you an upgrade at a much lower price including wireless and also 'free' evening and weekend calls. Good luck!!


Hi Barbie, sounds like you been well unfortunate. Heres an extract from automatic email i received this week from AOL. Just get onto them. After 8 years you deserve better....just keep trying....suppose it depends on which advisor you speak to so keep trying them! I explained that Vodafone would charge me £25.00 for same package that I was previously on with AOL (Thats line rental/broadband and calls). So in the end AOL reduced me to £9.99 for Platinum/£5.99 for all calls and £11 to BT for line rental (approx £27 in total). AOL Broadband Platinum from £9.99 per month upto 8mb 18 months & Free Evening and weekend calls for 12 months AOL Talk: Evenings & Weekends At AOL, we're committed to offering you the right choice of packages at the right price. So we've increased the speed of Broadband Platinum from 2Mb to up to 8Mb, AOL Broadband - no hidden costs and no download limits Good luck