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6 issues of Edge Magazine delivered for £9.99 (then £31) for 6 months @ My Favourite Magazines
56° Expired
Posted 6th Jul 2020Posted 6th Jul 2020
6 issues of Edge Magazine delivered for £9.99 (then £31) for 6 months @ My Favourite Magazines£9.99
6 issues of Edge Magazine delivered for £9.99 (then £31) for 6 months. As far as I can tell you can cancel after 6 months. So for the first 6 months it's not a bad deal (as long as… Read more

Cheers! I have unexpired it. Might be handy for someone.


Easiest way to cancel is just to stop your Direct Debit with your bank, no need to call or email anyone, it’s easy. Also this magazine is really good, I’d highly recommend people take up this offer as it’s a steal, even once it goes to £31 for 6 months. Also this deal isn’t expired, you can still sign up using the link (y)


Yeah I get the feeling they are actively trying to avoid customers. I wish i never did it. I regretted if the moment I ordered it. I hate when you have to do stupid crap like this, in this technological world you should not have to write to cancel a subscription. I wonder if I can cancel the DD with my bank and do it that way


That's the thing for me - that you have to actually call or write to them to cancel is very dubious. Something I've found since moving to the UK from the US is that customer support for companies here can be pretty awful. Very hard to get into contact with them, and often times you are *charged money* for calling them, which is just an insane concept to me as in the US everything is almost always a free 1-800 number. All while you might not even get the help you need or could be put on hold forever. It's like they're actively trying to dissuade you from contacting them in the first place. But yea, anyways, if I cant simply make a few clicks on the website to cancel my subscription, that seems like another active attempt to try and make it difficult for you to cancel, hoping people will just be put off by the hassle.


How the hell do you cancel this. I signed ho for 3 trials at £3 each. If they start charing me I'm Probabky gonna get stung for £100. I have no interest in continuing it. I've tried contacting them and nothing

Edge Magazine 3 issues for £3 @ My Favourite Magazines
173° Expired
Posted 27th May 2020Posted 27th May 2020
Edge Magazine 3 issues for £3 @ My Favourite Magazines£3£1580% off Free P&P Free
Get 3 issues for £3, then up to £15 every three months if you don't cancel (new and current subscribers - can choose the start date of subscription if you've got a few months left)… Read more

Oh god. I haven't read it for years, and was really keen when I saw the offer, but now I'm not sure. Don't wanna spend time reading only to have to eye roll constantly.


100% agree with that statement and I’ve been a subscriber since 1995. Yes I really should cancel but old habits die hard.


I have hundreds of Edge issues... It isn't what it used to be, too 'woke' nowadays.


Odd move, considering they killed off the gamers magazine, gamesTM


It now feels like it's produced solely for people who work within the games industry rather than the people who buy and play the games.

myfavouritemagazines £5 issues for £5 Spring Sale - Multiple Titles.
532° Expired
Posted 27th Apr 2020Posted 27th Apr 2020
myfavouritemagazines £5 issues for £5 Spring Sale - Multiple Titles.£5 Free P&P Free
There was a deal a while back for Retro Gamer where you could have 5 issues for £5 but this is for more magazines. You can get .. Total Film PC Gamer SFX Edge Retro Gamer Playsta… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Use code BQUICK20 between 5-10pm today (11th May 2020) on a £10 spend to get 20% off. So subscribe to 2 x 5 issues for £5 for £8.


Go through TCB to do this deal. Just did it earlier, and they're currently paying 19.8% cashback, has tracked already at 99p so basically £4.01 for 5 issues.

Illusionary Your subscription should continue until the five paid issues have been delivered.


How do you cancel your subscription and can I do it straight away so I don’t forget? Would like to give retro gamer a shot but knowing myself I’ll miss the deadline and pay for a year at least.


The editorial content and features in printed magazines can still be excellent, though those don't tend to be the focus of OPM. EDGE and PC Gamer are consistently worthwhile.

Future Music Annual Subscription £36 at My Favourite Magazines
53° Expired
Posted 21st Apr 2020Posted 21st Apr 2020
Future Music Annual Subscription £36 at My Favourite Magazines£36
Definitely the best music production magazine out there.
Get deal*Get deal*

No thanks I have Readly for this (and every previous edition) and every other uk magazine!


2 months free sub


I use readly for this (y)

Myfavouritemagazines - 10 issues (2 different subscriptions of 5 issues) Retro Gamer, Official Playstation Magazine, Edge, PC Gamer, etc £8
331° Expired
Posted 16th Apr 2020Posted 16th Apr 2020
Myfavouritemagazines - 10 issues (2 different subscriptions of 5 issues) Retro Gamer, Official Playstation Magazine, Edge, PC Gamer, etc £8£8
The Spring sale of 5 issues for £5 is already a great deal but Myfavouritemagazines are running a 48 hour sale with 20% off when you spend £10 or more, so you can get 2 subscriptio… Read more

Update: £1.54 Quidco has tracked (y)


Thanks for posting, chose FourFourTwo and T3. 19% Quidco hasn’t tracked yet


No probs. A little over 2 hours left before the 20% off code expires.


Thanks for sharing the deal. Subbed up for Edge and RetroGamer for some cheapo summer reading. Had a look at the free PCGamer and it doesn't hold a candle to PCZone for me (RIP).


TCB tracked at £0.96 for me, whether it gets paid out is another matter. Worth giving it a try for potentially saving almost another quid on the deal.

5 months official playstation uk magazine printed version £5
275° Expired
Posted 4th Apr 2020Posted 4th Apr 2020
5 months official playstation uk magazine printed version £5£5
Get 5 months of ps mag, for 5 quid. It allows you to add to your existing psn offer (3 months for £3)as stated, will start after your current subscription expires. via myfavourite… Read more
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What!? Has the Official Xbox Magazine shut down for good? Or, just for the lockdown? Be very disappointed if so. Although, it would explain why my subscription I had with them completely disappearing off of my account :( Edit- Just read that it HAS indeed closed down. I loved this magazine, will sincerely miss it. I know it won't be long until all magazines are a thing of the past. I've tried digital, but it doesn't have the same excitement aspect of it arriving monthly through the door. Sad news indeed


Will be out of business inside 5 months. Official xbox shut down a day ago.


Not a 12 month contract. , just cancel the direct debit after they take the £5.


No thanks I have this magazine (and back issues) and all the other uk console mags as part of my Readly membership


Can you cancel after the 5 months or is it locked to 12 months contract, can't find the T&C

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Photo Magazine subscription + Free Lowepro Tahoe 150 camera bag - £45 @ MyFavouriteMagazines
153° Expired
Posted 26th Mar 2020Posted 26th Mar 2020
Photo Magazine subscription + Free Lowepro Tahoe 150 camera bag - £45 @ MyFavouriteMagazines£45
Part of the show deals from the cancelled Photography Show 2020. From Offer ends 31/03/2020. 4 Magazines available: N Photo (Nikon Mag) Digital Camer… Read more

Sorry to revive the thread, but I just received my first issue and no backpack... Has anyone who got the deal received theirs?




Link please , I am not able to find it at this price


Probably worth paying the extra £5 for the premium deal - includes and magazine binder and digital copies as well?


The bag is £39.49 on Amazon. Good deal voted hot.

5 Magazines for £5 @ My Favourite Magazines
676° Expired
Posted 20th Mar 2020Posted 20th Mar 2020
5 Magazines for £5 @ My Favourite Magazines£5 Free P&P Free
5 print issues of your chosen magazine, delivered for £5 As soon as they take the £5 (usually after a month), you can simply delete the DD to cancel the subscription (remaining iss… Read more

That's right - as long as they've taken that 1st payment, they're obliged to complete the trial so you can cancel right away if you like :)


Got my first magazine today. Direct Debit payment was also taken today. I guess all I need to do is just cancel the DD within the next 4 months?


It should be within a few weeks of that 1st issue... Don't worry so much about it being immediate - you've got 4 months to cancel ;)


Got my first magazine today but they've still not taken any payment


Thanks both, I'll keep that in mind for the future as I didn't see the message. Certainly makes it a lot cheaper!

Retro Gamer Magazine 3 Months Plus Gamer Gift Bundle - £12.50 @ My Favourite Magazine
78° Expired
Posted 27th Feb 2020Posted 27th Feb 2020
Retro Gamer Magazine 3 Months Plus Gamer Gift Bundle - £12.50 @ My Favourite Magazine£12.50
Free gifts including a funko mini, bag and a mug. I think another free mag aswell. Code might work 5% OFF REWARD119
Hori Onyx Plus Controller plus 6 months PlayStation Magazine £30 My Favourite Magazines
225° Expired
Posted 27th Feb 2020Posted 27th Feb 2020
Hori Onyx Plus Controller plus 6 months PlayStation Magazine £30 My Favourite Magazines£30
6 months of PlayStation magazine plus a free hori onyx ps4 controller
Get deal*Get deal*

I think I'm going stir crazy, yes.


Wow you must be bored replying to my comment I made 30 days ago


Thanks for that link, 3 for £1 on retro gamer. I think I've had about 15 issues for £12 from them!


Your comment.


I was talking about the non plus version, but from reading through a number of reviews of this "plus" model, it would seem that not much has changed...