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Magnum Shop Discount Codes

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Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies coupon
Only 25,000! Fill in the form, and wait to recieve it in the post. Currently half price at Asda £1.75 so hopefully by the time you get the coupon the promotion will still be run… Read more

22/09/19.I've got 11 left to use ;) .


I've got a few more in the post via Magnum customer services. Wonder when they'll expire ;)


I've got three of the £2 off vouchers plus plenty of the £1 off 'vouchers ;) '.


I noticed when @AW0079 said they got both, my Unilever vouchers are still in the post so will probably stack them instead! :D I really want to go to the Pleasure Store (passed by once but it was closed), also want to see the new Microsoft Store and Samsung KX so I'm definitely making a trip to central London soon :)


;) .

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£1Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies coupon5/08/2019