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£75|£110|£150 off £740|£1100|£1850 minimum spend at XMG/Schenker Laptops
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Posted 3rd Apr 2015Posted 3rd Apr 2015
£75|£110|£150 off £740|£1100|£1850 minimum spend at XMG/Schenker Laptops
This year there is no long Easter Egg hunt because from the 2nd - 9th April you can save upto £150 on selected Schenker / XMG Laptops & PCs. Great laptops with 24 Month minimu… Read more

Thanks, I've been looking at the reviews - they're highly rated. I was wondering about the user's personal experience with their laptops purchased from this shop, compared to say, PC Specialist. Have you bought anything from them before?

Nutkin Number 1,2 and 8 here Number 2, 7 and 8 here


This looks like a good deal. I'm surprised it hasn't generated more interest. Any feedback would be good. What are their laptops like?

5% off all XMG and Schenker laptops - Football Frenzy - UNTIL MIDNIGHT!
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Posted 24th Jun 2014Posted 24th Jun 2014
5% off all XMG and Schenker laptops - Football Frenzy - UNTIL MIDNIGHT!
As the football has been a bit of a disappointment this year, and XMG have had a special offer giving 3% off per England win, with an extra 1% for each England goal scored - there'… Read more

mysn and PCs don't carry the same stock - e.g. C404 from mysn is a gigabyte p34g v2: if you're in the market for this laptop, its a great offer! mysn support is great too (in my experience), can't comment on PCs though. here's hoping for a 97 - nil victory for england :)


One thing that makes me think that Schenker (XMG) is better, is the fact that the warranties are minimum 24 month collect and repair, all parts and collection/delivery paid for - I was going to use PCS, and the warranties are funny. Included is a 3 year bronze warranty, which included 1 month collect and return, and one year parts: After those periods are up you have to pay for your own delivery and parts! (Schenker workshop is in Reigate, Surrey).


Not sure about the desktops but all of the laptops are based on the same Clevo barebones chassis. For example, the PCS Cosmos II 15.6" is the same as the Schenker M504. Even the prices of the various upgrades are the same. Overall, PCS is cheaper (probably because it's UK based).


I'm sorry, but what do you mean "equivalent bit of kit"? Is there one computer in particular you're referring to?


Even with the 5% off, it looks like it's still cheaper to go to PCSpecialist for the equivalent bit of kit.

Schenker Element £299 @ Mysn - full windows 8.1 tablet fully packed
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Posted 14th May 2014Posted 14th May 2014
Schenker Element £299 @ Mysn - full windows 8.1 tablet fully packed£299
found this tablet at the gadget show live and you can now order it online. fully packed tablet with windows 8.1 not RT! and a year sub's to office 365 optional keyboard was lovely … Read more

I got one which freezing all the time. Return and get a replacement, the same.


Cold. You can get Asus Transformer or HP Omni 10 for less money, both are better than this and come with full Office. Hassle?


HP OMNI 10 is not a good option, too much hassle. This one is even worse though.


You would be much better off going for the HP Omni 10 - 50% more powerful, better screen and CHEAPER!!!!! Much cheaper....


Modern Atoms are decent. The biggest problem is the low resolution screen. 1280x800 Display.

XMG A704 17.3" Advanced Gaming Notebook 996£ + 12£ delivery @ mysn Schenker
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Posted 14th Apr 2014Posted 14th Apr 2014
XMG A704 17.3" Advanced Gaming Notebook 996£ + 12£ delivery @ mysn Schenker£1,008
Price starts at 699£ but if you configure it to a proper gaming machine the price is 996£ + 12£ delivery by DHL: XMG A704 17.3" Advanced Gaming Notebook Display 1 x 17.3" (43.9cm)… Read more

Maybe you can post a link to your laptop including Geforce GTX860M and with 17'' screen as I could not find it cheaper


Wow, only £440 more than what I just paid on (albeit without the SSD)


Yes he is from eastern Europe. He is on benefits and stole already 10-15 jobs.


hey OP, cheers for the deal. I've never seen anyone write the £ after the number when using GBP! its not the convention over 'ere. Are you one of them foreign folk perchance?

Gaming Pro Laptop £1082 @
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Posted 25th Feb 2013Posted 25th Feb 2013
Gaming Pro Laptop £1082 @£1,082
For this price, you'll get a killer gaming config: Display: 17.3" (43.9cm) Full-HD 1920x1080 Glossy Graphics Card: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MX 3072MB GDDR5 Processor: Intel Core i7-3… Read more

mysn can't rate it highly enough bought one for my work/dev laptop


ASUS all the way forget this tat


Except the price of £605 is with a Pentium dual core ..


Same config with pcspecialist: £1026 with delivery, vs. £1105 at mysn. Only difference is the warranty (1 Month Collect & Return, 1 Year Parts, 3 Year Labour) compared to 2 full years of collect & return at mysn. There is no choice of the keyboard localisation either (several langages at mysn, might sound stupid but being French it is a plus). And I already ordered anyway :D


I agree with zzak, there is better value for money out there, but I still cant affoard a decent gaming machine.