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£20 Discount
£20 Discount
£20 cashback off a £75 spend using voucher coed @ MySupermarket
Just received this email from mysupermarket, I assume it is available for all. Just enter the code THANKYOU3 at checkout and they will give you £20 cashback - I assume this is for … Read more

this is only for a third tome shopper. that's what they say

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Free two-month trial of Tesco Clubcard Plus from MySupermarket (invite only)
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Received an email from Mysupermarket with an offer of a FREE two-month trial of Tesco Clubcard Plus service. There is an exclusive coupon code which needs to be redeemed by no lat… Read more

There is no snobbery here. I too shop at Lidl/Aldi every two or three weeks for specific products but my main shop is in Tesco as their product range and quality is better.


As long as you're happy dear! :)


Thats not really a good comparison, as firstly its part of the Christmas price wars on these, and secondly, certainly round here, aldi and lidl's veg is definitely not as good quality, or fresh, as Tesco. There's always specific items you can pick up on, like, I buy Capri Sun boxes of 10 when they are on offer in the main supermarkets, at the moment in Tesco you can get 4 boxes for £7.60, so £1.90 a box. The Aldi version are £1.80 a box, but taste like they forgot to put the flavour in, I get more flavour from the water out the tap. But the same applies to stuff I buy from Aldi. My opinion is, you can't do a full shop at Aldi or Lidl, the product range is too small, but you can certainly save money buying some stuff from them.


As you say, pure snobbery. And I’d add blind faith in Tesco and sheer ignorance of the facts to that. Most of the Tesco fanboys have no idea how much Aldi and Lidl have changed lately, how much cheaper their own label products are than Tesco’s, and that the quality’s every bit as good, if not better. It’s all coming from the same UK suppliers, to much the same specifications, so why wouldn’t it be?


I haven’t got a email unfortunately (annoyed)

Border Dark Chocolate Gingers - £1 at Tesco, less 50p voucher in Tesco mag via Mysupermarket
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Border Dark Chocolate Gingers - £1 at Tesco, less 50p voucher in Tesco mag via Mysupermarket£1
If you can find a Tesco magazine, there's a voucher for 50p off these premium biscuits.

Where do you get the Tesco mag from? Is it subscription or free? I ask as I have never seen one in any Tesco I have visited. Is it like the Lidl mag that they have at the entrances or something else?


These are really really nice

Tesco Bundle offer : any 3 from selected products in £12 (via MySupermarket)
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Posted 29th May 2016Posted 29th May 2016
Tesco Bundle offer : any 3 from selected products in £12 (via MySupermarket)£12
Tesco is selling 3 products (from selected list of products) in just £12. It inluces it's home brand product, like sunflower oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, chapati flour, and other … Read more
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great find

£15 OFF at on health & wellness products on a £40+ spend
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Posted 19th Jan 2016Posted 19th Jan 2016
£15 OFF at on health & wellness products on a £40+ spend£40
Must spend £40 *T&Cs apply. Minimum spend £40 excluding delivery fees. Offer expires 07:00 AM 20/01/2016. Click here for full terms & conditions.
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My Supermarket Minimum purchase £30 to get £10 off
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Posted 1st Sep 2015Posted 1st Sep 2015
My Supermarket Minimum purchase £30 to get £10 off£30
Just looking on my Supermarket and saw this promotion. Minimum purchase £30 to get £10 off excluding shipping. First time Shops purchase only and one time per user. Promotion ends … Read more

Has this finished? With the discount the prices for some things would be nearly acceptable!


Hmmm, may just order £30 worth of Bundaberg Root Beer yum yum




Thanks tawny X)


Yay, done it... Went for some goodies for my little kittie boos. They'll be pleased for about 0.03 seconds but I'll be pleased for longer...

Walkers Crisps - Salt & Vinegar (6 x 25g) £1.68 - Free after 100% Cashback via mysupermarket
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Posted 18th Aug 2014Posted 18th Aug 2014
Walkers Crisps - Salt & Vinegar (6 x 25g) £1.68 - Free after 100% Cashback via mysupermarket£1.68
Mysupermarket app + website are offering Walkers Crisps - Salt & Vinegar (6 x 25g) - Free after 100% Cashback If you have it on the app you can get it instore I don't know … Read more
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offers not available anymore on mysupermarket


Same for me too. Heat added but I don't like salt & vinegar flavour... :)


Price comparison

Excellent and FREE MySupermarket Compare App
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Posted 29th Jul 2014Posted 29th Jul 2014
Excellent and FREE MySupermarket Compare App
Found this amazing app and absolutely wanted to share this to others. Available for both Apple and Android. You can scan bar codes or search for items, and it will compare all maj… Read more

I got that screenshot from my Android app. It's there. Where it says cashback at the bottom, click on this should show you the comparison stores. Hope that helps!


This would be OK if the supermarket stocks the product don't be misled on prices though shampoo and conditioner was actually cheaper in superdrug although app stated asda was the cheapest. It doesn't compare like for like against all stores you can end up paying more for less product.




Oh I thought it was something new.. It's MySuperList which is a good app but very clunky to use just not got the best layout and navigation and doesn't look like that screenshot. I'm guessing that's iOS, I'm on Android. it does a good job just which it was easier to use!


I use their website everytime before I go out to do some shopping and since I have a tesco, sainsbury and asda not too far away from where I live, I can easily separate up which products I need to buy from which supermarket. Great little money saving tool!

Strawberries £2 possible free (via cashback) @ mySupermarket
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Posted 26th Jun 2014Posted 26th Jun 2014
Strawberries £2 possible free (via cashback) @ mySupermarket£2
"Add your strawberries to your basket and we’ll refund the cost to the PayPal account connected to your mySupermarket account when you check out." Offer seems to be on for Asda, T… Read more

Not on mine :(

Free Coke Zero 2L
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Posted 13th Feb 2014Posted 13th Feb 2014
Free Coke Zero 2L
Free bottle of Coke Zero 2L from mysupermaket when you shop online or instore. Usually £1.98 - and you don't see free Coke too often! Either add to your basket at mysupermarket.c… Read more

you add it to your order and pay for it and my supermarket pay it back to your registered paypal within 7 days.


They're free in my local supermarket as well. Just don't get caught...


how do u get it free

Free Coca Cola Recipes and Game ideas
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Posted 9th Feb 2014Posted 9th Feb 2014
Free Coca Cola Recipes and Game ideas
As the title says :) Ffree to D/L

Diet coke chicken is a simple yet yummy meal, I was given the recipe at my local slimming group, one of my fave low fat meal.


Coca-cola chicken is yummy! A Chinese friend introduced me to this spectacular gourmet delight!


Ham cooked in cola is lovely,


My local Chinese does coca cola chicken which works really well


adding coca cola to food! anyone ever seen what it does to a dirty penny if left in a glass of coca cola for a while. coca cola tastes nice but in food hmm not sure anyone ever tried it in food?

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