National - Oil & Filter Change from £15-£15

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Book online as well and get 10% off those prices

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Yep, I just did. Booked for next week

Am I being dim? How do you order the oil and filter change online? Whenever I hit online ordering, it's taking me to tyres and exhausts!


Online ordering then oil change,I had this done in december but online wouldn't let me choose the oil i wanted so i rang up the local depot and booked it.Didn't get the 10% off but still only £20 oil and filter.and Duckhams oil too.

It's available from £14.95 at formula one autocentres anytime! :giggle:


(They use castrol rather than duckhams)

Note that my oil & filter change came to about £30 as it required 5w30 oil as specified by Ford for their 16v engines.
I wonder what National would have shoved in there if I had taken it to them
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