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36 mth Lease - Nissan Leaf 110kW N-Connecta 40kWh - 5k miles p/a - £185 pm + £1107 initial + £234 fee = £7801 @ Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Nissan Leaf 110kW N-Connecta 40kWh on a 3 year lease (6+35) with 5k miles . Net monthly £216.70 (£184.57 monthly / £1107.42 initial and £234 admin fee). If you want more mileage … Read more

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You do seem to be very easily lead and pleased. Do you believe everything you are told by scientists dispite the evidence telling you otherwise?


It is genuinely hilarious to encounter an honest-to-goodness climate change denier in 2021, i will grant you that all this made me laugh. Shine on, man.


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BMW 1 Series 128ti Step Auto - £198 processing fee. £324 up front, then 35 x £324 a month via Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
-133° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
BMW 1 Series 128ti Step Auto - £198 processing fee. £324 up front, then 35 x £324 a month via Nationwide Vehicle Contracts£11,641.51
Deal through Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. Personal contract hire On a 1 + 35 payment profile for 5k miles is £324 per month. Total cost over the whole term is £11641.51. You c… Read more

Cold not RWD


Yeah this is a great deal I don't get why it's so cold.


It is standard as from Monday on the Ti and with a £1000 price increase.


I think the M135i is currently around this price or cheaper for 5k miles via Arnold Clark


This is more expensive than the 135i was a few months ago.

Nissan Leaf 160kW e+ N-TEC 62kWh Auto Lease 36 months 5K miles £209.04pm with 6 months up front £8768.60 Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
1520° Expired
Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Nissan Leaf 160kW e+ N-TEC 62kWh Auto Lease 36 months 5K miles £209.04pm with 6 months up front £8768.60 Nationwide Vehicle Contracts£8,768.64
Updated price, I forgot the admin fee £209.04 per month with 6 months up front. This is the larger battery version with just about every option. I wasn't even considering a… Read more

I've only managed about 40 miles in mile, but I really like it too. Almost too fast for the wheels if you plant it on a less than perfect road. I really like it though, glad you do too


Quick thanks to OP. Cars arrived. Last week. Overall have to says its fantastic. Driving in B mode has meant we are hardly charging once weekly. Very quick car. For us the range is fantastic.


I got mine from Really good service. I spoke to Tim. Managed to get a loyalty discount as I had my previous gap insurance through them so came down to £118 in the end but I believe the normal quote was £130 which was still much cheaper than the £199 nationwide asked for.


Yeah it was a quote actually. I paid shortly after that though.


You sure that wasn’t the quote? I’ve had nothing suggesting that I have to pay anything yet

Mercedes E300de AMG Line 9G-Tronic Lease 25k miles - £1,842.45 Up Front / £198 Admin Fee / £614.15pm x 36 - £24,149.85 @ Nationwide
-497° Expired
Posted 30th Dec 2020Posted 30th Dec 2020
Mercedes E300de AMG Line 9G-Tronic Lease 25k miles - £1,842.45 Up Front / £198 Admin Fee / £614.15pm x 36 - £24,149.85 @ Nationwide£24,149.85
Might go down like a lead balloon, however seriously considering this myself, as cheapest I can find for relatively high mileage. 36 month term, 3 month's upfront 25k miles pa £1… Read more

Check with the finance company, but I have always been told that the lease company owns the vehicle, so any issues sit with them anyway, not the person leasing the car (certainly this has been the case when looking at 4 year deals)


I note you also mention the lease mantra - lease what depreciates, buy what appreciates. It's complete nonsense. You're spending £25k over 3 years with nothing to show for it. You're 25 grand down. If it's essential you have a new car, find something cheaper and use the remainder to invest in something.


Your partner is probably begging you not to get this because you're spending the equivalent of a house deposit over 3 years to essentially rent a car. I'm sure you can find something that would meet your needs for much less.


Odd that you think leasing is less risk. If the car is stolen or written off you have nothing and have to start again. This car would certainly be a target for thieves. That would mean another £1800 deposit on a new lease. Your car could be stolen or written off after a week, so there's no guarantee you'll even have the car for the full 3 years. You'll have to buy gap insurance as well. If stolen/written off then the settlement goes to the lease firm. They won't do new car replacement because you have to be the first registered keeper which you will never be on a lease. You could put thousands in to this, someone writes it off or steals it after a year, then you're back to having nothing and needing another large deposit.


Can get the monthly cost of the X5 close but with 9 months upfront and only 10k miles so not a relevant comparison, however if the original commenter who suggested those cars can point me in the right direction I would be very interested

Nissan Leaf 24m Lease 5,000mpa £221.46 pm + £198 fee (Other initial payment/mileage options available) £5513 @ Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
1152° Expired
Posted 21st Nov 2020Posted 21st Nov 2020
Nissan Leaf 24m Lease 5,000mpa £221.46 pm + £198 fee (Other initial payment/mileage options available) £5513 @ Nationwide Vehicle Contracts£5,513
We've been looking for an electric car lease for my wife who needs to do a short city commute and local trips plus the odd trip out to the coast and back, unlikely to exceed 100 mi… Read more

I was young, leasing my first car and didn't understand the intricacies of these agreements. As this thread shows, I'm not exactly alone in that. In any case, the original question was whether this is a good company to deal with. Every other leasing company I've dealt with have answered a phone and referred me to the right people to speak to, so I reckon this company is worse than others.


It’ll be the finance company. You pay, in this case, £198 fee for the introduction. They probably get a commission from the finance house too.


Jeez, how many greedy sticky £ingers in the lease pie are there? Begining to start to come round to @MrBean point of view and just get a 2nd hand motor thats already had the spivs £cash bonus's paid for. Which companys name is on top of the contract you sign?


The car is owned by the finance company, not the lease broker.


In fairness to them, they don't have any dealings with the maintenance or finance and no leasing org would. So yes they should have given you this advice in a timely fashion, but no, any other company would just forward you to the car company or the finance company accordingly.

Nissan Leaf N-Connecta PCH Lease 5k miles/year £205.14 on 3 + 23 plus £198 fee £5531.64 @ Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
492° Expired
Posted 12th Nov 2020Posted 12th Nov 2020
Nissan Leaf N-Connecta PCH Lease 5k miles/year £205.14 on 3 + 23 plus £198 fee £5531.64 @ Nationwide Vehicle Contracts£5,531.64
Seems a good deal, 5531.64 for 24 months on 3+23. 5000 miles - excess is 12p per mile, so seems just the same to go with 5000 rather than 8000 for example. Happy with our Ioniq … Read more

That's very helpful. Thank you! (y)


A lot depends on where you're based. Where I am in the Midlands, the main providers are Instavolt (only accepts contactless card payments), Osprey (same), Polar (mainly app-based, but swapping to contactless card payments), and Ecotricity (app-based payment). The crappy membership models are (thankfully) dying out, as are app-based payments. Shouldn't be long before most charge points take a debit card payment.


I'm new to this EV ownership (just ordered an ioniq) and wasn't expecting the charging to be so confusing. Mostly I'll be charging at by home, but will I still need say the £20 annual CTC membership for those times we do long journeys? What combination of memberships, subscription and PAYG do regulars tend to use? Any advice or pointers to guides would be much appreciated! :D Thanks @satchef1.


This is now showing as £221 pm with 3 month £245 + 1 month deposit on 5k


Depends who owns the chargers. They should all be moving over to contactless payment (where payment is needed) though regardless of the operator. It's just some are further on in that transition than others. Check Zap-Map for charge points in your area. It'll tell you who operates them, how much they cost, and what payment types they accept. If you need any other help, quote me and I'll respond.

MG ZS EV 48 Month lease £249 p/m £1,494 initial. Red Metalic Paint Option Included Term £13644 @ National Vehicle Contracts
-159° Expired
Posted 23rd Oct 2020Posted 23rd Oct 2020
MG ZS EV 48 Month lease £249 p/m £1,494 initial. Red Metalic Paint Option Included Term £13644 @ National Vehicle Contracts£13,644
This is a 4 year leasing deal for a brand new MG ZS EV. It is for 8,000 miles per pear (other mileages and terms are available). The initial payment for the first month is £1,494.0… Read more

From what I have seen These are proving to be quite a good car for the money and have proved popular and reliable but this seems a expensive compared to the far superior Ioniq deal


This is a joke


In my opinion these are Chinese tat.


Even if I add it, still cheaper by £132 over the whole term with a smaller deposit:


Jings crivens. Not for me.

MG ZS105kW Excite EV 45kWh Lease - 1+47 months + £198 processing fee. 8k miles total £12,562.32 at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
198° Expired
Posted 24th Sep 2020Posted 24th Sep 2020
MG ZS105kW Excite EV 45kWh Lease - 1+47 months + £198 processing fee. 8k miles total £12,562.32 at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts£12,819.91 Free P&P Free
**edit** Thanks to @m5rcc for pointing our my maths mistakes (lol) :) Price updated!** £257.59 per month. Link just takes you to the default page, you'll need to play about t… Read more

Depends on your useage. I do 50 miles a day. Its still okay for me


Review from whatcar 120 miles in Winter range not too limiting?


Wrong image, that's the ICE. The EV is based on old design


For me, the P11d is 22.5% and I only like lease deals where the P11d is less than 20% because that justifies leasing (ignoring the fact if I lease 4 or 5 times I'd spend the equivalent of buying the car) so I'm out.


Ah, thank you. I was thinking that makes no sense for an EV!

Volvo V90 2.0 T4 Momentum Plus 5dr Geartronic £327.14pm @ Nationwide Vehicle Contract (Term - £8703.64)
231° Expired
Posted 2nd Sep 2020Posted 2nd Sep 2020
Volvo V90 2.0 T4 Momentum Plus 5dr Geartronic £327.14pm @ Nationwide Vehicle Contract (Term - £8703.64)£8,703.64
I wasn't in the market for this sort of car, but I'm tempted, seems very good value in the current lease deal market. Volvo V90 T4, Automatic, 190bhp 3+23 Deal with 10,000 miles,… Read more

Dear hive. I am looking for a xc60 deal. How is the car and any good offers?


Great car. Huge outside, really quite big inside. I agree with comments about not great fuel economy, I've got 33mph average over 6500miles of mixed driving in my 2019 T4 petrol V90 Don't forgot abuot its automatic driving features; adaptive cruise control + lane keeping and road curve following from 0-70mph on all roads (not just motorways). Its not autonomous driving but it certainly make long jouneys more comfortable Edit: FYI Volvo calls this Intellisafe Assist (Pilot Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control)Lane keep assist with driver alert control


I have this in the saloon version. Lovely car, plenty of space inside and a real feeling of quality in my opinion. Spec is pretty good for the Momentum range. As others have already said it’s pretty poor on fuel economy. Worth noting that the Momentum spec 1 year ago didn’t include Apple CarPlay / Android auto. That may of now changed.


Agree with Finbar Expect 50 on good runs and about 40 around town. Nothing to write home about.


Pretending you can, consistently, get anything approaching 60 miles per gallon out of this car is pure nonsense. You might see that figure intermittently if you're coasting on the motorway 65 miles an hour, but you'd be hard pushed to even make 50 on average on a journey with any kind of mixed driving. many drivers on here in previous posts have reported much the same experience. I managed to get 68 miles per gallon out of my A5 on one motorway journey but I didn't go around telling people that was for my car did because it was exceptional. 40 miles per gallon around town is nothing to write home about either.

Ford Fiesta | 1.0 EcoBoost 95 ST-Line Edition 5dr Lease - £4,526.16 24 Months 8,000 MPA at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
1753° Expired
Posted 4th Jul 2020Posted 4th Jul 2020
Ford Fiesta | 1.0 EcoBoost 95 ST-Line Edition 5dr Lease - £4,526.16 24 Months 8,000 MPA at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts£4,526.16
Taking my life in my hands here posting a car lease deal on HUKD. There's little chance that this won't be hijacked by the bangernomics experts who pick up a ragged old BMW and spe… Read more

There are a few diffences but the main one is there's no option to own the car with PCH at the end.


Thanks for the clarification. Aren't they the same thing until you reach the end of the term and have to make your decision?


PCP (Personal contract purchase) is not a lease - you will own the car at the end of the agreement once you pay the balloon payment. PCH (Personal contract hire) is the term for a lease.


I can see it both ways, but mostly follow your model. The way I see it is that if you walk into a car dealership and the first thing they offer you is a PCP (lease) deal, then that is most likely to be the worst option for you as the customer. Buying cars for saved up cash and then keeping them for an appreciable length of time is almost always the most 'cheapest' way of purchasing a car but it does have some caveats in terms of whether you like keeping money in the bank, what levels of bank interest there are at the time and the luck of the draw in how reliable the car turns out to be. On top of that, there's the environmental, safety and creature comfort aspect as it invariably means buying a 'lesser' car (I just view them as a mechanism of getting from A to B). For example, the previous car I had was purchased at 8 months old / 2,500 miles (from a Ford dealership where the previous owner was a Ford employee) at 7.5 grand less than the new list price, a grand of which was due to my successful haggling. I kept it for 8 years, after which I had put 60,000 miles on it and the only thing that had 'gone wrong' was the power steering pipe cracked which cost £200 to replace and I think that was partly due to how the cam belt was changed at 50,000. Otherwise, there was the usual maintenance 'consumables' of tyres, fluid/oil & filter changes and front brake discs. Then, someone hit me head on and wrote it off but it was at low-ish speed and they were in a much older car so I came out of it OK. Had I been hit by something a lot newer, I might not be typing this now. If I was chewing up a lot of miles commuting and needed something to ease the pain of it/very reliable, I might be more interested in leasing a car but I don't see the sense in it other than it being a mechanism for "prestige" manufacturers to shift expensive cars onto the drives of people who wouldn't normally be able to afford them and for them to feel 'better' than other people as a result. A win-win for both ;). Swings and roundabouts.


Anyone had theirs delivered yet?