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NCP or National Car Parks is the largest and longest established private car park operator in the UK, and was first set up in 1931 by Col. Fredrick Lucas. The parking service offers users the option to book and hire over 150,000 parking spaces across 500 car parks in various locations including city car parks, airports, train stations as well as tube station parking lots. Some of the most popular public services offered include Manchester Arena, London Heathrow and Birmingham New Street.  How to redeem NCP (City Parking) vouchers
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5% off Selected Airport Parking with Code @ NCP
They are offering the a 5% discount when using the code AUGFLY5A for the following airport car parks: Birmingham Car Park 1 and Car Park 2&3 Norwich Short Stay and Long Stay… Read more

Nice. Now I can pay £23.75 for a few hours of parking instead of £25!


No cheaper - bit more expensive if anything (annoyed)


How generous. Absolute rip off, paying for parking.


NCP can suck my knob end.

10% off Selected airport parking with Code @ NCP Members Code
Members Only you can become a member at the checkout. Terms and conditions: … Read more

I never get one of these codes to work...I love when it says exclusive member price and it is the same as non members!


If the government has balls, these cowards wouldn't be charging people 16 quids for 4 hours.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off NCP Airport Parking at Edinburgh, Birmingham & Norwich
Valid for barking between 15th July and 16th of August and you have to become a 'member' to qualify (it's free). Description from their email: We’ve got a pay day treat to help yo… Read more

Nice picture .... new NCP in Manchester :)


MZ944 15% discount codeworked for Glasgow airport parking 2/6/19


Try this we found Heathrow holiday Inn parking for 3 weeks for £59 and we keep our keys.


Found it cheaper going via MSE.

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
NCP Parking: 20% voucher code
If you need parking then this code is currently working. Useful if your visit a city like London and and want to pre-book your parking . I’ve found it’s often cheaper than just tur… Read more

Heat added thanks for posting (y)


That would be silly... I suppose you are probably one of those that would rather pay those unenforceable parking charge notices...




(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) 👏👏👏👏


Whats your plan? Busting through the barrier, having a scrap with an attendant or calling the police and reading out a parliament bill about how you don't have to pay? Personally I have better things to do

Best NCP (City Parking) deals from our community

Selected NCP parking from £5 for 24 hrs
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Posted 5th Aug 2020Posted 5th Aug 2020
Selected NCP parking from £5 for 24 hrs£5£1669% off
Using NCP Park pass app, you will be charged only £5 for 24 hrs at Selected car parks. Some others are available for £6.50 and so on. Main points: You need to use Park pass app App… Read more

Deal still running. I signed up to the app OK, no problems signing in or whatever. Just make sure that you verify your email address AND your credit card. I went to York Tanner Row and had a nightmare getting myself in and out. The system said I had no registered card even though I did when I signed up! Absolutely ludicrous. Then had to shout down their intercom through to an operator where I couldn't hear them and they couldn't hear me. Even further shambles! I had to go through the same annoying process of speaking to them on the intercom both when entering and when leaving, even when I was assured that everything would be fine upon trying to leave. The good news is that I got charged £4.50 for about 6 hours parking, since you get 10% off extra in the first month that you use the app.


I couldn't find any mention of an end date on the site.


I tried this last time it was in offer. Picked one off the list and still wanted to charge £18 for three hours.


I'm as tight as a fly's ear..... what can I say (excited)


Thats like selling your soul to the devil (devil)

Free car parking for NHS workers at 30 NCP car parks around the country (Exclusions apply & see company website for more information)
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Posted 29th Mar 2020Posted 29th Mar 2020
Free car parking for NHS workers at 30 NCP car parks around the country (Exclusions apply & see company website for more information)FREE£0.01
Free car park around NCP car park locations around the country.

They are charging £5 from today.... freebie soon stopped from yesterday


Thank you for you addition and update


Rules have changed today !! Only free for NHS workers only and at select 30 locations listed on the website.No longer valid for other key workers


It's the least they could do considering the amount of money they make in fines! My partner got a fine for being in a car park for 6 minutes - still in the car with the engine running - he had just stopped to look for something dropped behind his seat. We disputed it and they became very threatening and even mentioned his place of work. Ended up paying it to get rid of them!


i wouldnt trust the company

Free parking for NHS staff at over 150 NCP car parks - online pre-booking
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Posted 23rd Mar 2020Posted 23rd Mar 2020LocalLocal
Free parking for NHS staff at over 150 NCP car parks - online pre-bookingFREE£0.01
Free parking for NHS Staff We’re offering NHS staff free parking at over 150 car parks across the UK, in support of their efforts at this current time. We’re pleased to make this … Read more

Voted 🔥 Stay home 💛 Protect NHS 💙 Save lives ❤


Some Leicester car parks seem to have removed the barriers and switched off their machines so it seems free to park for all who need to at the moment.


Shame this is only for NHS staff and not all key workers.


Why are they overwhelmed already, just because we are at the beginning of the crisis? Where's the hope for most of us when our doctors are now on the edge of depression? And you know what? What do you do as a man now for your family, apart from watching your wife crying? We're having bad times yes, but this applies to all of us, I'm sick and tired of people abusing the modesty and thinking that they are ombelico del mondo.


You are making out that NHS staff are doing nothing but sitting around making use of all these offers, you have mentioned it several times on other similar posts, its not their fault you have a cough and have been asked to isolate, god forbid you and your family have contracted it, where are you going to go? who is going to treat you? who is going to look after you and your family? You say my wife shouldn't be upset or cry, and I should not be in front of her when she does, what era are you from? She cannot console her patients that are either dying or have cancer, or that she has to call many patients to tell them their surgery to remove the cancer is being cancelled or that their end of life care can no longer be given as they do not have enough staff, its called empathy, she is shedding tears for them and the current situation. I said on another post that she and her colleagues are more than likely to be put in an end to work in an of life ward to care for these people in their final moments, to make sure they are comfortable to call their families. She is putting herself at considerable risk to do this, is she a hero? To me, yes and probably to many others. You, Sir, are a complete tool.

Stockport NCP Redrock, free parking all day today only
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Posted 4th Jan 2020Posted 4th Jan 2020LocalLocal
Stockport NCP Redrock, free parking all day today onlyFREE£0.01
No ticket required, usually up to £8 for the day

Just got back there. Did some wonderful parking. I'd highly recommend parking in Stockport. Try it.


Did you make it to Stockport (flirt)


Booking a ferry now.


U scratch my back i scratch yours....ncp and stockport council, probably something like that im guessing.


How does this benefit NCP? NCP are scumbag operators.

Cyber Monday offer of £10 for up 12 hours at selected London car parks at NCP (City Parking)
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Cyber Monday offer of £10 for up 12 hours at selected London car parks at NCP (City Parking)£10
Save when you Pre-book your London parking with our Cyber Monday offer of £10 for up 12 hours at selected London car parks. The offer code BFLDN19 is valid for car parking for … Read more

Why cold votes. I think this is not a bad deal. I might drive to work over Xmas and park at Barbi when the congestion charge is 'off'.

NCP - Cheap Parking Birmingham Airport (walking distance to terminal) from £23.06 for 1 Week @ NCP
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Posted 10th Nov 2019Posted 10th Nov 2019
NCP - Cheap Parking Birmingham Airport (walking distance to terminal) from £23.06 for 1 Week @ NCP£23.06
This is a bit specific but I'd anyone is flying from Birmingham soon and needs parking, they have some great rates at NCP. I'd booked my airport parking for an up and coming holid… Read more

Car park 7 they put your car somewhere else, they have to keep the keys. I didn't read the small print. Never again. Just a heads up since it's all up for discussion.


Not necessarily, I've been checking almost weekly since June for December and it's almost 50% cheaper now than it was then for me. I think NCP has its own rules as it was the same for my May Holiday. I got good rates a few weeks before. Early booking does not equal cheap rates on NCP.


We booked in June for January coming paid £55 for 9 nights on car park 7 as the multi-storey was quoted at £127. Looked the other day and for the same dates multi-storey is now £55 and car par 7 £24 ;( . It seems more than 7 months ish in advance at the moment the prices shoot up but within that timeframe they see quite reasonable.


You need to book well in advance to get cheap rates


Definitely not, in May I paid pretty much the same as this price for 3 weeks. It's just timing. A few weeks ago it was over £100 for the December dates I wanted. I'd booked another instead but have now cancelled and rebooked this as it was cheaper.

NCP flightpath car park at Heathrow T2&3 £49.56 for two weeks
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Posted 6th Jan 2018Posted 6th Jan 2018
NCP flightpath car park at Heathrow T2&3 £49.56 for two weeks£49.56
First post I just booked NCP flightpath car park at Heathrow Airport from 1st feb till 14th feb for £49.56 get this price use voucher code W20JAN This comes with flexibility of ca… Read more

Just to update I parked my car shuttle bus was waiting so no wait at all and on return I miss the bus by 2 minutes and next one was arrived within 20 minutes so overall very happy I was late by an hour but no extra charge to be paid as this counts under grace period which is 3 hours so very happy customer thank you NCP


Is this the one behind the park inn over the bridge. If so I parked here in oct total dump to what it used to be,overgrown with weeds and way over booked as there were cars dumped everywhere. I rather leave my car in a layby on the m4 than park here.


Thanks for the heads up, but coming out at £95 for me in April :(


Booked this the other day for 18 days in February. Also T5 (Hilton car park) is heavily discounted.


Try using Park on my drive I used this for several years,cost £5/day including private transfer to and from terminals,this might help 07774125615,if this chap still does it think this a direct link Airport

Book with NCP Car Parks and get a Free £10 Starbucks, Costa or M&S Gift card (Selected airport car parks)
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Posted 5th Dec 2017Posted 5th Dec 2017
Book with NCP Car Parks and get a Free £10 Starbucks, Costa or M&S Gift card (Selected airport car parks)
Back again, pretty good offer if you're going to be using the carparks anyway, it won't work with any other offers/cashback. But still, works out nicely at a few airports. Availa… Read more

Ah well that’s me screwed then as I only booked about 10 hours ahead of parking. Darn.


T And c says just be booked 5 days in advance. I have used it several times already and vouchers have come through each time, although no consistency of when they come through. (Sometimes weeks before sometimes days before)


I just booked and paid for parking at BHX last night (car parked there today) and no sign of a gift card / voucher. Will have to look into the finer points of this deal and contact them I guess!


Great find OP. I booked parking at Birmingham last week so just missed out in this. Gutted!


I recently used an NCP. Although cameras were up, although they said it was locked from the public, my car was vandalised with a cost of £3’500 of damage. As you might expect, NCP said their terms and conditions never said their Car Park was ‘secure’ and they, quite frankly, don’t give a t*ss about the fact my car was wrecked. I will never use the overpriced b*stard carparks again and would / will never recommend them to anyone. You may get a voucher, but due to the poor customer service I had, I am sorry to say I can’t vote hot. (you’ll notice they don’t have a twitter account for feedback from customers)

Book with NCP Car Parks and you'll get a Free £10 Starbucks, Costa or Marks & Spencer Gift card (Selected car parks)
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Posted 1st Aug 2017Posted 1st Aug 2017LocalLocal
Book with NCP Car Parks and you'll get a Free £10 Starbucks, Costa or Marks & Spencer Gift card (Selected car parks)
Decent little extra if you're going to end up booking with NCP car parks anyway. You get a choice of an M&S, Costa or Starbucks £10 eGiftcard - It's as simple as that Availab… Read more

prob cheaper to book parking elsewhere - Airport Parking varies so much


I did this the last time and never received mine. Tried to contact them as suggested (twice) and they never replied. I would advise only using this if you were going to book one of these car parks anyway


Booked Birmingham weeks ago, any way of getting the voucher? Thanks.

Get a £10 Marks & Spencer, Costa or Starbucks eGiftcard when you book with NCP Car Parks
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Posted 19th Jun 2017Posted 19th Jun 2017
Get a £10 Marks & Spencer, Costa or Starbucks eGiftcard when you book with NCP Car Parks
Nice deal! - get a £10 M&S, Costa or Starbucks giftcard when you book with NCP (Selected Car Parks) Terms and Conditions If you pre-book NCP Airport parking via the NCP we… Read more

I've heard they sell iced crappé in Costa and Starbucks now! BBC News


Sounds like you had a bad experience! Did you park in the correct car park? I've parked in many different airports around the world and never had an issue (except with the cost!) Nice deal!


biggest scam artists car parks are not secure even though you would think they are especially being at airport all they care about is parting you from your money with threats of legal action if you park in wrong carpark and return to find a bill in the thousands which is a lot more common than you think kicking screaming crying you will be told u are not leaving till you pay or somebody on your behalf if you have a issue you get a email address to email of which you will be lucky to recieve a reply you have been warned!!!!


What if I only booked a couple of days ago without the link? Does it some how track a purchase?



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24 Hour Parking in Selected Manchester Locations for only £524 Hour Parking in Selected Manchester Locations for only £5 on Bookings using ParkPass App at NCP25/07/2021
24 Hour Parking in Cardiff Dumfries Place for only £524 Hour Parking in Cardiff Dumfries Place for only £5 with ParkPass Mobile App Bookings at NCP27/06/2021
% off10% off Selected city Parking with Voucher Code @ NCP Parking24/02/2020
% off6% off Airport 5% off City Pre Booked Parking with voucher code @ NCP20/11/2019
% offMoney off Airport Parking with voucher Code @ NCP2/10/2019