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Free Sunflower Seeds with code from Nestle
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
enter the code BEES *this may have been posted, but I can’t find it when I search added by @NP23 Terms and Conditions CPUK CHEERIOS “BREAKFAST FOR BEES” PROMOTION 2…

I’m supporting bees, not nestle


Glad someone else actually seeing it . Seeing as my original comment isn’t allowed to post(don’t know why as it’s only truth) you should Google nestle and boycott before you support this corporation.


Still waiting for mine from last year...


Nestle is not a company that should be supported. Google them to see what they stand for.


Easy process to making your own sunflower oil, anyone can do it (well, unless you have something like arthritis), by removing the husks, blending the seeds (with a few tb of water), then pressing the oil out. Only issue is about 2kg of seeds are needed to make about 800ml of oil.

Register to Get Nat Bears for Free @ nestle-cereals
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Posted 29th May 2021Posted 29th May 2021
Register to Get Nat Bears for Free @ nestle-cerealsFREE£2.90
TRY ME FREE* offer: Till receipt, purchase, internet/email address required. UK, CI, IoM & ROI, 18+ only. Max ONE claim per household. Max ONE refund up to £2.90/ €3.29. Purchase …

Heat added and thanks OP @GBKC for sharing. It’s one for the those with kids and by redemption with proof of purchase. :)

Free Mini 5g box of Sunflower Seeds @ Nestle
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Posted 29th Apr 2021Posted 29th Apr 2021
Free Mini 5g box of Sunflower Seeds @ NestleFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
I found that Nestle are sending free Sunflower seeds using code BEES. The website will ask you to upload a proof of purchase but I just uploaded a photo of a box I found on Google and 18 …

This has ended?


I found one on Google Images and they sent my box.


Promotion has ended?


Dear Paul Congratulations! You have won a a box of sunflower seeds. We will post the box to you within the next 28 days !


I sent a photo of a fire extinguisher at work and got my seeds 3 weeks later. We have the LIDL copy of Cheerios here.

Free Mini Box of Sunflower Seeds using code from Nestle
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Posted 5th Mar 2021Posted 5th Mar 2021
Free Mini Box of Sunflower Seeds using code from NestleFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Plant these in your garden or on your balcony to help feed the bees as well as have some lovely flowers to admire.

That's the way to do it! (y)


I gave a picture of a Cheerios box that someone above posted, and got my box a couple of days ago


I received my packet on Friday after sending them a photo of my sons bowl of Lidl-brand Cheerios (embarrassed)


So you didn’t need to provide a copy of receipt?


Received mine today, no purchase necessary :) Thanks @Bradiam

Free sample of SpoonfulOne Mix in
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Posted 17th Feb 2021Posted 17th Feb 2021
Free sample of SpoonfulOne Mix inFREE£0.01
Help your child get ready to enjoy the wonderful world of food Developed by Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD,^ a globally recognised paediatric food allergy expert, SpoonfulOne is a convenient way to in…

Thanks (y)

From midnight: Buy a promotional Nestlé product & get 15% OFF Raleigh Bikes & Accessories (potential free helmet) + win family set of bikes
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Posted 30th Jun 2019Posted 30th Jun 2019
From midnight: Buy a promotional Nestlé product & get 15% OFF Raleigh Bikes & Accessories (potential free helmet) + win family set of bikes
Mods - this has been posted as a deal as you are guaranteed to receive a free voucher for 15% off. Of course, please move this if necessary. If you buy a promotional Nestlé product like …
Get deal*Get deal*

Does anyone have a 15% code they wont be using?


The Raleigh brand is owned by Accell of the Netherlands and they treat it pretty much like garbage. The bikes come from low end factories typically Bangladesh with some higher end bikes getting assembly in Europe but Accell put quite a high margin on them as the Raleigh brand has nostalgia for many people in the UK so they can be slightly exploited and are prepared to pay a small premium for the brand. Some of their entry level bikes are about Halford's Apollo brand quality but the pricing is much higher. I doubt 15% will do much for value. Some smaller independent bike shops stock Raleigh for their entry level bikes. You might even be able to negotiate a 15% discount with the shop anyway. Looking at this folding bike. It's £400 on the Raleigh site so could be discounted to £340 but I've seen it for £250 in Halfords frequently and occasionally £200 with discount codes. It's just a generic folding bike from the far east with the Raleigh brand slapped on. At £340 you could buy a Carrera Intercity which has far higher quality components. Go Outdoors do a decent Claris equipped folding bike for around £300. Take off the Raleigh brand and that folding bike is worth about £170 approx.


Seconded. The baby milk scandals, the child labour abuses etc, with time we can forget about. But your changing the recipe for Kitkat?!?!? You evil, rotten bast@${‘s


Personally I hate Nestle and everything they stand for. Some of their business practices have been unethical to say the least & I actively do what I can to avoid supporting them.


Raleigh? That's a blast from the past. Memories of Grifters and Burners with skyway wheels.

FREE Meritene Mobilis Sample
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
FREE Meritene Mobilis Sample
Enter your details to claim it.

Sounds good to me!


It's bearable;) .


Is it any good?


Thank you (excited)


Got this a couple of weeks ago.

FREE Meritene Strength & Vitality samples
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
FREE Meritene Strength & Vitality samples
You choose one of these 4 samples: Meritene Shake - Chocolate flavour Meritene Shake - Strawberry flavour Meritene Soup - Chicken flavour Meritene Soup – Vegetable flavour

If you’re ordering this just for the sake of it being a freebie drink/food,you are going to be disappointed. The stuff is disgusting.


Nestle, the most unhealthy company ever! Free samples for kids? No thanks


Jai Ganesha 🙏🏽

Buy any 4 promotional packs of Nestlé* and get £5.99 Sky Store Credit @ Nestle-promotions
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Posted 25th Oct 2018Posted 25th Oct 2018
Buy any 4 promotional packs of Nestlé* and get £5.99 Sky Store Credit @ Nestle-promotions
It's little work but worth doing, you consume Nestle products. I bought 4 packs of (4xNestle Milky bar) Mousse which is on half price sale at the moment both Online and In store Cost …

One code here if wanted 5HFCQ-XM5CF-BP


We've had £24 credit so far. Run out of mobile numbers. Next step is a 99p sim card


Voted Hot


Need a different mobile number to recieve a verification code (4 digits) and also a separate email to verify account. After entering 4 package codes, you then receive a sky store code worth £5.99/€7.99 which you can use in the same sky store account multiple times to build up your credit. I have this on my account.


You can only use once per mobile number and email adress but if you have multiple in your household they can all be redeemed on the same sky account

Free Nestle Meritene Mobilis Vanilla Milkshake
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Posted 14th Aug 2018Posted 14th Aug 2018
Free Nestle Meritene Mobilis Vanilla Milkshake
Nestle are giving out free samples of their new Meritene Mobilis supplement. This fab food supplement is vanilla flavoured. Yum! Don’t miss out on another amazing free sample from Meritene.…

Got mine today had forgot all about it lol


I haven’t received yet...😪


Mine just arrived, 2 months ain't bad (lol)


Fantastic (highfive)