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Missed this sorry, I change about a 3rd of the water every few weeks by overfilling it, any floating debree flows out over the top.


Absolutely, it requires lots of upkeep. I think a lot of people do believe it is just fill it and jump in. Some people use them daily which maximises the benefit = effort. But then if you don't use it that much, you don't need to be testing daily, chemicals as often.


It was this aspect that I was referring to mainly when I said about not being able to relax. I hope nobody buys one under the illusion that you just put the water in and dive in. They're a ball-ache. I suppose it's up to the individual whether or not they think that the daily upkeep required is worth it.


Well you end up using more chemicals which adds to the cost and then you also need to change the water more frequently as the chlorine will take longer and longer to dissolve.


Showering isn’t a massive issue as long as you do the chemicals and a filter it seems to be fine

Forza football goal post (6 x 4 ) £48.44 delivered @ Networld sports
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
£44.99 plus delivery (£7.95/£9.95) minus 10% (SALE10 code). 6 X 4 FORZA FOOTBALL GOAL - PVC GARDEN GOAL WITH AN ESSENTIAL LOCKING SYSTEM The back garden represents the ultimate … Read more

Great price, nice find 👌




Ours lasted years. These size hold out well. It's when you go up a few feet you have issues. Try EXCLUSIVE15 for 15% off


No, vroom vroom ;(


the nets fall apart after a while

Resistance Bands (Pack Of 4) £6.94 delivered @ Networld Sports
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Posted 25th Jun 2020Posted 25th Jun 2020
Resistance Bands (Pack Of 4) £6.94 delivered @ Networld Sports£6.94
4 bright colours in one set. (y) 4 different thickness: heavy (blue) 1.1mm, medium (yellow) 0.9mm, light (red) 0.7mm, extra light (black) 0.5mm to meet different level and needs. … Read more

thx (highfive)


Hey @Arwen20 , good job on your first post (strong) . I've gone ahead and added in the description from the webpage for a little more info on the product - hope that helps!


Didn't give location or delivery address (lol)


there was another one met the same problem. This might due to your delivery address. If the deal gone up to 8.94, dont buy from this deal. Have a look at this one, great value for you.


Showing 8.94 for me

6x4 Forza football goal £58.94 Delivered @ Networld Sports
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Posted 8th Apr 2020Posted 8th Apr 2020
6x4 Forza football goal £58.94 Delivered @ Networld Sports£58.94
Seeing as everyone is stuck indoors and a lot of us have bored kids I found this. Seemed like a pretty good deal, was £65.99. And the reviews are decent. Plenty of other sizes as w… Read more

I ordered on the 7th before this post and received it yesterday. Happy given the issues others seem to have had and order was all correct. Kids had loads of fun with it yesterday.


not looked at samba but before you buy forza (networld sports) look at facebook and twitter for customer service and everything. I'm lucky i received a goal, and it was the wrong one, loads still waiting, cant get hold of them and taking 7-10 day to reply to email and then when you reply takes another 7 day and still no answer! Wish i never bought from them now If not hear from them by lunchtime tomorrow starting paypal refund, had enough now.


had the same experience with them the other week, not taking calls or answering emails, prices jacked sky high and then delivery prices high as well, avoid Networld they are incredibly shady and opportunist putting the prices up during this time.


Has anyone seen any other deals on the Forza or Samba at this size? Prices look to have gone up another tenner in the last week


Well I can only say that when I posted this deal I wasn't aware the company had a poor rep, however I got an email stating when it would arrive and indeed it did within two days. So I'm pretty pleased with their service

6 X 4 FORZA FOOTBALL GOAL POST - £47.94 Delivered @ Networld Sports
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Posted 27th Mar 2020Posted 27th Mar 2020
6 X 4 FORZA FOOTBALL GOAL POST - £47.94 Delivered @ Networld Sports£47.94£54.9913% off £7.95
Now that we are confined to our homes and gardens, we can exercise and burn the kids energy with what I think is a good deal on goals. This example is the 6x4 but other sizes are … Read more
liono Brilliant sports equipment company. Ordered a samba goal post last night online and got dispatched today (y)


I did wonder if it would be more economical to knock something up using drain pipe and 90° bends. I'll cost it up just in case these guys put their prices up again! (angel)



Any 8 x 5 or 8 x 6 decent goal posts about apart from Ebay or Networldsports.


Try this link and enter SPRING20 in the discount code

6ft X 4ft Forza Football Goal Post £36.99 @Networld Sports (£7.95 P&P)
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Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
6ft X 4ft Forza Football Goal Post £36.99 @Networld Sports (£7.95 P&P)£43.94
I don’t usually post deals on here but I have just bought this in the sale for my boys at christmas. It is usually £49.99 + delivery. Saved myself £13 and they will love it!

Just ordered. Thanks


Good goals, standing two years in the garden now, no issues


Great goals




Good price. Bought a pair of these in the 8 x 4 last Christmas. Good quality, on a par with the Samba goals but for a lot less. Heat added. The optional 'target sheet' is decent also.

6 X 4 FORZA FOOTBALL GOAL POST at Networld for £44.94 delivered
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Posted 24th Aug 2017Posted 24th Aug 2017
6 X 4 FORZA FOOTBALL GOAL POST at Networld for £44.94 delivered£44.94
CREATE MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME WITH THIS FORZA FOOTBALL GOAL The 6 x 4 FORZA goal is the ultimate garden goal for youngsters at the beginning of their football journey. This g… Read more

Thinking of getting this one instead$ja=tsid:59156|cid:598623051|agid:28645155445|tid:aud-144400486596:pla-282653357988|crid:96089438005|nw:g|rnd:2036394388051530233|dvc:m|adp:1o15&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_o7NBRDgARIsAKvAgt1JzbcWjytmifqtbAhPf7vUJJWK7DMg5n2kTl3AYv2GjOypJ9HorZoaAuNPEALw_wcB


Rebranded samba goal.


What's the standard price of these??


I don't know sorry


Is this compatible with Horizon 3?

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