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55% off first food box with discount code (New Gousto customers) + £17 Topcashback @ Gousto

55% off
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Was looking for a food box delivery so my family can try a few new recipes. topcashback.co.uk/gou…to/

I received an email from Topcashback showing £17 Cashback for new Gousto customers, plus 55% off first box & 25% off the new 2 months worth of boxes.

I’ve just ordered mine and giving the Gluten free meals a go for health reasons. Never used them before so this isn’t a recommendation.
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    Just to put this deal in perspective. I bought the cheapest package, 2 meals for 2 people, the total cost after the 55% discount was £11.25. Then Topcashback has tracked at £18 and has an estimated payout in 5 weeks. Basically they are paying me £6.75 and giving me 4 portions of food for free.
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    We found most of the Gousto meals either came with a couple of potatoes to make wedges or stuff to make coleslaw. Don't think it's good value at all but might sign up in my name just to get the 1st box and the cashback and then cancel. Can get all the recipes online and order the ingredients from the supermarket cheaper: gousto.co.uk/coo…ook
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    Why would you not do the 65% voucher?
    Because with this 55% offer you get an additional £17 cashback which makes your first box free (or you can even get paid).
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    I wish they did deals for returning customers. We currently use Hello Fresh because of the discounts but would switch back to Gousto in a heartbeat if it was more competitive on price.
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    It's a great deal if you like the dishes. I've used it a lot in the last year and costed the dishes Vs most supermarkets and they were in the same ballpark. At this price it's a steal.
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    Recently been trying food box ingredient firms. Hello Fresh were ok, but nothing outstanding, 2nd week with Gusto and have to say every meal has been a bit different and plenty of food. Really enjoyed the dishes. At posted price well worth a try. (edited)
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    Just to add my two pence worth on Gousto, my group of four has been using their services for over a year now and have had a delivery almost every week. We find the price per portion to be very reasonable and have calculated that if we were to purchase the same ingredients from our local supermarket, we would not be any better off. There is no waste when it comes to the meals and the portion sizes are more than adequate. We have also been receiving discount codes most weeks for 20% off and the occasional £5 off, which makes a significant dent in the cost and makes it a no-brainer to choose over sourcing our own ingredients. The variation in cuisine is really good and we try to have different meals each week.

    I must mention, I believe Gousto has recently removed their automated complaints procedure. Previously, they had an easy-to-use questionnaire that allowed customers to notify them of any issues with their meals and automatically receive compensation, depending on the options selected. However, now customers have to contact the company through live chat, email, or by phone if they have any issues or complaints to report, which is less convenient.

    I could go on about the pros and cons of Gousto, but I'd need an entire cookbook to list them all. My thoughts on Gousto are like a well-crafted dish, there's always room for more ingredients.