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Nilfisk Titan Refurbished Pressure Washer - £54.99 / £61.94 delivered @ Nilfisk Outlet
620° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
At 440l/h, 120 bar (max) this seems way better than anything else you can get for the price. Hose reel and wheels are a nice bonus too. I bought a C135 from this site last week (t… Read more

Mine came today, annoyingly was missing the snow foam attachment. Reminded me why i never usually get refurbs... hopefully their customer service is decent...


Just to give you an update. I ran water through it drained it by holding the trigger and it fired up again! I knew it had to be something daft as it had just been sat idle


This is what genieuk2008 asked for


Grrrrrr not in stock


out of stock sadly.

Nilfisk C105 refurbished washer £44.99 at Nilfiskoutlet
290° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2020Posted 13th Jun 2020
Nilfisk C105 refurbished washer £44.99 at Nilfiskoutlet£44.99
Refurbished Nilfisk C105 pressure washer, direct from Nilfisk. Extend warranty to 12 months for an extra £5.99 Cost with: 6 Months warranty £44.99 12 Months warranty £50.98

September this time


3 weeks until prime day. Think I’ll wait for a steal to be presented 8) Deffo want a bundle including the patio cleaner 😁


Not great value considering extra for warranty and postage. I bought C110 with Patio cleaner last Prime day for £44.99. But it was exceptional deal. Sold on ebay as was lying in garage.




I've never had any problems at all with a Nilfisk trigger. ......and never heard that they were poor before. I wouldn't even bother with an aftermarket one until if or when you need one. This is better than any of the alternatives in anything close to this price. Pay the extra for 12 months warranty and you've got a very good washer, trigger and 2 nozzles with 12 months warranty for 50 quid. You won't get better for this money.

Nilfisk C110 Refurbished Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner & Wash Brush £49.99 + £6.95 delivery nilfiskoutlet
-39° Expired
Posted 16th May 2016Posted 16th May 2016
Nilfisk C110 Refurbished Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner & Wash Brush £49.99 + £6.95 delivery nilfiskoutlet£49.99
Nilfisk C110 Refurbished Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner & Wash Brush The C110 Pressure Washer is a lightweight, compact pressure washer in the Nilfisk line-up. This robu… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

out of stock


that has no attachments so how on earth is that relevant? amazon sell this pack new for 125quid


You can get a brand new one from amazon for £68. £12 saving doesn't seem worth it.

Nilfisk Aero 26 WET & DRY VACUUM CLEANER (Refurbished, 6mth Warranty,
73° Expired
Posted 23rd Mar 2016Posted 23rd Mar 2016
Nilfisk Aero 26 WET & DRY VACUUM CLEANER (Refurbished, 6mth Warranty,£41.94
£34.99 + £8 shipping. Costs £149.99 new at Screwfix. This is a refurbished model however I received one yesterday and it's like new. 6 month warranty included or for £8.99 you c… Read more

Just got an email saying 1 back in stock


Sorry if I caused you any trouble here jg! They seem to list new items frequently so it's worth keeping an eye on the site. You can also have them email you when they have new stock.


Cheers, I was thinking of that but it looks like they should be cancelling it, just got this. Your refund has been processed. You should see the credit in your account within the next 2-3 working days. We look forward to serving you again in the future, if you have any recommendations on how we can improve our service please email us at


good find but oos. mods please expire


Just refuse to accept delivery if they don't let you cancel.

Nilfisk Titan Pressure Washer c/w accessories Refurb was £99.99 NOW £59.99 @ Cleanstore
-75° Expired
Posted 27th Dec 2015Posted 27th Dec 2015
Nilfisk Titan Pressure Washer c/w accessories Refurb was £99.99 NOW £59.99 @ Cleanstore£59.99
Nilfisk Titan Refurbished Pressure Washer with Compact Patio Cleaner & Rotary Wash Brush This robust 'Compact Range' unit is ideal for small sized areas. The pressure washer c… Read more

That was my thinking, well worth this price. Seems the masses prefer the overpriced and overrated <£50 yellow machines that last 12 months if your lucky.


I've got this set. Well worth it at this price. Metal pump on this vs karcher plastic on the entry model. The supplied floor attachment is very good.