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*Pre-Order For 16/11* Very Fast 45MPH 1:18 Scale 4WD Buggy W/ 1400mAh LiPO Battery & 540 Motor £53.63 W/ FB Like @ Nitrotek (Free C&C)
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Posted 9th Nov 2018Posted 9th Nov 2018
*Pre-Order For 16/11* Very Fast 45MPH 1:18 Scale 4WD Buggy W/ 1400mAh LiPO Battery & 540 Motor £53.63 W/ FB Like @ Nitrotek (Free C&C)£53.63
Very fast - caution needed!! Reduced from £69.99 to £58.63 - Facebook like gets extra £5 off

Yep, it was an ordeal. The worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I did get the same car from elsewhere and it is brilliant, very fast and great value for money.


Thank god that's over. Plane sent back and money refunded. This took the shine off the wltoys cars for me tbh. Ive gone for a ftx carnage instead. :) Not from this shower obviously.


I thought i'd check back here to hopefully see you'd got your cars but i'm shocked. I will never be using Nitrotek after this and i'd called them to enquire about buying something so glad I never purchased from them! I hope you get your cars soon.


It's definitely not a mess of your own doing, the fault clearly rests with Nitrotek. I suspect, like you, they never had the car and hoped we would be accept a plane. I got an email from Lauren today, it was pretty passive aggressive to be honest. Still no apology or any humility whatsoever.


My suspicion is that they didn't even have this car in stock. It was only ever available for pre order. How many customers can resist having a play with an incorrectly sent RC plane and so end up having to keep it? The fact the Cessna was heavily reduced recently points to it not selling well and Nitrotek being overstocked with it, making the whole deal even more suspicious. For me personally there are 3 choices. 1. Pay the £6 and hope for the best. 2. Try contacting the Marple warehouse to confirm it is a car. 3. Cancel and try getting my cash back. Either way it's a massive mess. Of my own doing. All I can say lads is that I'm really sorry and I'm going to leave the deal posting for a while. All the best and have a good Christmas

Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck With Free Fuel And Starter Set! £149.99 @ NitroTek
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Posted 25th Aug 2016Posted 25th Aug 2016
Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck With Free Fuel And Starter Set! £149.99 @ NitroTek£149.99
You can get a £5 voucher by liking their Facebook page which reveals the code SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER - Buy now and get a free bottle of nitro fuel and a starter set for free! This … Read more

For that price there aren't many, And that's the reason why you shouldn't buy it, 1/10 Nitro went out of fashion a good few years ago because the price difference between them and 1/8 made 1/10 nitro as good as obsolete, And are all made to a budget The closest 1/10 nitro I can find for that would be the FTX Carnage, About 20 quid dearer, But worth it. But I wouldn't get neither, Extra 50 quid would get you the Nanda, Which is the cheapest 1/8 RTR Buggy, But still on another level to the Acme, Which would be a wast of money.


Got an alternative


Don't get this truck, And stay as far away fro NitroTek as is feasibly possible, In the world of RC Hobby, NitroTek are up there as one of the worst, This is in no way a good deal or truck, This is one of them occasions when nothing would be better than this.


I'm sure you can pick up parts pretty cheap if you were to crash it...just make sure you have a big open space when you use it...this beast is pretty fast!!


Would love to get one of these but I know I'll just crash it and have no interest in repairing it!

HUGE! HSP 1/8 Scale Radio Controlled Rock Crawler 2.4ghz £145.79 @ nitrotek
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Posted 14th Jan 2013Posted 14th Jan 2013
HUGE! HSP 1/8 Scale Radio Controlled Rock Crawler 2.4ghz £145.79 @ nitrotek£145.79
I have ordered mine today as I have been looking for an entry level rock crawler for quite some time but never wanted to pay a lot. This HSP Radio Controlled car seems to be getti… Read more

ROFL I bet my hamster can ;) Not sure how good he would be at driving it though ;)


I cant believe anyone could actually fit in that!


Peeps remember you are rating the cost of the RC crawler not comparing it to other Radio Controlled cars! I cannot find a better 1/8th scale Crawler for the cost. If you can find a 1/8th scale non driveshaft 2 motor RC 2.4ghz crawler for better price than this please let me know as I would be interested in buying one as well.


LOL its supposed to be slow the clue is in the name "Crawler" Its all power so it can climb over obstacles.


Looks really slow to me...

Cessna EP 400 4CH Brushless Electric RC Plane RTF@nitrotek. Was £109.99  Now £89.99
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Posted 9th Feb 2012Posted 9th Feb 2012
Cessna EP 400 4CH Brushless Electric RC Plane RTF@nitrotek. Was £109.99 Now £89.99£89.99
Moulded foam airframe parts Extensive decal sheets; Pre-installed servos and push-rods ; Pre-installed BP-12 brushless outrunner motor with 18 Amp brushless speed controls Spare Pr… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Always handy to have on a plane;)

CopterX Black Angel Pro RC Helicopter ( 20% off with discount code) at Nitrotek
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Posted 21st Aug 2011Posted 21st Aug 2011
CopterX Black Angel Pro RC Helicopter ( 20% off with discount code) at Nitrotek£287.99
Enter code 'guardian' at the shopping cart to receive a 20% discount that applies across the entire website. The code is available for today only so get ya skates on!! Black Ange… Read more

Good deal, but this really isn't suitable for a beginner. If you've never flown one before and take this out to the field I'd suggest taking a couple of bin liners with you because you'll be bringing it back in pieces. If you do fancy giving it a go, pop down to a local RC model club and have a chat (this is by far the best route) or get one of the little toy indoor helicopters for peanuts. They're far easier to fly and cheap enough that you won't care if you trash it (so long as you don't take that Ming vase in the corner of the room with it!). It's also worth looking at some of the RC flight simulators (Phoenix is very good) as well. If you're going to fly outside and not join a club at least get BMFA membership. That way at least you'll be insured if you do hit something / someone. It'll be the best £23 you spend.


you sure?


it would'ent cost this for a real one !!


looks impressive but is it deadly - hits a person and rotors slice though skin like butter

Free Battery worth £13.98 with a helicopter £89.99 nitrotek
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Posted 27th Aug 2010Posted 27th Aug 2010
Free Battery worth £13.98 with a helicopter £89.99 nitrotek£89.99
Until 31/08/2010 Nitrotek are giving away a free Lipo battery worth £13.98 with its Walkera HM4# dragonfly helicopter. All you have to do is put both items in your basket/cart and … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Has to be... should be deleted imho. Its not a free battery - it costs £89.99.


self promo??

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