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20% off Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb £6.39 inc delivery using discount code @ Nitty Gritty

these are awesome and indestructable. Won't have to buy another.


These are excellent, come very highly recommended by Jonathan Ross no less. 8)


Forgot to say it comes with lifetime guarantee so presumably only one purchase needed! so can't go wrong ;)

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% off Nitty Gritty Nit Comb using discount code @ Nitty Gritty

Can't recommend this enough, great product.


It's great that some GPs do prescribe it, but not all are enlightened and some just won't prescribe it. So this is the next best way to get one.


you can get this free on prescription from your gp...I got one for my daughter

Half Price Nitty Gritty Comb... no nits for Christmas, thank God!

wonder if this would work on my cat better than the steel flea comb that we use at the moment?


omg didnt know you could get this for free:x: iv been paying £15 each time iv needed it tut. have some heat anyway :)


You need the one design by Mums works really well was a good investment !


Why is this hot? As the previous poster said... you can get them on prescription for free, always have been able to.


You dont need to buy these as you an get them free for your children on prescription. All you have to do is ask your GP, prescribing nurse or health visitor (or prescribing pharmacist) whether he or she will prescribe a Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb for you and your family. It has been approved for NHS prescription since 2004, and it conforms completely to the latest NHS guidelines. Unlike any other comb, however, our award-winning comb removes 'live' eggs before they can hatch as well as head lice and unsightly nits. Please Click here to print out a letter to take to your GP.

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Free - head lice treatment from Nitty Gritty - comb worth £10+
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Posted 5th Oct 2017Posted 5th Oct 2017
Free - head lice treatment from Nitty Gritty - comb worth £10+
Get rid of the nits. Available on prescription - all kids get free prescriptions - so free. There's no shame in seeing your kids come home from school with hair full of lice - lice… Read more
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Just because you can, doesn't mean you should though.


head lice are a medical problem, right? why wouldn't you want your kids to get treatment for this condition free on the NHS? it's like knowing that state education is free for kids in the UK - then getting begging letters from their schools or asking them to pay for textbooks...


Its worth £10 but have to ask the NHS in person :/ mmm.


Some years ago I was in a chemist in Tunisia and another couple heard me greet the pharmacist in Arabic. The wife asked if I could explain to the man that her husband had headlice. 😁 You may not be surprised to learn that my very limited knowledge of the language did not include that. I did, however, manage to say in French that the man had fleas and the lovely chemist said "Oh, headlice" and gave him the appropriate stuff. I never found out if it worked. 😃


Nitty Gritty comb is £10+ - paracetamol is 30p - see the difference?

Free Nitty Gritty comb for kids - most effective method to get rid of head lice (Requires prescription from GP)
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Posted 15th Nov 2016Posted 15th Nov 2016
Free Nitty Gritty comb for kids - most effective method to get rid of head lice (Requires prescription from GP)
Get this comb free on NHS prescription for kids or those who get free prescriptions. Very effective if used according to instructions. Not sure why head lice are on the rise, but… Read more
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We were lucky and managed to clear the kid's lice quickly. You've got to comb comb comb. Miss one egg and you're doomed, it'll all start again in a few days. Douse with Hedrin, suffocate and kill, comb. But then comb again the next day with conditioner, then every other day, and you'll still find an egg or two. Keep combing. The 'reinfestations' are most likely caused by people slacking off on the combing, or doing one dose of a treatment and not removing all the eggs. The eggs are hard to kill and remove and take more effort - combing and pulling with the fingers if need be. Decent knock-off combs can be bought on Ebay for 99p. Thy have the same design, with twists carved into the tines. I don't agree with getting 'freebies' from an already strained NHS.


Thank you for coming to the defence off my friend. :) ​I wasn't blaming the children. I had lice as a child (and abundant hair) and understand if the children get it. I had it a few times but they seemed to get it so frequently now. I know lice only like clean hair, etc... that it is on the increase in the general population makes sense. my friend just seemed to be fighting a losing battle. this will be another tool in her kit.


ludicrous comment 'According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term is of 20th Century coinage.' - ie a long time after slavery finished


Look here although it's about time we moved on from referencing slavery at any opportunity


Try ringing your doctors and asking for a prescription request if that doesn't work ask for a telephone consultation to get this done rather than going for an appointment

Save 50% for first 50 orders of Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb - Only £4.49 inc del @ Nitty Gritty using code FIRST50
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Posted 10th Mar 2016Posted 10th Mar 2016
Save 50% for first 50 orders of Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb - Only £4.49 inc del @ Nitty Gritty using code FIRST50£4.49
I came across this on their Facebook page a few moments ago - Save 50% for first 50 orders using FIRST50. This includes 2nd class Royal Mail delivery and expires on 14/03, though … Read more

there are no 'ethnic' people in the uk?? fgs...the video isn't real...


ordered yesterday afternoon and arrived this morning :)


​What makes you think the person combing is related in any way to the subject? It's obviously not in the UK. The ethnicity of the child (i.e. thickness of hair) and the climate may cause them to thrive. Who knows. Personally I think it was worth seeing :p


It's the way she shows the comb to the camera for optimum viewing that gets me..... like she's dead proud of what she's harvested!! oO Dirty mare (_;)


​I can only assume the Mother must be a bit (or a lot) mingin herself! oO There is just no excuse at all is there!.... that poor child has been infested for a long time to be in that state! Jeez if my little ones start scratching I'm there instantly having a good check :D

FREE -Nitty Gritty Comb - for head lice and eggs @ Nitty Gritty
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Posted 4th Jan 2014Posted 4th Jan 2014
FREE -Nitty Gritty Comb - for head lice and eggs @ Nitty Gritty
This Nitty Gritty nit comb is 8.74 on amazon with 202 4 star reviews. However as child prescriptions are free simply print the letter in the link and take to your GP. FOR THOSE WH… Read more

A pack of 2 combs for head lice is £0.39 in Home Bargains


LICE CAN NOT JUMP! If you or your children are infested with something which can jump then I suggest you stop calling them lice and find out what they really are. Before you shout at me again you could double check what I'm saying, here are a few links that might help to convince you. I didn't say anything about how long lice can live after leaving the human body, but it's not that long, 24 hours or so. And apparently they usually only leave when they're dying. If you comb regularly then any lice that do leave the head will get caught in the next cycle.


Nitty Gritty and loads of conditioner works a treat. £6.99 just buy it yourself well worth it and less hassle. Although I would agree that if you are on hard times and on benefits you should be able to get from the GP for free. Should be in Freebies or Misc?


I would never even think about getting things like this on prescription... by God it's more hassle! just nip to the shops or order it online..we would have to book an appointment to get a prescription... and even then they may say no! :/ looks like a good product though :)


I think they should bring back the nit nurse. And make the parents that don't do the childrens hair do it. If you leave your children with nits and know but do nothing about it personally i think this is child abuse. There are a few children at our school that have been completely riddled for years. Even the parents stand in the playground scratching. It has got to the point the teachers make them put the hair up once they are in the class because them said children come in with loose hair. Personally i couldn't leave my children for a day knowing something is eating them yuck!

Free Nitty Gritty comb - get rid of head lice or just have the tool available to get rid if the problem arises
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Posted 8th Oct 2012Posted 8th Oct 2012
Free Nitty Gritty comb - get rid of head lice or just have the tool available to get rid if the problem arises
OK sorry this was posted 9 months ago but is well dead as a thread and the head lice keep coming. If you're going to expire it, please expire it in a few days so that people can ac… Read more

Easy way to prevent it, use conditioner in everyones hair after shampoo, leave it in 5 - 10 mins then wash out. My daughter has amazing curly hair that a brush cant get through without conditioner (like wringlets). The health visitor told me that lice dont like conditioner and it makes the hair more smooth so they move on to the next person. She 6 years old now and still not had any problem with lice even though we regularly get letters from school.


I've printed out the letter and will be leaving it on my mothers desk with instructions as my [much] younger sister costs them a fortune in nit treatments! We have a very strict nit regime but it seems she still brings them back from school on an almost weekly basis. Thanks op! xx




When I saw the title I thought it was for something totally different ;)


My sister keeps getting them at school and passing them on to other members of the family. My nan has been turned away from her hairdressers on multiple occasions because she's caught them off my sister! I've forwarded this on to them, heat :)

Nitty Gritty Comb - for head lice and eggs £6.90
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Posted 14th Jul 2012Posted 14th Jul 2012
Nitty Gritty Comb - for head lice and eggs £6.90£6.70
I think the Nitty Gritty Comb is brilliant for getting rid of lice and nits (just Google reviews of it). The company is run by mums whose kids got them all the time, so they starte… Read more
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Best comb ever.


As kids get free prescriptions would the dr not do this on a childs prescription? My daughter has medication on her own prescription, why not this? :p


or free from your local pharmacy on EMAS in scotland


I got one off these from the doctor about 3 years ago using the prescription letter, just print it out and give it to the doc and he sends of for it for you Heres the prescription


Just been to the site and found the guarantee - it says packaging and receipt if possible, so I think that I will just package it up and send it to them with a covering letter and keep my fingers crossed that they honour this guarantee (even if the comb has been used for several years?) Thank you for the post.

Free (on Child's Prescription) Nitty Gritty Nit Comb
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Posted 12th Oct 2011Posted 12th Oct 2011
Free (on Child's Prescription) Nitty Gritty Nit Comb
Nitty Gritty is an award-winning comb removes 'live' eggs before they can hatch as well as head lice and unsightly nits I have just printed the letter off this site and took to th… Read more

i bought one it was brilliant. My son 'had' longer hair but after using this and sorting it all out I cut it off anyway as I didn't want to go through that hell again of scraping his little head for 3 hours!!! Well worth the money. You don't need to get any shampoos. I got this comb second. I first got some shampoo and a cheaper comb which didn't get any eggs. It also has a lifetime guarantee so good deal all around. I know I could get it on prescription, but I would rather some old biddy get some cholesterol meds or insulin. :-)


PLEASE don't make an appointment and take up your GP's time JUST to get this comb. It's a huge waste of resources. By all means, if you're there anyway...


Sorry, but you are completely wrong there. You've been caught up on the E&D bandwagon!


There are lots of things that 'can' be prescibed, but due to local regulations, it may not be on a 'preferred' list of things available for a GP to prescibe. We use Aveeno for my son's eczema, for example. It's on FP10 (the prescription list) but my GP won't prescribe it as cheaper alternatives are available. I've voted hot, as it's a good reminder for people, but don't be surprised if your GP is a little reluctant to prescribe it.


By far the best nit comb out at the moment. Had one for 6 years and wouldnt be without it to check my daughters hair every weekend. Heat from me !

Nitty Gritty comb for head lice £5.99 @
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Posted 22nd Nov 2010Posted 22nd Nov 2010
Nitty Gritty comb for head lice £5.99 @£5.99
Nitty Gritty quickly and easily removes head lice, nits and unhatched 'live' eggs the natural way... without any nasty chemical pesticides. Enter code xmas2010 on the basket page… Read more

My daughter has thin hair buts its frizzy and prone to tangles. Once I have given her hair a good brush so the comb will glide through it, it gets everything out perfect. SO MUCH EASIER than dragging the dead nit eggs out of her hair with my nails one at a time. The plastic nit combs do nothing. I havent found anything else at all that will remove the egg from the hair shaft.


I bought a nitty gritty comb about 4 weeks ago, but am not that happy with it as it dose not do wot it says on the packet, IT DOSE NOT GET ALL THE NITS OR THE EGGS OUT LIKE IT SAIDS ON THE PACKET,i thought maybe it was because my 4year old has very thick hair but even doing her hair by sections still their was nits and eggs left and found myself picking them out, so i got her hair cut and thinned out but still IT DID NOT GET ALL THE NITS AND EGGS, i also got some hedrin once it did cost about £11 tho and their wos enouth to do it twice but WOW it was great and it killed them all and i got them all out but a few days later she came home from school with more nits, so bk to the comb i do still use it but dont realy rate much i would give it 5 out of 10.


I have only just joined and seen this... to save anyone else a few moments of time... the code is no longer accepted (not surprising perhaps as xmas 2010 long gone now)


ordered one, thanks


Agree with previous posts you can get these free for kids under sixteen along with solution. But please don't bother your GP go along to your local prescribing chemist (Boots etc) ask to register the kid with them for prescriptions and ask nicely if they can prescribe a nit treatment.

Nitty Gritty headlice comb, half price £5.50
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Posted 29th Sep 2009Posted 29th Sep 2009
Nitty Gritty headlice comb, half price £5.50£5.50
The best headlice comb I've found, you can get it on free prescription - BUT my doctors refused it (tightwads) and I know others who've been told the same. Its usually £10.99 but y… Read more

it is very good it gets the eggs too


I would suggest changing Doctor is the only paperwork necessary, as problems over something so trivial doesn't give a lot of confidence for when you need something more expensive that might keep you alive!


I bought a couple of cheaper 'just in case' combs when my son started school, however when he did eventually come home with headlice I did the whole conditioner and comb thing and although all the lice came out the eggs stayed. I went to the local chemist and she recommended that I buy one a nitty gritty comb as everyone she has sold one to has been very impressed with them. I thought I would try it as she pointed out that with the creams and lotions you have still got to buy them and some have really harsh chemicals in them, once you have the nitty gritty it's all you will ever need. I used it that night and was shocked at how many eggs came out, it's really great. I use it every sunday night as a precaution, but because the needles are so close together I use another comb first and just finish off with this one. I also use a tea tree spray on my kids hair every morning, it's natural and we haven't had any more lice!


And any other body hair :-D Remember David Bowie in "The Man Who Fell To Earth"? :p (Where've my smiley's eyebrows gone?):roll:


This is just the comb, we bought Lyclear Creme Rinse :thumbsup: from local chemist for £4.74 and that had a free comb with it.

Nitty Gritty comb Free from your GP
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Posted 24th Apr 2009Posted 24th Apr 2009
Nitty Gritty comb Free from your GP
Ok after seeing the post for the betterware £1.99 comb i decided to let you folk (those that don't know that is ) that these Nitty gritty combs are the best on the market to get ri… Read more
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my 10 year old has had nits on and off since starting primary school,i found that i was constantly de-nitting my daughters hair only to find that other mums arn't doing their kids hair,i have a 5year old also who came home from school yesterday(by the way i go through with a nit comb thoroughly 3x a week)my daughters teacher came up to me and said my daughter has nits,i replied yes i know and i treat her hair regulary(and had treated it the night before school)i asked did other kids have it?we only noticed my daughter!i felt so bloody angry,she didnt have 1 nit in her hair the day she went to school,and apparently the teacher looked through my daughters hair,ok if they looked through everyones but you dont single out a child,its wrong.i will be finding out later if the teacher did this in private or not,if it was not done in private,i will be a very unhappy mummy.


Thanks for this tip, it has been featured in the HUKD blog, ]Playpennies:)


thanks got one for my daughter today doctor prsecribed with no problems :thumbsup:


These combs are the best treatment out there. The school my kids go to is in a run down council estate and most of the parents don't care what state their kids are in. We end up spending most of summer holidays finally getting rid of them for them to go back to school the next year and within a day or two we are back to square one. I remember when I was at school once a month we had to line up in the hall and the nit nurse would be stood at the front of the hall and one by one you would go and have your head checked, anyone found to have nits was pulled to one side and sent home. I never had nits in my whole entire life thanks to the nit nurse, but alas in todays day and age it is deamed invasion of privicy and humiliating to the guilty parties. Maybe they should introduce the kids to getting coated in lice powder after PE before they shower!! But have printed the letter off several times and will be handing it to the school and asking them to post the letter all over the school so other parents might decide to finally treat their kids!


good find thanx also if you wanted to buy one from the site try this Discount code: Enter your postcode or school's postcode ;) i got a saving of £5!

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