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Omega Italian Made Pure Bristle Professional Shaving Brush £3 off, now £5.95 @
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Posted 10th Aug 2017Posted 10th Aug 2017
Omega Italian Made Pure Bristle Professional Shaving Brush £3 off, now £5.95 @£5.95
Sterilised boar bristle brush. Available in red, green or grey. Trusted brand. Free delivery by Royal Mail. Made in Italy Brush height: 114mm UPDATE: ONLY GREEN REMAINING I… Read more

At the risk of undermining my own deal, I have to admit that my brush developed a fault in little over a month- a 1cm crack appeared in the plastic near the bristles. I don't recall dropping it or misusing it. On the plus side, ShaveLounge sent a replacement immediately- very impressive!


Used mine last night. I liked the firmness. Usually use a kent silver tip which is a little too soft. So this was a nice change


Last night i washed it a few times with shower gel. The brush seems better now, the bristles have softened and dont seem as firm now. I reckon it will produce much better lather on my next shave.


Received mine yesterday, used the method on this video to speed up the break in period, worth trying.


Had this brush delivered and used it for the first time today..... Not too sure about it, it seems too firm for my liking. Never bothered washing it first as its supposed to be sterilized and it definitely had no funk smell to it, it even made me wonder if its synthetic. Didn't lather up well using my usual shave soap, nowhere near as good as my badger hair brush, it wasn't even as good as my cheapo Wilkinson Sword brush that i've had for years. I'm hoping it just needs breaking in a bit and will get better. One good point, it didn't lose even a single bristle, which is pretty good for a new brush.

Edwin Jagger DE89L Razor £20.53 @ Shavelounge Free Delivery
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Posted 2nd Mar 2017Posted 2nd Mar 2017
Edwin Jagger DE89L Razor £20.53 @ Shavelounge Free Delivery£20.53
£23 but drops to £20.53 after using code SR10, also includes 5 Feather Blades worth £1.89, 5 Derby Razor Blades worth another two quid 10 Personna Razor Blades worth £2.95 and 20 … Read more

Just get a slant razor or a old adjustable Gillette from eBay. With an adjustable you can change the blade exposure and find what works for you. And slants are just generally better at cutting whiskers. Tbh feathers are way over rated too. Again any Gillette's are the bee's knees. Sputniks are really good, and cheap, but most eBay ones are ancient and don't seem to be as sharp as new factory fresh.

srp111 they are incredibly sharp, cut my face to ribbons.


lethal ? as in closest shave ever or lethal dangerous ? oO - am kinda nervous about the feathers TBH


Thanks kingy, I order a pack of 5 from the shavelounge to try, also tried the personna and they were much smoother, thanks for that.


I tend to buy blades online through ebay/amazon. You can get 50 blades for under £7, I tend to use my blades 3 times so that is 150 shaves which for me is a years shaving. I also like the palmolive shaving cream which is cheap in tesco's.

DE starter shaving kit was £44.15 Now £30.90 @
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Posted 12th Aug 2015Posted 12th Aug 2015
DE starter shaving kit was £44.15 Now £30.90 @£30.90
The perfect kit to get you on your way with DE safety razor shaving. The kit is made up of 5 of our best selling shaving products. As part of our "Offer of the Month", this kit now… Read more

A cheaper way to shave your pits is to get items 300898425079 and 321829841158 will last you years of shaves.


Would anyone reccomend this for a woman, I want a cheaper way to shave my armpits.


Surprised this isn't hotter and more comments. The DE shavers on here usually go mental on these DE shaving deals, with pages and pages of comments extolling the virtue of DE shaving. I wonder where they all are ! Maybe they've all bled to death.


Merkur 38C and Feather blades give a brilliant shave but probably try this starter kit first as you might end up looking like something from a horror film if you get the angles wrong with the Feather blades. Good deal, certainly better than cheap chinese DE razors and blunt blades.


There is no comparison between a cheap Chinese razor and a quality Merkur. Shaving with the cheap one will put you off DE shaving as you will get nicks. I made that mistake. But the shave with a quality razor is fantastic, no cuts at all!

Merkur 34C £29.95 with 2 free samples and 5 free Derby blades Delivered when you spend <£30@
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Posted 11th May 2013Posted 11th May 2013
Merkur 34C £29.95 with 2 free samples and 5 free Derby blades Delivered when you spend <£30@£29.95
The most highly recommended Double Edge Razor, now back in stock. Gold is gone. Now in stock in silver £29.95 Spend 5p to get the free samples! Use code B&B10 for 10% OFF! -th… Read more

You forgot the wirewool as a brush :{


Clearly a shard of plate glass pincered between a pair of pliers. He uses WD40 as a lather and Deep Heat as aftershave. The man's way.


What type of razor do you use, then?


Glad to see all the DE shavers coming out in support. I am another Edwin Jagger user but Merkur 34c is also a fine razor. One of the smartest things I ever did was ditching cartridge shaving. The shave I now get is amazing compared to my old gillette Mach3. If any one is thinking of starting DE shaving check out the Badger and blade forum, Those guys are really helpful. Also as jbni says above look up any geofatboy youtube video for tips, this guy is DE Royalty !!. One last thing let the weight of the head do the work :{ .


Thanks for this. DE does look a little easier to handle than a SE razor.

Merkur 34c de safety razor £29.95 from nkdMan
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Posted 2nd Sep 2012Posted 2nd Sep 2012
Merkur 34c de safety razor £29.95 from nkdMan£29.95
One of the most recommended de safety razors, and now it is just under £30 including delivery and a free blade. The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty is our best selling safety razor, featur… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

This is probably the correct price for this razorbut look around for discount codes / free gifts etc on other shaving sites Sample Pack of Blades


The link given above (click here to go directly) looks like it has a good selection of sample packs. My guess is that the pack, depending on how many blades, will last you at least 6 months, maybe up to a year - for under a tenner. Plus you get to try a selection of blades and find which you prefer. Then Amazon is your friend as there are often great deals for blades in bulk. I assume that the superdrug razor is the standard size.


How much are the blades for the superdrug razor ? I'm sick of being ripped off for Gillette fusion blades ??


ive been using a superdrug safety razor for over a year - cost me about a fiver and i honestly cant see how you can imrove on the quality of that shave. cold.


Agree with Whammerhead - I use the Edwin Jagger DE and it is great, a few quid less. It was my first foray into a DE safety and I'd never look back... The shave is so much better than a Gillette cartridge and much, much better value - give it a go, you won't look back!

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