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Nokia XR20 mobile phone £355.49 (use code) at Nokia Shop
Posted 1st SepPosted 1st Sep
Probably gonna go down like a lead balloon but hope it helps someone - 21% off RRP on the XR20

Surprised how nice this feels to use, smooth camera seems decent too. Can disable the Google assistant button (y) Impressed so far


You should (lol)


I don't.


Unless you are a power user, this phone will run very well. I trust tech radar review.


Yeah but still be nice not to hate using it as it is so damn slow

Nokia E1200 Essential Wireless Headphones, On-Ear Headphones with Foldable Headband - £39.99 Delivered @ Nokia Shop
251° Expired
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Nokia E1200 Essential Wireless Headphones, On-Ear Headphones with Foldable Headband - £39.99 Delivered @ Nokia Shop£39.99£49.9920% off Free P&P Free
These look good, reduced 50%. With the Nokia Essential Wireless headphones, you can listen to music wirelessly for 40 hours, or connect the 3.5 mm cable to listen to even long… Read more

Hi, I have had them for a week. Impressed so far, haven't had to recharge them yet after around 20 hours of use. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and the spoken word is very clear and crisp. The bass is either lacking in one setting, or a bit muddled in another, but treble is good, and overall music sounds good to me. Comfort is ok, ears got a bit sweaty after 90 mins, but weather was hot when tested. Overall, unless you must have a deep and controlled bass, can't go wrong at this price....Recommended Also free p and p, and they arrived the day after ordering for me


Reviews please


Please let us know the review :)


My pleasure mate


Ordered mine. Thank you MrSwitch...

Nokia 5.4 Smartphone / Mobile Phone + Free Nokia Power Earbuds Lite & Nokia 5.4 Clear Case - £149.99 @ Nokia Shop
184° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Nokia 5.4 Smartphone / Mobile Phone + Free Nokia Power Earbuds Lite & Nokia 5.4 Clear Case - £149.99 @ Nokia Shop£149.99 Free P&P Free
Bundle, Android One. 3 colours Make a lasting impression with Nokia 5.4. The 48MP Quad camera gives you total creative control – with advanced video recording and cinematic effe… Read more

£120 without


Nokia 5.4?


Is it good?


I got one of these recently on O2 unlocked for £84


I think that's the standard price for the phone so you basically get the case and earbuds for free.

Nokia 8.3 5G Smartphone + Nokia Clear Case - £284.99 Delivered @ Nokia shop
287° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Nokia 8.3 5G Smartphone + Nokia Clear Case - £284.99 Delivered @ Nokia shop£284.99£2995% off Free P&P Free
Lowest price for new, comes with a free case. Android software upgrades and security updates, guaranteed Amazing quad camera: 64MP + 8MP Ultra-Wide + 2MP Macro + 2MP Depth wit… Read more


Sorry, I ment best price right now


Best price ever or best price right now?


What's the best price for a Nokia 7.2


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and OnePlus 8T are leagues ahead of the Nokia 8.3. Just because the Nokia 8.3 is the manufacturers top of the range phone, don't be fooled! The OnePlus 8T and S20 FE use last year's top of the range processor and have OLED displays and better cameras. The Nokia is very much a mid-range phone, yes it is 5G, but the processor is noticeably slower than the other two. Please don't think the Nokia is a bad phone and will run most things very well, but you are not comparing Like for Like. The nearest OnePlus competitor the the Nokia is the OnePlus Nord which has the same processor and aimed at the same market as Nokia.

Clear Case and Nokia Power Earbuds bundle Nokia 8.3 5G + 2 accessories £299 @ Nokia
239° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Clear Case and Nokia Power Earbuds bundle Nokia 8.3 5G + 2 accessories £299 @ Nokia£299 Free P&P Free
My opinion its good value for money as well they do offer other models in bundles under offers!

Yes, so your deal is duplicate one of Switchy’s now. Even the price is now the same £299.99. Its not £299 anymore.


its takes you to my deal as no longer 3 accessories available now only 2 till stock last


Its still available and active (y)


It's till stock last , after they will may change bundle again


Switchy deal is no longer valid i think

Nokia 5.4 64GB 4GB Smartphone + Case & Headphones - £169.99 Delivered @ Nokia
334° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Nokia 5.4 64GB 4GB Smartphone + Case & Headphones - £169.99 Delivered @ Nokia£169.99£179.996% off Free P&P Free
Reduced by £10 Capture great photos and motion shots with the 48MP Quad camera, 16 MP punch hole selfie camera, 60fps video recording and cinematic recording with colour gradi… Read more

Almost 100 degrees (party)


Cheers buddy


Excellent price our local Asda had these in sim free and they were £159.99 so £10 for the headphones great value. Brilliant find Mr S

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Nokia 1.3 phone direct from £59.99 @ Nokia
220° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Nokia 1.3 phone direct from £59.99 @ Nokia£59.99 Free P&P Free
Android Go edition (check you can get the Go version of any apps you use first!), low specs but Nokia are very good with updates and this should be getting Android 11 too. Choice … Read more

Got given this by my employer when we went into lockdown last year. It was a pain removing the cover so the SIM card could be inserted. Also Zoom calls were terrible. The video had to be switched off so it didn't mess up the audio.


As you've presumably got more than one SIM card, I'd say a dual-SIM phone is probably a better fit for you: you get whatever nice phone you'd like, and you've still got a totally separate number to give out to those you don't want having your main number. That's what I do anyway, and the advantage is that with two SIMs in one phone, your car bluetooth thingy works for both numbers too, rather than deciding which phone you want to connect for the journey. Really I'm not sure who this phone is aimed for (it's actually intended for developing nations like Africa where the phones we consider to be budget are still out of reach for them). I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a main phone except maybe for a child's first to see how they look after it, or as something almost throw-away where the chance of it getting damaged/lost/stolen are quite high. Having said that, it's sixty quid, and it'll be getting Android 11 and probably 12 too, plus updated every month to keep it secure (ha! even the malware would run too slow to be useable!) - do your research first though because for most people this is not going to be suitable.


Wow (y)


There's definitely better specced phones for not much more (even Nokia's own 3.4 with triple the RAM and double the storage can be had used refurbed for only £20 more), and if you don't mind lesser-known phones with iffy overlays, bloatware and spotty updates then you can get some reasonable hardware for under £100 nowadays. Case in point, I bought the Doogee N20 that was advertised here last year for just under £50 and the specs are actually pretty decent even if it were twice that price. But I simply wouldn't trust it with my internet banking stuff or anything personal because they've previously had malware and stuff installed on their other phones, so it's just used as my work phone. Yeah it only ever got one update too so I don't expect I'll be seeing any more for it. The big attractions of buying a Nokia over something else are: 1) regular updates - pretty much monthly, with 2 major OS updates during it's 3yr supported life. 2) 2yr warranty and Nokia build quality (not that many phones now have poor build quality anyway). 3) Android ONE, meaning no additional apps and the stock Android experience. For me, points 1 and 3 above are why I'll pretty much only consider Nokia (and possibly Google's own Pixel range) when buying Android, even if they're more expensive than the competition - and over the years I've had phones from Sony, Motorola and Samsung so this isn't just a lack of experience with the other big brands. Apple also make great phones and I've had one before, but their pricing is something else and you've got to put up with the abomination that is iTunes. I've never had a Pixel before but have been tempted by some of the offers here recently so maybe my allegiance will change in the future, but for now Nokia delivers on the things that are important to me.


I have a Nokia 1 as a daily driver. Gets updates. Now on Android 10. It's okay. But it is very slow, and of course the camera is pants. The proximity sensor is a bit iffy, it's just slow and a bit frustrating. The GPS on it worked for a week and never again. But, it's okay for video and served well as a hotspot/radio when on holiday. So I'm impressed, but I don't think it's that usable with limited ram unless you are very patient - it is no multi-tasker. I have stuck to stock apps. It's great for casting to the TV and being a remote control.

Nokia 8.3 5G Smartphone + Free Nokia Power Earbuds, A Nokia Clear Case And Grip - £299.99 Delivered @ Nokia Shop
443° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Nokia 8.3 5G Smartphone + Free Nokia Power Earbuds, A Nokia Clear Case And Grip - £299.99 Delivered @ Nokia Shop£299.99£34914% off Free P&P Free
Reduced by a further £30 here for this canny little bundle. quad camera: 64MP + 8MP Ultra-Wide + 2MP Macro + 2MP Depth with ZEISS Cinematic Effects PureDisplay with always on… Read more

Would this be better than the Realme 7 5G?


Be patient, it's coming (test results for A11 on the 5.3 are on Geekbench already so it's been done). Yeah, they could have been quicker but you don't want to be in the situation 3.1+ owners were earlier last year when A10 was released to them and broke everything. That's only just been rectified a few months ago so I'm hoping Nokia have learned and are doing more in-depth testing before release. Either that or we can blame COVID19...


Not been impressed with Nokia so far, have 5.3, still no sign of android 11.


I had a 7.2 and gave it my daughter because she wanted it. Then I bought my son one too as he wanted one. The 7.2 has an SD660 chipset with 4GB memory so performance should be fine - certainly neither my kids or I had any complaints and my daughter seems to download every game under the sun - try factory resetting it, and if not, use the My Phone app to check warranty status as you may find it's still covered and can be sent away for repair. Nokia are generaly pretty good on updates and they do tend to arrive monthly (usually towards the end of the month). Android 11 is only just being rolled out to Nokias - the 8.3 being the first to get it (but not the UK just yet - maybe in March?), then the rest of the models should follow in the months afterwards, including the 7.2 at some point, though you should be getting the next update for that by end of this month regardless. I believe that in the phone's 3rd year of support the updates become quarterley rather than monthly: even my 3.1+ is still getting monthly updates, though it'll never see A11 as it's now in it's final year of support.


I have a 7.2.. I bought it expecting the monthly updates and fast upgrade to Andriod 11... I'm still waiting on android 11... get a security update every few months (last had one in jan so figure that'll be it for a while). The phone is pretty slow and laggy, there are numerous other users that have issues too. It seems that HMD are relying on peoples' fondness for how Nokia used to be, and instead giving them something that nowhere meets expectations. I ended up getting an iOS phone, although I'm currently on the lookout for a new Android, something that will actually receive timely updates and not fall on its arse when trying to use it...(currently considering a Pixel as i want a decent camrea)

Nokia 3.4 with earbuds and other accessories - £149.99 @ Nokia Shop
166° Expired
Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Nokia 3.4 with earbuds and other accessories - £149.99 @ Nokia Shop£149.99
This seems a decent bundle. Yes the phone isn't a high tech having phone and yes it's made in China but at least HMD are Finnish and employ etc Nokia staff so I guess it's about as… Read more

If you can forgo the accessories then the 5.3 at £135 (Argos, possibly less elsewhere) is a better phone with twice the memory and storage, better chipset, etc. The 3.4 (just the phone) was available on Amazon a fortnight ago for £99 so if you really want this phone and can wait, it'll probably go back down to that at some point again.


100mb data SIM (shock)


What's wrong with the phone being made in China (as long as their workers are being treated fairly? *cough* Foxconn *cough*) ? The iPhone is made in China too let's not forget.

Nokia 2720 Flip 4G / 4GB RAM / 21 Days Standby Battery on 4G - £79.99 @ Nokia Store
487° Expired
Posted 6th FebPosted 6th Feb
Nokia 2720 Flip 4G / 4GB RAM / 21 Days Standby Battery on 4G - £79.99 @ Nokia Store£79.99£89.9911% off Free P&P Free
The classic flip phone is back. Stay connected with 4G and the WhatsApp and Facebook apps. It features two screens – the external screen shows who’s calling. The big buttons make f… Read more

Mine came today and it's as new with Nokia charger and cable but tatty original box. At almost half the price it's good, though all plastic and feeling cheap. (I already had a kaiOS phone bought last year to see the OS).


Windows phone had it for ages too. That was on Nokias and all... I miss my Lumia 930 dearly :(


Who still uses Skype?


Google maps and WhatsApp. Heat


main distvantage, imho, no option to delete apps and poor KAiOS app list. also no Skype...

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