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-33% Discount
-33% Discount
33% off the Noddle products
INSTRUCTIONS: Just got email with my TalkTalk deal expiring giving 33% off products. Some of the copy of the email below For a limited time* we're offering you 33% off the curr… Read more

Just used this code and saved £9.90 package was £30 I got it for £20.10 Thanks


Thanks for this, just used it to save on my renewal! 8)


Hi, that worked for me as well - was wavering as to whether or not to bother, but for 20 quid it was worth doing. Thanks!


Thanks worked for me.

Free Credit Check Courtesy of TalkTalk @ Noddle
INSTRUCTIONS: use the voucher code to get a free credit check, from noodle. follow this link for simple instructions on how to set up your account and add noodle alerts https://… Read more

I have tried using the voucher code, but it's working perhaps it's something to do with recent Noddle's web upgrade. I will have to call TalkTalk to confirm the voucher code. I will let you know if there is another code, hopefully.


follow this link for simple instructions on how to set up your account and add noodle alerts


This worked for me and I'm not a TalkTalk customer. I already use Noddle for a completely free monthly credit score and being able to view credit search history etc. The code TT231 adds the "Noddle Alerts" feature for 12 months where you will receive an email alert if something changes on your credit record e.g. opening a new account Sign up for free then enter the code at to get your free subscription


Same here, page just keeps on loading......


Tried to get the account set up, what a load of tosh just keeps loading. talk Talk fail again Dido.

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Free Credit Report for everyone @ Noddle
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Posted 15th Nov 2018Posted 15th Nov 2018
Free Credit Report for everyone @ Noddle
The only free-for-life credit report & score that refreshes weekly. What does your Noddle credit report include? You’ll get an in-depth view of your financial situation, prese… Read more

Absolutely I have the mse one I’m at like 920 out of 999 so doing well


MSE credit club is better, you get a free credit report with Experian


The weekly updates actually saved a friend of mine from fraud last week after checks from a bookies and sone other company he had nothing to do with appeared


Clear score account much better


Have an account thinking of deleting it clearscore seems better.

Free Cash - Free Credit Reports - TopCashback/Quidco - Noddle £2.62 - Experian £2.25
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Posted 9th Jan 2018Posted 9th Jan 2018
Free Cash - Free Credit Reports - TopCashback/Quidco - Noddle £2.62 - Experian £2.25
This will most likely go freezing cold, as most of you already have an account, however please share to those who haven't Intrigued about my credit score, I looked into finally re… Read more

Can anyone explain why they are voting cold on this? Free cashback and an insight into to how others view your credit worthiness - ignore it if you don't like it, and take the cash back.


That's interesting and long what I suspected. I have access to both my noodle and Experian reports and I've noticed some things over the past two years... 1. The searches that money super market do when searching for the best home insurance and car insurance for me all go through noodle as they never show up as a search on my Experian. 2. HSBC searches (when they have increased my credit card limit) only show on Experian. 3. Noodle shows all they searches as my impacting on my credit score but Experian shows the ones that impact the score for up to a year. 4. Everyone I have applied for credit they have requested a copy of my Experian credit report never the others. 5. Leeds building society, my mortgage provider, do not show up on noodle or Experian as having carried out a search. That's strange as my mortgage is only 3 months old so I can only assume they used Equifax. The whole thing is a farse IMO and I bet all rating agencies have they own score mechanism which kind of makes the whole system redundant as you can't really compare apples to apples.


I work in finance and its widely rumoured that Call Credit (The company behind Noddle) intentionally score lower in order to sell their premium 'improve your score' packages. No proof of this, just a general theory. They were offering free reports way before some of the big players and could easily be a part of that business model. I'm personally exactly the same - excellent with both Experian and Equifax but average to poor with Noddle reports. Make of it what you will :)


It should be noted that different companies use different credit agencies such as HSBC who use Experian so just because you have a good or bad score at noodle it might not be reflected at the other credit agencies. For example... My noodle score is rated "fair" yet my Experian score is rated as "very good"


Unsure why this is getting cold votes. Free credit report plus cashback...

Free credit score and credit report
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Posted 16th Nov 2017Posted 16th Nov 2017
Free credit score and credit report
Noddle is offering FREE credit reports and alerts for life with this special offer. Just signup today and then you will immediate access into your credit history. It's a fantastic… Read more

Top block / gal


Then why does experian give me 969 out 1000 (lol) (lol)


Ah interested this is because the scales are not linear ... noddle works on 20 points double the odds - 580 would be twice as good as 560 which would be twice as good as 540 etc.....585 is indeed just fair and I would expect the clearscore and Experian score to show similar middle of the road "fair" on their 5 point scale. My score is 670 (max 710) and shows 5 on the.5 point scale but is hugely better risk than 570 (64 times better) Experian (and MSE) works on 80 points doubles the odds 880 would be twice as good as 800 and for example 960 would only be 4 times better than 800. My MSE score is 990 (max 999)so you see very different scores but regarded as similar on their respective scales - nothing sinister in them trying to.get you to.use their services Edit - clearscore 523 (max 700) but despite not being near the max - "flying high"


yeah but 585 out of 700, thats practically 6 out of 7, its a bit of a cheek to show as barely "fair" as in middle of the scale, just a con to try and make you use their offered services


It is just on a different scale - you shouldnt compare the actual number of the score acorss Noddle, Experian, MSE and Clearscore - one is out of 1000, one is out of 650 etc You need to look at the 5 point scale bad - good

You can now view your credit report from each of the 3 UK CRAs for free!
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Posted 22nd Apr 2017Posted 22nd Apr 2017
You can now view your credit report from each of the 3 UK CRAs for free!
Finally we can view all 3 UK CRA reports for free now! Callcredit via Noddle: Experian via MSE Credit Club: … Read more

There is an irony here. If MSE ever got hacked, then potentially your personal data is leaked on the net to commit ID fraud. Read the privacy statement if you have any concerns before signing up. Hot though, Experian is £15 a month for what MSE is giving for free


In that case - whats then next best solution with the Experian one? (Appreciate the information - wouldn't have known otherwise and would have wasted significant time). Lib.


Not bad, the pair of you. :-)


Someone edited my OP as you can get your Experian report via MSE Credit Club


The Experian one isn't a report, it's just a score, you have to pay to get a report. The other two give you a full report for free. I use all 3 and find them very handy. Great post OP, I would encourage everyone to keep monitoring what's on theirs.

One year of Free Noddle alerts 'Add-On' worth £20 - New or Existing Customers
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Posted 23rd Oct 2015Posted 23rd Oct 2015
One year of Free Noddle alerts 'Add-On' worth £20 - New or Existing Customers
As many of you will be aware Noddle offer free credit reports each month permanently (not a free trial, etc). They have an additional 'Add-On' service called 'Noddle Alerts' that … Read more

Expired, code no longer works


Hmmmm ... Bit wary of this. The address they found from the Post Code is not complete as per PO recommended address. Then they want my card details "to check with my bank that I am genuine" at Step 3. I would not provide that and abandoned the registration. They have my e-mail, so I will probably get spammed!


I also just joined and bank/card details were requested - as they say on the page, it's for identification purposes (and they don't store them). Personally I'm happy to do this, as it's just another security protection measure, to make sure that you are actually the person applying for credit history and not just some other hacker. If you follow the OP link to talk talk and look at the "follow these simple steps" section they confirm that it's a security level to avoid having to wait for a letter or asking lots of questions.


put in code first balance goes to zero.


Went to sign up with them and it asked for my card details and the numbers on the back so cancelled it x.

Free credit report and credit score for lifetime @ Noddle
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Posted 7th Jul 2015Posted 7th Jul 2015
Free credit report and credit score for lifetime @ Noddle
Great news - your credit score is now free for life! You told us that you want your credit score for free and we've listened to you. That's why you'll now get your credit score fr… Read more

There is definitely something fishy going on with Noddle, I have always had a score of 5/5 with them and have used them for years, recently they dropped me to 1/5 with no reason and no change to my financial status, I then get bombarded with Noddle improve e-mails and Ads where they charge you £30 and help lift your credit score.. I didnt understand this and as I was just about to apply for a new car on PCP I did an Experian check to find that my credit score remains Excellent with them so its go to be a little scam Noddle are trying to pull on people to get them to sign up for noddle improve, they should be reported for this as I worried for weeks went through all of my credit history signed up to Experian 30 day trial only to find that nothing was out of order apart from Noddle the swines!!


What If I don't have a credit card How can I check?


Free as noddle score not worth anything..won't surprise me if they have random number generator..


heat for free


I've had an account with Noddle for a few years and never had an issue.

Noddle Impove down to £20 for a year @ Noddle
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Posted 20th Jan 2015Posted 20th Jan 2015
Noddle Impove down to £20 for a year @ Noddle£20
Have always used Noddle, but never the paid option @ £30 per annum. Received an email today with 1/3 off the annual price due to them reaching 1million members. Happy to pay £20 … Read more

Comment Just take out the Aqua rewards credit card and they'll send you an invite to upgrade your noddle account.


Educating yourself on the factors that may influence a banks view on you as a potential customer and viewing the raw data is a much better idea than paying for Noddles view. At the end of the day, most factors, such as whether you've had a payday loan during the last year, will impact some banks view on you whilst others will ignore it. Your Noodle score will remain constant, regardless of which bank you are considering applying to. The banks own internal score will vary wildly across all banks. My advice is to save your subscription fees to these services and educate yourself on the 'potential' factors. Armed with this education, if you believe yourself to have a perfect credit history, you can choose to apply direct to the bank or via a broker. If you consider yourself to have a blemished credit report in any way, use your saved subscription fees to help pay the fees charged by a good broker who will have experience in selecting the correct bank to handle an application for a customer with whatever particular imperfections are visible within your credit report.


I'm interested because said random person on the internet decided to tell the whole internet what they had spent their money on, which made me interested. I'm interested in the value of the deal you posted on a deals forum because it looks good but i want to understand if it's a good deal. Maybe I've missed the point of the site, either way cheers for the info.


I do find the score a bit useful but the usual score out of 5 seems good enough. They keep telling me I'm not in the electrol role when I am. However I get the service for free after signing up for an aqua credit card. Don't think I'd every pay for it


Comment A banks credit scoring is very important. Noddle's raw data, which is available for free, is very important. Noddle's credit scoring is not.

Noddle Free Credit Check - NO 30 day trial FREE FOREVER  >£0.00<
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Posted 29th Jun 2014Posted 29th Jun 2014
Noddle Free Credit Check - NO 30 day trial FREE FOREVER >£0.00<
This is a free credit check - no 30 day trail - Its FREE forever. Its not a con to get details out of you for advertising Recommended by all Police Forces and the Fraud UK servi… Read more

I've been on it almost a year now-no worries and gives me up to date info every month.It is accurate in terms of the info they have on my file-comprehensive detail. Oh and I'm 5/5!


It says free forever so why has it asked for my debit csrd details and security code. This looks dodgy to me I wanted to check my credit rating they say its free so why ask for my debit card security code etc. Surely to check credit rsting u just need name address and date of birth. Very suspicious. I came straight off noddles site. Dont trust them


Been using it for a couple of months now, no problems whatsoever, I haven't paid for the Noddle Improve service which costs £30 as I've got what I need from the free service which was ; Ensured that the correct addresses linked for myself and my partner, Curious to see who left footprints on my file and that there was nothing untoward, Ensure that unused accounts were closed. In the last instance I discovered there was a wrongly defaulted account on my file, reported this through Noddle and it has now been marked as satisfied.


I've just signed up and I've found the service quite useful, they get the thumbs up from me &amp; it's free 8)8), thanks to the person who posted this..



Free credit ratings from
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Posted 9th May 2014Posted 9th May 2014
Free credit ratings from
Simply go to the website and sign up:- "Noddle Join the thousands of customers who've already got their free for life Noddle credit report. Apply now". Why pay o… Read more

Free service and they were able to assist me with a potential fraud issue and removal of an incorrect entry on my file. It is a free basic service with optional extras at a reasonable charge. I find the data can be a month or more behind Experian, and updates are monthly not real time as you can get from other providers, but for free and to keep a watch on your score it's a great service to use.


Awesome, doesn't it take its data from Call Credit?


Used it for about a year with no problems its great. Why is it cold? when i posted it i got 500 degrees here


Used today (before I noticed this post) thought it was pretty good, caught the credit and loan fraud someone was trying on the other half.


This deal shouldn't be cold. And ignore the above quoted comment, as it's not relevant.

FREE Monthly Credit Report From Noddle
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Posted 19th Feb 2014Posted 19th Feb 2014
FREE Monthly Credit Report From Noddle
Want a free summary of your credit file every month? Noddle is perfect for you! okay you don't get a score number but the 1/5 rating system is kinda the same. I have used it for mo… Read more

Since your getting a mortgage i recommend after your report has updated you use check my file, its like £7.99 and gives you a complete credit report from all the big agencies in one.


Are these still good? I have a mortgage application soon and want to check my score as I have recently received a late repayment charge from Vodafone and would like to see how this will affect me if at all..many thanks in advance all.


You can use your debit card to sign up. I did x


Debts are already on there regardless if you look at your report or not. It's good to see what balances are showing too. Debit card worked for verification but is a bit fiddly. Kept saying card not valid but this was due too ___-___ Clicking out of the box a few times enabled the card number to be entered correctly.


Credit rating 5 A rating within the top banding indicates that you are usually unlikely to be rejected when applying for credit and can typically take advantage of the best deals available in the market.

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