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Half price New Vauxhall Astra GTC Sri Cdti Northern Motors Vauxhall
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Posted 24th Mar 2016Posted 24th Mar 2016
Half price New Vauxhall Astra GTC Sri Cdti Northern Motors Vauxhall£12,480
Just been emailed this deal...(must be on their marketing email list?) Not called them yet to verify but I can't find cheaper. Offered with sensible rate finance and three year war… Read more
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I'd be fairly pleased at losing only a third of the value over three years. Not many cars do the same.


Total of £16k for a £12.5k car. That's an awful deal, if you have no interest in paying the GMFV there's loads of good lease deals out there. If you want to own the car then a Sainsburys loan will cost £13.4k including interest, £190 a month over 60 payments, £2k down.


Got a pcp quote from the dealer today. For a red one with a £2000 deposit from me and 10k miles a year, its £179 for 36 months and a gmfv of £7500. Seems reasonable to me?


Seems like not a bad motor. Any reason why these cars have such low residual values?


Depreciation is still going to make this expensive. 3 year old gtc's with low miles are advertised at around 8k, so making lots of assumptions, buy this at nearly 13k, you still lose c1700 per year. Which, over 3 years, is about what you would lose on many other cars. As a cheap entry to buying a brand new car it's a good deal, but you would have to run it for a long time to make it worthwhile.

Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 S 3dr at Northern Motors Vauxhall Dealership £6995 @ Northern Motors
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Posted 29th Jan 2015Posted 29th Jan 2015
Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 S 3dr at Northern Motors Vauxhall Dealership £6995 @ Northern Motors£6,995
Seems like a good buy for a delivery mileage Corsa. Most I've found at this price are the underpowered and noisy 1 litre engines. The 1.2 is a 16v and has a bit more poke. Seems t… Read more

Yeah I agree... pressure plates wear.. and tbh if I changed a clutch I ony changed the thrust bearing too as it was usually only an extra few quid .... but never fly wheels..


Using Nissan as the example again, almost every component for them said 'Made in Japan' on the box. Admittedly I'm going back a few years prior to Renault getting involved with them. Skoda's and Seat's are equally pants, but people's expectations are a little lower, hence the reason they do better in customer satisfaction surveys. p.s. I no longer work with Nissan, and thankfully no longer with VW


I wholeheartedly disagree, sorry. People have replaced clutches for decades, and it's only relatively recently that some cars have 'chocolate' flywheels that need changing frequently. I was a Nissan Service Manager prior to moving to VW, we didn't change a single flywheel in around 8 years.


Tbh I didn't reply to your message thoroughly enough so let me elaborate. Basically the flywheel change isn't a routine one but as you know yourself once the clutch is shoot you may as well change the flywheel too because the gearbox is detached anyway. Also I had a common problem with the sticky vanes in my turbo which meant my car would lose boost every time I gave it some throttle and would go into limp mode. So removed the egr (it was caked) and slapped in some Mr muscle foam cleaner down the egr pipe. I know it sounds mad but it actually fixed my problem! Its very well documented online for the mk4 golf tdi. I agree that parts that are made in different countries can be of inferior quality But once again that's the same with every other manufacturer only to cut costs. Vw do charge a premium but you can always buy a Skoda or Seat to save some money and basically be driving the same car.


Yes, totally agree. On my Golf I had to fix the following in the first few months of ownership. Replaced the rear wiper motor, replace the boot lock, repair the glove box handle, replace the brake light switch a number of times, had a faulty fuel level needle which I didn't bother fixing, and then the biggy, which I couldn't fix myself, the three injectors and the camshaft replacement. This is when the main dealer went for my throat and charged 4k. This was a 6 year old car granted but I only kept it for a year. I was afraid of what was going to happen next! Touch wood I haven't had anything go wrong on the Corsa. It just goes. I previously had two Leons. The clutch went on both of them and they both had faulty fuel level indicators and brake light switches. Don't get me wrong, I liked the solid feeling of the Golf, the clunk of the doors closing, the heated seats, the climate control etc, but call me picky but I need a car that'll start when I turn the key in the morning. It doesn't just need to heat my ass but also needs to be able to haul it to and from work without breaking down!

Zafira Exclusive 1.8 at
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Posted 1st Nov 2014Posted 1st Nov 2014
Zafira Exclusive 1.8 at£9,995
This price is on new, pre-registered Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 Exclusiv’s with delivery mileage only. A sales administration fee of £199 applies. The vehicle price excludes the cost of t… Read more

Another Zafira deal here


31 mpg is dire, you will spend £18,000 in petrol to drive 100k at today's prices, whereas a 1.5l diesel Renault Grand Scenic will cost about £11500 in fuel according to honest johns real MPG, both cars are a slow as each other. Road tax is £110 for the Renault yours is £205. An extra £475 over 5 years. It is a cheap car in the offset but if your going to drive 100k over 5 years it will cost a total of £7k in the extra fuel and tax over the Renault. The point I'm making is don't buy a car because it's cheap. Find out the MPG, annual service costs, tyre costs and cambelt frequency change and cost, plus depreciation if keeping for a set time (e.g look at autotrader for a 100k miler). Also find a good independent garage who won't charge the earth for a cambelt change, I was once quoted £1500 by a dealer for my clio cambelt and a wiring loom repair, £500 paid to a good local garage. Also check the ncap crash test. This is what will save you money not the headline price


Does anyone know anywhere I can this in on an interest free loan


Would get you into a 2 year old current shape Civic or a 6 month old Focus Zetec. Wouldn't bother with the 308 unless you're lucky and find a new shape for your budget as the previous one was a dog. 10k would get you a 13/63 plate Seat Leon 1.2 TSI SE 5dr. :) Or save a few quid and buy the Skoda Rapid.


about 10k