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Train tickets from £1 One way (one million available) / Kids Tickets from 50p - travel period 06/09 to 22/10 @ Northern Railway
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Posted 24th AugPosted 24th Aug
Flash sale from today, you can get Advance tickets for just £1. Over a million single tickets available for travel between 6 September and 22 October 2021. Plus, kids travel half p… Read more

For anybody wondering about missed connections, as long as it's a through journey with a connection it is possible to board the next service if the first train is delayed


last day to book your £1 tickets!


I just searched for Leeds, and £1 fares came up for the first date I tried.


cant find ANY £1 from Accrington to anywhere ........... :o


We ve booked for Carlisle , Newcastle and York all at One pound a ticket (y) takes a bit of working out tho

Unlimited Travel on Northern Rail Network £10/day (£17.50 weekend) @ JPI Media
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Posted 15th Jan 2020Posted 15th Jan 2020
Unlimited Travel on Northern Rail Network £10/day (£17.50 weekend) @ JPI Media£10
To be fair to Northern; Punctually and Driver Shortage issues aside, they do some good offers like this and the Dalesrail trains. The routes they operate on are quite extensive so… Read more

Never got a reply on my email, and coming back from hols didn't had the time and the mindset to chase it up, although on second thoughts, I should have done at least on social media.


None of the stations in Burnley appear to have a help point, which is surprising. There's probably a notice with a phone number to call for help. Not necessarily easy to see at 11PM though. In your situation I'm sure most train companies would have refunded what you paid for the taxi, but if doesn't surprise me if Northern didn't, they're not good at things like that. Threatening to go to the local paper with your story might have helped.


Burnley to Manchester Airport. I'm not aware of any help point. There are just the ticket machines.


Which station was it? Most stations have help points, where you can press a button and get connected to the train company. If you'd used that you would probably have got better results. Train drivers and police won't know the procedures in that situation, but the train company would have been able to organise a taxi.


The last train to the airport was about at 11:00pm and the station's desk closing at 10:00...the only people on the platform when my train cancelled was the train driver and police...when I asked them what I'm supposed to do in order not to miss my flight at 05:00 in the morning, the reply was "sorry mate, we cannot help you, better get a taxi"...

Northern Railway 10p Flash Sale
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Refreshed 9th Jan 2020Refreshed 9th Jan 2020
Northern Railway 10p Flash Sale£0.10
Update 3
The offer was live briefly 7th Jan but there were technical issues. Is now live again.
I've received this email from Northern: Our 10p Flash Sale returns on on Tuesday 7 January. That means you can get your hands on Advance train tickets for just 10p! There are over… Read more

Try giving away on Facebook....that’s what I did when I couldn’t travel & recipients were very grateful!



What are the times and how many tickets?


I've got Bradford/Leeds - Chester for tomorrow if anyone wsmts


I've done 4 Saturday trips so far, each journey one train was 30 mins late, last Saturday my +20 minute connection was -1 minute too late thankfully my bus pass covered me home. Wouldn't want to have to go to work with this lot and as of 1st March no one else will be either. R.I.P Northern.

Northern Flash Sale Cheap train tickets from 10p @ Northern Rail
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Posted 19th Aug 2019Posted 19th Aug 2019
Northern Flash Sale Cheap train tickets from 10p @ Northern Rail£0.10
From 19 August, we’re selling Advance train tickets for just 10p. Nope, that’s not a typo, that’s 10p train tickets! And we’ve got over 80,000 available for travel in September. Pl… Read more

Decided I'm transgender now


Aha. She doesnt know how to reply to multiple qoutes in one msg. Ive seen people do it, but its not clear how...


And thanks from my dad as well he's off to Leeds (y)


One doesn't want to thanks.


I'm a she .....

50% off Nothern rail advances from and to Lake District/Cumbria stations, railcard discounts apply too
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Posted 16th Jun 2019Posted 16th Jun 2019
50% off Nothern rail advances from and to Lake District/Cumbria stations, railcard discounts apply too
For example, MAnchester to Windermere, a 2 hour and 8 minute journey, for £2.50. "Northern are offering an extra 50% discount on Advance Purchase train travel to and from selecte… Read more

Northern Rail don't run trains to Penrith. Only Virgin and Transpennine stop there. There's a map on their website that shows you where they go.


Usually the clue is in the title. However, Penrith (North Lakes) is not included in this offer: "Sorry, no Northern Advance ticket offers are available for this station."


Did Accrington to Windermere last Wednesday and it cost £6.95 each with our railcards. Bargain!


£11 for me.


Where to? The most expensive standard class return ticket from Leeds to Windermere is £53.70, and that's an undiscounted fully flexible anytime return.

Northern rail evening returns are back - half price returns to Manchester only, after 6:30pm from select stations
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Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
Northern rail evening returns are back - half price returns to Manchester only, after 6:30pm from select stations
Doesn't seem to be that much info as yet, i think it will be trial and error, do a search from where you want to go from, the destination must be Manchester (any city centre statio… Read more

anyone know what the cheapest fare are from Lancaster or is it just case of check daily ??? thanks :o


Same price as usual from Blackburn to Manchester when I checked. Northern fail need to sort themselves out, so many small stations need guards, as do wheelchair users. The rest of us like guards, especially on later trains when rowdy drunks are round. Saturday strikes may be an inconvenience, but less than unsafe trains for more profit...


Want to start working Saturdays instead of striking


It’s costing them loads for paying out all the refunds due to late trains, so some clever clogs at Northern has realised if they make the tickets cheaper it won’t cost as much for refunds.


Oh wow! Thank you! Am hoping to go the the Christmas markets with my best friend. This will get us an extra drink 🍷

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Main toilets at Manchester Piccadilly station currently free whilst being refurbished
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Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018LocalLocal
Main toilets at Manchester Piccadilly station currently free whilst being refurbished
Barriers are open all the time at the moment to the main concourse toilets, they're finally being refurbished, in fact I think temporary ones may now be open on platform 10, just o… Read more

crap post. This just takes the pee! XD


By paying the over-inflated rail prices, were already funding far more than the cost of a measly toilet, and yes, they are irrelevant questions as a small business is totally different to what we're discussing, even at that you mention charities, many of them manage to treat toilets as a necessary expense, if a charity can do it, why can't one of the busiest train stations in the country?


WTF! What's my profile got to do with this? Stick to the topic in question. No, you mean millions over the term of the contract franchise, Yes but partially & it's not on a gold plate without any restrictions or conditions to allow them to operate that service, it's their business model. I'm aware of some CEOs salary can be obscene at the top to the likes below rank but who offered those jobs to them for their experience & expertise? I agree that if the salaries were to be spread fairly across the board then staff moral & efficiency would increase improve massively in harmony with better service to the public but who came up with those silly employment contracts in the first place, board of directors, shareholders? Do you want to upskill yourself to run the train business if you can do better? How about tell Richard Branson to reduce his pension plans for the future himself to offset the cost to those below ranks & pass it on to the public because @rossss doesn't like paying for toilets? I wonder if Richard Branson uses those toilets himself since he's paid for it improving & maintaining them but expect to let every Tom, Dick & Harry to use them for free? Free to the public but train companies can absorbed the cost for nothing. A business is to make profit to stay in business or how do you expect the government collect taxes from staff & business?


Quite relevant to some degree as you decided not to answer. If you ran a business, I would like to know how you would run it & see if money is a driving force to pay bills or are you doing it for charity. It's still an extra to the business though who has to pay staff, cleaning equipment, chemicals, electric, water, toilet rolls, repairs for wear & tear & damages, Can you get these for free? NO, someone is paying for it & it's coming out from someone's pocket. Doesn't matter if it part of an expense that goes with the territory. It will get passed on somehow. This will be my last reply to you as it's clear we'll have to agree to disagree on this. After all this, it's very well clear that one like yourself is one who doesn't like paying even when it's someone's problem to absorb the extra expense. You have a choice, you pay or you don't pay. (annoyed)


You're arguing completely irrelevant points! They can easily afford to provide free toilets, just like almost any other business does, cleaning them should be considered an expense that goes with the territory, not an extra.

Buy 3 Northern Johnston Press Newspapers and get Unlimited Weekday Travel on Northern Rail for £10 or Weekend Travel for £17.99 (4 uses per 3 papers, kids go half price)
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018LocalLocal
Buy 3 Northern Johnston Press Newspapers and get Unlimited Weekday Travel on Northern Rail for £10 or Weekend Travel for £17.99 (4 uses per 3 papers, kids go half price)£10
Hop on and off all day long. Kids go half price* To qualify for this special offer, simply collect 3 tokens from your local newspaper on participating dates, complete the correct … Read more

Whats the famous expression..? "If you can't beat them, join them." You started the trolling Einstein! 😋

deleted1842829 poor thing hiding underneath that orange parka. trolling on other people..sad sad world south park kenny


Ha. Not as jealous as I am of the 1st class passengers on the train, my face squashed against the glass doors on the other side that's rammed full to the point where you can't see the floor, wondering what I did to deserve this :(


Judging by the reply, writing and grammar aren't your strongest points either ! ROFL (lol) However, assuming you are a 6yr old child, by the fact you like going to the seaside in England , I won't be too harsh in condemning your English skills (lol) 😁 PS. Is there much difference in sea temperature from now till March 25th? I doubt that very much.


Are you jealous that I have a car that works ? 😁 (lol)

2 for 1 offers at Northern Rail (Experiences and Destinations)
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Posted 25th Jan 2018Posted 25th Jan 2018
2 for 1 offers at Northern Rail (Experiences and Destinations)
Offers on tickets for experiences and destinations, not rail tickets.
Unlimited Rail Travel £10 pp for a day or £17.50 for 2 days with 2 newspaper tokens @  Northern Trains
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Posted 20th May 2017Posted 20th May 2017
Unlimited Rail Travel £10 pp for a day or £17.50 for 2 days with 2 newspaper tokens @ Northern Trains£10
Collect 2 tokens from any Johnson press newspaper. Lancashire Evening Post etc. Print off form online and attach 2 tokens. £10 for one days unlimited travel and £17.50 for 2 days t… Read more

thanks for the heads up You should post this as a new deal. You are allowed to repost a deal as it has been more than a month.


This deals is back on if you can unexpired this please


This is fab! I'm doing this, thank you


This is fab! I'm doing this, thank you!


The same offer is running in Trinity Mirror newspapers Tokens are available from the following papers Hull Daily Mail 15th - 20th May 22nd - 27th May Scunthorpe Telegraph 18th May 25th May Stoke Sentinel 15th - 20th May 22nd - 27th May Lincolnshire Echo 18th May 25th May Newcastle Chronicle 15th - 20th May 22nd - 27th May Teesside Gazette 15th - 20th May 22nd - 27th May

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