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Nurofen Temperature Monitor - £19.99 @ Nurofen Shop (With Newsletter Signup) + £4.99 P&P
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Posted 23rd Oct 2019Posted 23rd Oct 2019
Nurofen Temperature Monitor - £19.99 @ Nurofen Shop (With Newsletter Signup) + £4.99 P&P£24.98£34.9829% off
For all parents out there this product is a must buy! It connects to your phone/iPad and alerts you when your child’s temperature goes into the red with uncontrollable fevers. Thi… Read more

There should be a pop up box when you go online you may need to refresh it a couple of time or try it on a computer.


Where I can signup to the newsletter in order to get the £10 off?


And no need for the abuse


The world has gone mad


Can you stop being a dick. If you aren't going to ask sensible questions go post on the daily mail comments section

Nurofen Feversmart Temperature Monitor and Refil patches £29.98 (with code) @ Nurofen
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Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
Nurofen Feversmart Temperature Monitor and Refil patches £29.98 (with code) @ Nurofen£29.98£91.9867% off
Debated about one of these for a while but thought this was a bargain. Still £84.99 at Boots without the refills! Follow the link and add the reduced price Feversmart Temperature … Read more

Just watch all 3 episodes of 'The Men Who Made Us Spend'. One of the best series made by the BBC on marketing.


There's no question that products are sold on fear. Humans need fear to survive, the primitive structures of the brain don't analyse in depth the level of fear, they err on the side of caution and if it's probably be then it's bad. So there is no distinguishable factor between the boss shouted at me and says I need to meet deadlines to whoops I stepped out in front of bus and just managed to get out of the way. You'll always survive one but you Jeff much less chance of surviving the other. My point is that not all products are sold based on fear. They're based on necessity and fear or both. I wouldn't say that most products are sold based on fear, just some are. In fact most products exist out of need. An end user has a need for something but you can't market it to everybody because not everyone has a need for it. You can't scare someone in to buying a Motherwort herbal tincture, because many people don't know about it. It exists though on Amazon and other vendors because someone out there wants it. In fact many of those obscure supplements can't even be marketed as having any effect due to the laws in specific countries, they don't even say what action they may have on the body, but people still buy them. Today my dish washing brush has seen better days. I simply replace it. There maybe another product out there based on fear that says don't use this type of brush there's loads of bacteria on it, use ours. However I don't know about those products, if they exist, I know my brush did the job. I'll just replace it. Fear is one way to sell products but it's not globally applicable or even warranted to get a sale on a particular product. As consumers we have choice, you can't scare me in to drinking Fosters instead of Carling (disclaimer I drink neither).I have a choice in fact I may choose to buy both. Fear is used when necessary and it's often not necessary to use it to sell a product.


The safety of cars has often been sold based on fear. The fear of not having your own property is often used to encourage people to buy a home. Health foods are sold using fear quite a lot.


I really liked the idea of this for keeping a close eye on the baby if he gets poorly. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work on android, which renders the whole thing entirely useless. I would strongly suggest checking the playstore app reviews before buying.


I would substitute most for some. Some products are sold on fear. Rudimentary products such as houses, cars, food are not usually sold on fear. Could you sell me a garden spade or flowers based on fear? I think probably not. They're sold because of their functionality or because they enhance reward seeking behaviour.

50% OFF FeverSmart Temperature Monitor £40 with code @ Nurofen
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Posted 2nd Dec 2018Posted 2nd Dec 2018
50% OFF FeverSmart Temperature Monitor £40 with code @ Nurofen£40
The FeverSmart™ Temperature Monitor is a new baby thermometer to monitor your child’s temperature. Receive notifications when the temperature spikes, track the medication you provi… Read more

This device was the worst performer of all monitors and went back to the store. And the original price was below £40 without any promotions.


A good investment if you're a bit of a worrier.. I've always found the Tommee Tippee ones to be absolute garbage.