NUS Card Holders get 5% off @ Amazon

NUS Card Holders get 5% off @ Amazon



Ta Holly
I know the OP says this applies to everything, but I just spoke to someone at Amazon, and they said it doesn't apply to Electronic items e.g. iPods, laptops, etc...
I looked into it for myself but I chose not to get one of those... As jsklair mentioned, it does NOT apply to electronics, as stipulated here:
]Get an Extra 5% off low prices on millions of books, music, DVDs, shoes & accessories, sports & leisure equipment and jewellery & watches, all at

Given that the NUS Extra card costs £10, you would have to spend over £200 in the next 11 months to make it profitable. Sorry for that but once you've removed electronics, I'm afraid it's cold for me...

I modifed the OP to change that "everything" that might mislead people into buying a card they can't use for what they had in mind. Hope you don't mind :thumbsup:

What it doesn't seem to include:
- Games & Software
- Computing & Electronics
- Home & Garden (DIY & tools, appliances, outdoors, kitchenware & furnishing)
- Health & Beauty
- Clothing
- Toys & Baby Accessories...
This's common knowledge to anyone who has an NUS card as it's advertised everywhere and has been the past year at least.
how do i get my code as i cant login on NUS website?
darn this cant be applied to a open order can it
rubbish, wasnt valid on any of my items from a selection of areas
Could anyone please let me know what the code is? Thanks

Could anyone please let me know what the code is? Thanks

You can access it from the NUS Extra website when you have logged in. Every code is unique and once redeemed cannot be used on any other Amazon account.
Oh I see now. I didn't realise you had to buy a card for £10 to get a code, I thought it was just a general 5% discount code. Thanks for your help.
Has anyone tried - AZON DEAL DIGGER (just google it) There is a little gold box on the site that gives discount promo codes for any product on Amazon. Got my Apple Ipod Touch for cheaper than the listed rates. Don't know how I found AZON DEAL DIGGER, was just googling. Now, I use this tool before I buy anything on Amazon.
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