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NUS Extra, short for National Union of Students Extra Card, brings students all kinds of perks that span from ASOS student and restaurant discounts to reduction on plane and cinema tickets that are available in over 130 countries. From beauty, health and fitness to supermarkets and uni stores, NUS Extra card is an essential for students. Students can get added benefits and discounts with available coupons on HotUKDeals.
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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% Off Google Store Devices (Pixel 5, Google TV, Nest Audio ect) for Totum members
TOTUM members get 10% student discount when you buy online at the Google Store. Make great savings right across the Google family of products and packages including the Chromecasts… Read more

Its expired sorry. Deal ended on the 15th May




Anyone else have any codes they aren't using?


was used by the chance i tried :(



-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off Philips Hue with TOTUM (NUS Extra) using code
Recently discovered 20% discount via TOTUM ex NUS extra discount code. Not sure if its one time use only although did work again after expending it once. YMMV.

Just used my totum code and got 20pc off one pack of gu10 colour ambiance - down to 67... So this is a pretty good deal!


That would be useful :)


White and colour ambience? I could certainly make use of it.


I get a different code in my Totum app.


be sure to buy via if you do, % will got to a charity of your choice once you've set it up :)

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off with Totum (NUS Extra) Card - student discount, online offer
20% student discount when you shop online at Get kitted out this term and bag yourself 20% student discount across all products on Whether it’s a stylish ac… Read more

They’re higher price, but 20% off is better than 0% percent off :) I’ve got a fender I love amongst many other guitars!


As a man who uses a Fender and loves it dearly. They are not worth the money Even the MIM's and even with this discount.


Shame they’re 30% overpriced compared to other guitars

Up to £100 off Emirates flights (Student)
Whether you’re travelling to a university abroad or jetting off on an adventure with friends, fly better with Emirates. Travel from eight airports in the UK to our cosmopolitan hub… Read more

I have a Totem Card just for student Prime and Coop 10%. I must start my ecareers Cyber Security course soon before my three year card runs out next month! Just adding UKTOTEM as the code doesn't work, you need to go via the totum site and then you end up on a special landing page with the code applied


I'm currently studying business. Perhaps I can say it's a necessity of a field trip. lol


Fight me.


Students from Scunthorpe? Probably not Students from Hong Kong? Almost definitely


I don't think students are going to be travelling business class lol.

£15 Discount
£15 Discount
£15 off your first journey with Uber @ NUS
£15 off your first journey with Uber Enter this code at checkout: EXTRAUBER

it said 10 gbp only from my app....


I've just posted a similar offer with Barclaycard but for £20 - See


No need to set up anything with the NUS or to have anything to do with them :) just enter the code at Uber


Nice find (y)



-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% Off @ Topman With This Nus Code

Thanks, actually better than the "TOPMANHUKD10" 10% coupon since topman are giving 15% off to NUS holders.




Remember folks, you don't put the code in the "promotional code" box. You click "go to checkout", login and then put it in the student discount box. Voted hot, a good heads up for anyone who doesn't already know about this.

Best TOTUM deals from our community

1 hour of free phone charge via Joos (then £1 an hour until you return charger) for students @ TOTUM
-182° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st MayLocalLocal
1 hour of free phone charge via Joos (then £1 an hour until you return charger) for students at TOTUM You can charge on the move and keep track of how long you have been charging… Read more

Yeah but will you remember to charge up the powerbank (confused). I am launching a powerbank changing business - definitely a gap in the market.... (lol)


They sell them in poundland, with some charge already in. :)


Cold. May as well buy a cheap power bank because guaranteed that you'd end up forgetting or not retuning on time and getting charged for it. Besides EE tried this and failed, O2 priority offered something similar and failed. Sometimes I think companies see a gap in the market that doesn't exist.



just save up for a portable charger

MyProtein - 40% student discount with Totum login
-24° Expired
Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
MyProtein - 40% student discount with Totum login
Need Totum card for this one, (old NUS) seems the current way students get discounts is through StudentBeans, Totum is now offered to a bunch of organisations, including multiple w… Read more

Think it could be cold as people are using/abusing the bluelight 50% off already discounted prices codes. Problem with most other myprotein codes is you never know what the final price will be til you apply the code so people may be a bit sceptical.


On the plus side, if it goes super cold, I'm sure someone will post a link to some decent cheapish protein powder. Bit of discussion is never a bad thing (y)

TOTUM exclusive Student offer - Join Emirates Skywards today and earn 2,000 Miles instantly
153° Expired
Refreshed 18th FebRefreshed 18th Feb
Please check before travelling whether your destination requires you to self-isolate when you arrive, or whether you will need to do so when you return to the UK. You can find ful… Read more

You never changed jobs in the same industry?


Hmm use to work with them in a partnership role... posts a deal to do with them??? Something fishy about this


We did a350 / Dreamliner I think .. and I’m 6ft 3 and had no issues . Emirates 777 are atrocious for legroom and they use them lots for the second leg of journey out of Dubai. Mind you after a year of going nowhere I would jump at the chance to travel with anyone . 😁


I had the same come to think of it but was able to go a day earlier on original flight times a quick call sorted it out. Mind you I seem to remember only finding out by chance when reviewing our booking. The 777 always puts me off Qatar unless you can get on a a350 which is almost as good as the a380.


Yep the a380 seems much more comfortable in economy , compared to the truly awful Boeing777 torture seats , anyway . But you are correct , we flew loads with Emirates without issue , but when a problem arises they are shockingly bad at solutions or compromise. They cancelled the flight completely with a months notice and booked us on flights with long stopovers both ways , refused to accommodate our seat requests we had booked on the cancelled flight . Sat us 30 rows apart , squashed in the middle , offered nothing in compensation . We gave up and cancelled the lot and went with Qatar , who don’t charge for booking seats together etc ( or didn’t ) with 90 minute stop overs and exceptional service , unlike Emirates .

5% off Large Appliances, Small Appliances, TVs and Computing on via Totum
113° Expired
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
5% off Large Appliances, Small Appliances, TVs and Computing on via Totum
Offer ends today! Not for everyone but NUS/Totum exclusive offer, 5% off on Large Appliances, Small Appliances, TVs and Computing. • Offer can be withdrawn at any time • Only one… Read more

One can now buy many avocado lattes with that 5% saving...


I can share a code too (y)


As a Totum member Iv got a code for anyone who wants it ( sorry I’m only allowed one code per day) 4AA1F145DB

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Tablet - 11" Wi-fi 128gb £466 at Samung Store with Totum student offer
288° Expired
Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Tablet - 11" Wi-fi 128gb £466 at Samung Store with Totum student offer£466£54915% off Free P&P Free
Students TOTUM card holders this is a fantastic deal for S7 tab. They have up to 25% of Phones, tabs and laptops worth a look if you’re looking to upgrade. There is also interest f… Read more

Taken the plunge and ordered the S7 tab for £466! Silver & black already oos. Any recommendations for a case? Thanks


Checked my work benefits and have the same price too. Nice

You won't regret it! Enjoy:)


After deciding to buy a cheap tablet for <£200, I've just spent £600 thanks OP (lol) and

SuperAmoled vs LCD is the main difference. And that reflects in battery usage a lot.

BT Full Fibre 900 - £46.99/month (+£9.99 P&P) 9month contract for TOTUM (students) = £432.90 total
150° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
Cracking price for the FTTP full fibre 900Mb service £46.99 per month (+£9.99 P&P) on a 9 month contract - price should be available via TOTUM for students. Worth noting that … Read more

Was about to order but don’t have an ac.Uk Address :(


I had fibre 900 installed. They install a new line from the post to the house which then goes to a little grey box. Then they install a little white box inside the home that needs plugging in. This then connects to the wan on the router. They installed it all exactly where I asked without issue. WRT to speed. I've only had it a week but it does seem to be settling down now. I'd say I'm getting around 500 mbps depending on time. WiFi can be slower but that's not the Internet connections fault, more down to where I am in the house, other connected devices, etc etc. My old copper lined phone is still hooked up and working. I guess the new cable has both. I wasnt offered voip and I don't want it. Overall I'm quite happy with it so far. This deal is pretty good but only £3 cheaper than what I'm paying


Far to slow for me


Your area must not support FTTP yet


I was about to say, anyone looking to buy 900mbit will not be using the BT stock access point. I have to completely disagree with BT's support. I have rang them on a couple of occasions this year, got straight through - UK and Ireland call centers only. Very helpful.

Free access to Mindbox for 6 months with totum pro
171° Expired
Posted 14th Nov 2020Posted 14th Nov 2020
Free access to Mindbox for 6 months with totum proFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Students get FREE access for 6 months (normally £9.99/month) to Mindbox’s online therapy centre until April 2021. Co-founded by TV presenter and journalist, Anna Richardson, Mindbo… Read more

Don't get stressed about it- be mindful


Need to get a card. Missed the hack last time.

16% of all Laptops and Desktops @ Dell via TOTUM
260° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2020Posted 10th Nov 2020
16% of all Laptops and Desktops @ Dell via TOTUM
Go through TOTUM to receive unique code :) Valid until 6th December.

Anyone got a new code please, the BFDAS20 has expired, many thanks


Try the code BFDAS20


Also spend £700 get £100 back with selected Amex cards


Has anybody got a spare code they could message me with please. Would love to get off this 10 year old laptop......


Thanks for the heads-up. I was hoping more of a prize cut without need for black Friday specific codes and then adding the 16% code on top. Need two laptops, one for myself and one for dad with decent current generation processor (i5/ryzen5) and ram (8gb+). Hence was hoping to get both under a grand total after all the discounts. If I can hit the £900 mark for those specs on a Dell, I would call that a super success.

Free Gillette shaver starter kit (Just pay £3.95 Postage) @ Totum
-168° Expired
Posted 7th Nov 2020Posted 7th Nov 2020
Free Gillette shaver starter kit (Just pay £3.95 Postage) @ Totum£3.95
WHAT'S INCLUDED IN YOUR STARTER KIT? 1 razor handle of your choice 1 blade refill 1 shave gel 1 travel cover TOTUM members get student discount when shopping with Gillette. Fol… Read more

I use a Gillette razor and shave gel everyday....the campaign made no difference to me and it won’t however a question was asked on cold votes and I tried to help.


You must be hating all of the hot Gillette deals today then.


Maybe something to do with a“toxic masculinity “ campaign (popcorn)


Can't speak for the others, and due to censorship by the mods on here, I can't even speak for myself. All I will say is that it's Gillette, and if you know, you know.


Why ya'll voting cold??!

£3 off a minimum spend of £9 @ Foodhub via TOTUM
276° Expired
Posted 6th Nov 2020Posted 6th Nov 2020
£3 off a minimum spend of £9 @ Foodhub via TOTUM
Seems like Foodhub have stopped rinse and repeat method to get discount on new accounts. This discount works on existing accounts. Think it’s one code per account. Hope it helps
Get deal*Get deal*

The code is TOTUM20 if any needs it


Not available for me. Just the HUMPDAY30 code showing


Would also appreciate any spare codes


Any spare codes? Please


Just to let people know: this code works numerous times. Just used it a 2nd time on the same account.

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DiscountTOTUM Discount DetailsExpires
10%10% Off Google Store Devices (Pixel 5, Google TV, Nest Audio ect) for Totum members25/02/2021
20%20% off Philips Hue with TOTUM (NUS Extra) using code29/05/2020
20%20% off with Totum (NUS Extra) Card - student discount, online offer17/04/2020
% offUp to £100 off Emirates flights (Student)21/10/2019
10%10% off selected Braun Men & Womens products at Amazon, for EVERYONE!16/01/2019