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Eva Advanced Water Filtration System (7 litre) £75.07 @ nutritioncentre
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Posted 27th Dec 2014Posted 27th Dec 2014
Eva Advanced Water Filtration System (7 litre) £75.07 @ nutritioncentre£75.07
Currently 25% off... free P&P and PayPal friendly :-) I have owned one of these for about 5 years now and have had many positive comments about the quality of the water when v… Read more

thanks sorry mobile internet was not working properly on my phone. link is fine apologies


Hi - it works fine at my end, not sure what to suggest. Try this: Linky


please give direct link to product as only goes to home page

3 x 500ml Coconut Oil  £15.75 -  cold pressed raw virgin organic @
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Posted 13th Sep 2014Posted 13th Sep 2014
3 x 500ml Coconut Oil £15.75 - cold pressed raw virgin organic @£15.75
Not to be confused with KTC and Costco variants, this deal is for those who use virgin cold processed coconut oil. This same oil was posted a week ago at £7 for a 500ml jar + post… Read more

seems to work okay now..dont know why its expired..


Is this ok for sunbathing


Can't see Costco selling this stuff. Glad I bought it when it was first posted since the price went up.




Gutted I missed this.. What a bargain.

Optima Raw Virgin Organic Coconut oil 500ml £7.00 plus £3 delivery (free over £10) (RRP £13) @ Nutrition Centre
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Posted 4th Sep 2014Posted 4th Sep 2014
Optima Raw Virgin Organic Coconut oil 500ml £7.00 plus £3 delivery (free over £10) (RRP £13) @ Nutrition Centre£10
Optima Raw Virgin Coconut oil is currently £7.00 for 500ml at Nutrition Centre. FREE DELIVERY over £10 makes it the lowest price I can find at the moment. (I used their 2 for 1 Al… Read more

Cracking a coconut can be easy, there are three 'eyes' on the top, stick a screwdriver in one and hit gently with a hammer to reduce the pressure inside, then do the same to another eye and turn the whole thing over and rest on a glass until all the water drips out. I don't bother peeling off the brown skin as I'm not fussed about the coconut butter being a pretty white, and besides the skin is extra fibre! As for the shell, I just squeeze a knife between shell and skin and squeeze it off. As I mentioned i'm not to worried about my blender causing too much heat. The Vitamix is that fast that its done in an instant and it doesn't get too warm, plus, coconut is quite stable at higher temperaturs. I prefer this way than buying stuff that costs a lot more and I don't really know what processing it has had. I doubt the hygiene in the processing houses is as high as UK standards.


..and trying to get the coconut off the shell put me off for life. Unless there's a magic coconut scraper? Re: person who uses a blender. I used to juice fruit n veg and when you read up on it it tells you that fast action, such as your blender, creates too much heat which in turn changes the make up of the substance. Just saying find out if your high powered blender is doing something detrimental to your coconut.


Good idea Shirl... I often to buy coconuts fresh... just find it a faff to break them open.


@mrdgx it the same product? do you have a link please?


The way I see it is by making it myself I have control of the whole process. I have a Vitamix so the whole blending to make butter is done in probably a minute so there is minimal processing. I've seen documentaries on TV and coconut products being made are sometimes less sanitary than I would like.. and thats with the camera's on them so who knows what gets done to the coconut usually! Thats just my thoughts however and I do purchase coconut oil for frying as you can't use the butter. I've made my own but its a bit of a faff for the amount you get.

Aloe Dent toothpaste BOGOF (£3.85 for 2) plus £3 delivery (free if order over £10) @ Nutrition Centre
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Posted 4th Sep 2014Posted 4th Sep 2014
Aloe Dent toothpaste BOGOF (£3.85 for 2) plus £3 delivery (free if order over £10) @ Nutrition Centre£6.85
The Nutrition Centre are currently doing a 2 for 1 on popular natural toothpaste Aloe Dent - Triple Action and Whitening versions. FREE DELIVERY on orders over £10 help to make i… Read more

Oh, I didn't check the Sensitive as it didn't come up under their 'Hot Offer's tab. Thanks for letting us know.


Working on the AloeDent Sensitive toothpaste too. Also they have the 30% off the Bliss Zenbow Aromatherapy Diffuser down from £46 to £32.20. Cheapest it's ever been...