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Dr Oetker Discount Codes

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£1.00 off Dr Oetker
Sign up to Dr Oetker's We Bake website to get a £1 off coupon for any baking and decorating product valid for for 30 days from printing at most retailers. Makes some things free!

I've signed up.. but how do you get the voucher?


My favorite doctor alongside pepper and beckmann.




Thanks will tell my friend Michelle, she loves her coupons :p

Free pizza Ristorante - Dr Oetker Facebook
Send them a message "Discover more" via messenger and fill out quiz Freebie pizza <3 🍕

Take a quiz, accept there facebook public terms, go to there website, give them your name and email, agian accept there terms, get redirected to another print page, download unkown printer software, which turns out to be an exe file, install that unknown software on your PC, then get a pop window from virus checker saying potentially harmfull Software, all this for a £1 off next time I spend money to buy there Pizza........... I dont think so.


After doing the initial "Discover more" quiz two times I realise that there are different options. The first time I did it I got a £1 off voucher and the second time I got a "It looks like there are no vouchers available right now. if you fancy the chance of receiving a Ristorante pizza voucher, please try again next week.". So I'm assuming the second time was meant to be a free pizza voucher but since they are all gone, we're probably gonna have to wait. Great find though :)


i only got a 1 pound off voucher?


Cheers OP &#x1F525; added. Printed 9 coupons. Ate 2. Oops not coupons..pizzas..Slurrp slurrp


&#x1F62D; went through it all, super excited. Just 4 hours to print, better be quick! Fill out the form for both me and my husband. Receive email and click link. Cannot be printed via my phone!! It's 1.24am. Worth waking the house for a free pizza?

Free pizza x2! with voucher (Survey) @ Dr Oetker
I received a voucher for half price Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza or Calzone. I went to Asda and the pizzas were £1.50. I bought 2 and scanned the coupon - it discount it by £1.50! Go… Read more

Hi - it just came through my door!


how did you get the voucher?

Newest Dr Oetker Discount Codes:

DiscountDr Oetker Discount DetailsExpires
£1£1.00 off Dr Oetker1/01/2018
100%Free pizza Ristorante - Dr Oetker Facebook19/10/2017
£1.50Free pizza x2! with voucher (Survey) @ Dr Oetker19/09/2015