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Sony Vaio F1521F4E Intel Core i5 i5-3337U 1.80 GHz, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD, Nvidia GT 740M Graphics £488.75 @ Okobe.co.uk
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Posted 25th Oct 2013Posted 25th Oct 2013
Sony Vaio F1521F4E Intel Core i5 i5-3337U 1.80 GHz, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD, Nvidia GT 740M Graphics £488.75 @ Okobe.co.uk£488.75
Been looking for a reasonably priced new laptop the past few weeks and fancied a Vaio. I'm not an expert by any means but this seems to be very reasonable for the money and is abou… Read more

Ouch at over £600 for that even colder.


Gone up to £699 now


Seems an okay spec for the cash - do the cold voters have a link to a better deal please?


Was interested until I read that there are two versions of the Nvidia 740m. One is good and the other one poor (particularly on gaming). As far as I can see, there's no way if knowing what version of the card is fitted to this Sony laptop so I'll give this a miss...

WDTV Play @ Okobe @ £55.06 + 3.95 Delivery
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Posted 23rd May 2013Posted 23rd May 2013
WDTV Play @ Okobe @ £55.06 + 3.95 Delivery£59.01
WDTV Play Okobe £55.06 plus 3.95 delivery Bought mine yesterday, received a Parcelforce tracking code (I paid £2 more for express delivery) and its currently on route. Connect y… Read more
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so wrong! play model is very poor compared to the wdtv live (about £15 more) (no titlesheets, artwork, NAS facility, single vs dual usb, slower, sluggish remote, inferior Xvid and MKV file support etc etc) its a no brainer to avoid the play model unless you only want a very basic media player in which case you might as well buy the sumvision cyclone for around £25


I haven't compared it to the Live one at all!!


Errrrrr... All I have done is post a deal for something that isn't cheaper anywhere else... I haven't spoken about any of the points you mention. I get that you think the Live one is better, but no need to **** me off. I bought one, it does what I want it to, it was the cheapest one I could find... What's the issue?


If you buy a proper media streamer it will play any format, output any audio up to 7.1 via HDMI, give a great picture, and for not much more. We have had four different makes in the past, none of them are WD. You can get wifi and gigbit for not much more. We use a Himedia hd900b in the lounge and it will play anything so far. Use handbrake alot too to great effect for 1080p material.


Absolutely this.

OtterBox Commuter case for Galaxy S4 (black or white) £20.47 delivered @ okobe
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Posted 15th May 2013Posted 15th May 2013
OtterBox Commuter case for Galaxy S4 (black or white) £20.47 delivered @ okobe£20.47
Been looking for the Commuter at a reasonable price for a while and this is my go for price. They also have the heavy duty Defender in black for about £27 delivered.

thems the risks! :D


Wait and risk smasing a £600 phone.....? nah :p


Been looking for something similar for my HTC One X over the last few days. Purchased a Ballistic SG case for £16.66 off ebay, although its coming from Germany its the cheapest I could find


for the s3/iphone these usually drop to around £10 every month or so in various colours. £20 seems pretty much the top end price. So whilst this may be best price right now, hang on if you want a decent deal.

AMD FX6300 Black Edition @ Okobe £89.53 delivered
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Posted 30th Apr 2013Posted 30th Apr 2013
AMD FX6300 Black Edition @ Okobe £89.53 delivered£89.53
There was an amazon deal posted for this CPU but the price has now gone back up so if like me you missed it I have found another deal for the same CPU and its a couple of pounds c… Read more

They put one of those CPUs in the Atari ST, now whose best eh? ;)


The best processor out there, by far, is the Motorola 68000 microprocessor running at 7.15909 MHz that comes with an Amiga 500. Shadow of the beast 2 runs at 30FPS all the time. It's great.


Another £12 to post to N. I. the ****!


Didn't you make the same joke in the amazon deal?


Anyone used this retailer before? Don't want to get stung with another scam company like WAE, who automatically undercut all prices on Google Shopping (which is easy to do, when you never ship anything).

LG 27EA33V - 27" IPS LED-backlit LCD monitor for ££174.33 @ okobe.co.uk
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Posted 16th Apr 2013Posted 16th Apr 2013
LG 27EA33V - 27" IPS LED-backlit LCD monitor for ££174.33 @ okobe.co.uk£174.33
Good price 1080P Resolution (Product Title in first post misleading) - alexus

the 24inch model is absolutely amazing - got it for £109 when it was a hot deal. 27inch with only 1080p isn't great however.


I am waiting for 4K OLED 120hz at this price :p


I am waiting for OLED & 4K at this price.:p


Can you use this as a tv with a sky/freeview box plugged in to the hdmi port? It says it's got a hdmi input but I can't see anything about audio/built in speakers


I'm holding out for 4k at this price :-)

£405.75 delivered - LG 29IN IPS LED 29EA93-P 2560X1080 Hdmi DVI 5MS from Okobe.co.uk
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Posted 8th Apr 2013Posted 8th Apr 2013
£405.75 delivered - LG 29IN IPS LED 29EA93-P 2560X1080 Hdmi DVI 5MS from Okobe.co.uk£405.75
Have been following the price of this monitor for a while now & this price currently beats Amazon by about £25. http://charts.camelcamelcamel.com/uk/B00A7RDPCQ/new.png?force=1… Read more

Good monitor! But I'd rather reccommend the Dell U2913WM, it's a spectacular monitor. Yes, it's 2560 x 1080, but all the games I play look beautiful on it. As for latency, well I play BF3, DayZ, Arma 3 and I have no problems- as long as it's on gaming mode; still maul a$$ with it! Like most people say, you can get x3 27" monitors for the same price- but what you get with the Dell is quality and I don't regret buying it over any other monitor at all!


Interesting, good price, however I think I prefer my 1440p, but heat added.


http://www.ballicom.co.uk/29ea93p-lg-29ea93p--led-monitor--29--2560-x-1080--ahips--300-cdm2--10001--100000001-dynamic--5-ms--2xhdmi-dvid-displayport--speakers--matte-black-hairline-highgloss-white-with-chro.p883274.html not that it matters too much, but cheaper here at £404.23.


this makes a lot more sense on a monitor than a tv actually. if I didn't already own a 30 and a 27 I would be seriously looking at this! thanks op, mega heat from me!!


Looks like the cold train has started. Oh well. X)

Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard-- £31.05 @ Okobe.co.uk
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Posted 13th Feb 2013Posted 13th Feb 2013
Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard-- £31.05 @ Okobe.co.uk£31.05
It's also on Amazon for £35.33 with FREE delivery: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-JQD-00006-Sidewinder-X4-Keyboard/dp/B0037KLSS8 make sure you click '21 new from £33.56' and … Read more

The last 'bit about the membrane. The X4 doesn't have this issue.


You guys prefer this one or Logitech G105 @ £25.32 ?


Try ebay - look for filco or steelseries, both make decent mechs. Far superior imo


where can I get a cheap one all my old old keyboards that were cheap were not membrane and I prefer them so much more.


What is this like for writing essays/reports? I like the idea of its gaming credentials but sadly I have work to do as well haha...

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 1yr licence for 5 devices in one household £70.02 @ Okobe
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Posted 30th Jan 2013Posted 30th Jan 2013
Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 1yr licence for 5 devices in one household £70.02 @ Okobe£70.02
What's Included -The latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. -An extra 20GB of free online storage (27GB total) in SkyDrive for easy … Read more
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It is worthwhile coming back to a thread after a hard days work to see it predictably going Sub -200 degrees as predicted. Due to an uneducated unresearched attempt at a HotUKDeal, which is quite clearly was not.


Why are you so offensive?


Parlez-vous English?


Do I need a license for Microsoft software?


Cold as you've not include the Postage Costs......it might stop people wasting their time if you took the time to post the full details of the deal...£3.95 for delivery

24" Acer S243HLAbmii 1080p LED-Backlit LCD Monitor - £134.89 @ Okobe
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Posted 24th Jul 2012Posted 24th Jul 2012
24" Acer S243HLAbmii 1080p LED-Backlit LCD Monitor - £134.89 @ Okobe£134.89
The Acer S243HL is a high end LED display reproducing sharp colour quality and solid Eco friendly features within a super slim 15 mm profile. This unique large Widescreen display … Read more

Really!!! wireless connection.....power from PC..... & why on earth is 16:10 an improvement, It's pretty much a redundant format. Im agreed with above I dont think those first features even exist for commercial use. It's just a very average deal not a hot deal.


Awesome monitor. I have had mine awhile now. Paid £211 for it. Its funny seeing this. I just replaced this monitor with the Acer GR235Hbmii/ET.VG5HE.009. Its a lot like this monitor but it can do 3D. I paid £135.88 for it. I tried posting it on here as a deal but Scan are banned from this site so couldn't post it. I won't post a link to the site (don't want to get banned) but if you do a google shop search for ET.VG5HE.009 you will be able to find it for £135.88. Something I was looking for in a 3D monitor was if it had HDMI 1.4a so I could use AMD HD3D. The GR235Hbmii does. Looked everywhere for info about this and found none. I took a risk buying this without knowing, but it pay off as it does have hdmi 1.4a.


I used to own one and the colors where dull and don't get me started on the speaker


Got one of these from a PC World store when they went clearance for £80, hooked it up to my sky box as my tv broke and the HD is better than my old tv.


No higher than 1920 no, but 1200 vs 1080 is a noticeable difference. One of my criteria for buying my last screen was it must have a 16:10 ratio. This monitor looks ordinary at best sadly, since it has a nice design

256GB Crucial m4 2.5-inch SATA 6GB/s (CT256M4SSD2) £177.74 @ okobe.co.uk
Posted 28th Apr 2012Posted 28th Apr 2012
256GB Crucial m4 2.5-inch SATA 6GB/s (CT256M4SSD2) £177.74 @ okobe.co.uk£177.74
Great disk, great price.
Get deal*Get deal*

Great deal.


This is a hot deal - it was £2 cheaper at ebuyer earlier, but they're down to 1 in stock now and it's back to £229 there. It's tedious when people vote cold for such a small difference in price between deals - so petty. Abstaining would be a fairer choice.


This is very chep compared to other ssd deals, why so cold? Can anyone explain? Personally I'm waiting for the price to drop to 50p per GB before I buy a ssd, voted hot btw.


Shame the price didn't make it into the thread title (_;)


Enough with SSD! Oi vah.