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-12% Discount
Exclusive 12% off with no minimum spend on full price items @ Olight
A nice 12% discount when you use the code HUKD in the Olight's store. Code can be used on any items excluding products that are already on sale. EDC torches Bike Lights Ba… Read more

There was no recall


Ooooooo I'll send them an email to see if they can do the same. Cheers for that. I have a few now, the Pen 2, I3T and the Baton 3. I am in maintenance so have tried my fair share, they stack up really well. I think a Blackburn would be a good shout for a bike light mind.


I can see that, I've ordered one anyway with a mount to use on my bike, and I think the Obulb will be good as a camping lantern and night light. I also contacted them and they're throwing in a free hook for it. I used to work with a Fenix dealer, so it'd be good to see how Olight stacks up.


Recalled because people fumbling in their pockets, accidently turning the torch on and needing new pants? :p They are covering their backsides, literally, by including a silicone end cap to stop this from happening. It's a great deal to get a budget O'Bulb.


That's the model that was recalled in Singapore and the USA, no wonder it's cheap with freebies! ;-)

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Olight Baton 3 Premium Orange torch with free Olight i5T Stardust small EDC torch for £103.03 delivered @ Olight
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Olight Baton 3 Premium Orange torch with free Olight i5T Stardust small EDC torch for £103.03 delivered @ Olight£103.03 Free P&P Free
Two high power torches for £103.03 delivered. The first, a Baton 3 with wireless charging case has a battery life of up to 94 days. It is a limited edition orange version, which is… Read more

Fenix make some decent torches. Got the TK61


Bright sparks choose Fenix torches when they become enlightened, best there is for the money, this is one of the many I have but its very dangerous, it nearly set my car on fire! :o https://www.fenixtorch.co.uk/Shop/Fenix-Torches/TK-Series/13692-Fenix-TK72R.html Never heard of Olight but will have a look, I always keep an open mind and you can never have enough torches XD Some comparisons here ;) 3,000 lumens 240mtrs https://www.fenixtorch.co.uk/Shop/Fenix-Torches/E-Series/13983-Fenix-E35-V3.0.html 1,600 lumens 203mtrs https://www.fenixtorch.co.uk/Shop/Fenix-Torches/E-Series/13847-Fenix-E30R.html 1,500 lumens 200mtrs https://www.fenixtorch.co.uk/Shop/Fenix-Torches/E-Series/13978-Fenix-E28R.html


Got the brass and titanium as well.


I missed the copper release. Picked up the I3T in Brass though.


The bubble has burst a bit on making profit these days for Olight. Saying that I still have 2 sets of i3t and i5t copper bnib.

Olight Warrior Mini 1500 lumens Compact EDC Torch with Blue Obulb & Silicone Wraps for £46.97 (with code) @ Olight
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Olight Warrior Mini 1500 lumens Compact EDC Torch with Blue Obulb & Silicone Wraps for £46.97 (with code) @ Olight£46.97£65.5428% off Free P&P Free
If you are into premium but don't want to spend a lot, this might be the perfect time for you. The Warrior mini and Obuld have many good reviews and now they are in a bundle at £4… Read more

Olight won't honour cashback if a 3rd party discount code is used.


I have several of these, they are decent and you'll easily get your money back if you decide it's not for you. These Oblubs are waterproof and float too, which is fun.


13.2% cashback on Quidco Makes it £45.10/11 Tried the coupon QUIDCO10 on top of that, did not work lol.


Great set at a great price, if I didn't already have so many flashlights I'd be buying.


Doesn't tell you much without knowing what exposure was used. A 3-second exposure would make a room well light even with 5 lumens. I'm trying to figure out what the similar (but much bigger) hanging one I have is - I have a feeling it's 180 lumens and I don't consider that very bright.

Free Obulb Magnetic Hook (using code) @ Olight
Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
A really nice freebie from Olight. The offer starts today from 8 pm and it is limited. You need to log into your account and add the product to your basket. The code is coupon5 Read more

Oh, code meant to be used for covering the shipping fee. I will find out what happened. I am sorry about this. :(


What a let down.


This deal had me Hooked for a minute! Then 5 quid for delivery!! BOOM 💥 I'm out of here...


£4.95 for shipping - no thanks


Still £4.95 delivery. A bit steep for a hook I don't need lol

£100+ off Olight X7R 12000 lumen ultra bright USB rechargeable LED searchlight £151.77 at Olight
-59° Expired
Posted 11th Dec 2020Posted 11th Dec 2020
£100+ off Olight X7R 12000 lumen ultra bright USB rechargeable LED searchlight £151.77 at Olight£151.77£252.9540% off
I know this will be very niche but a great discount and can hopefully help someone out. Not used this particular product but seen a lot of their products and very good. Great custo… Read more

This should never have gone cold. Everything that's wrong with the mindless voters on HUKD right here... if you don't know what the product is, don't vote!


They have sales all the time.... Usually 30-40% off If you want an extra £5 off use this link (y) https://www.olightstore.uk/?awraf=2BD448145FDD0E7FC4884


Expire please as back at £252.95 now.


Superb build quality olight and technology.... From been as bright as the sun to moonlight mode that will run for 30days on a charge.... I have its bigger brother the marauder 2 which is even brighter


Why expired as it's still available? I have one and it's the only torch I have that outshines the idiots in my local woods with their Land Rovers on full beam with their Xenon roof lights. This thing is awesome!

Olight i3E EOS smallest 90 lumens keychain torch for £2.96 delivered (using code) @ Olight
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Posted 10th Dec 2020Posted 10th Dec 2020
Olight i3E EOS smallest 90 lumens keychain torch for £2.96 delivered (using code) @ Olight£2.96£9.9570% off Free P&P Free
Use code coupon5 which gives you £5 off and free delivery! <3 (party) ✔ The i3E is an extremely compact torch with maximum 90-lumen output, all running off of … Read more

My 2 arrived today ...with £1.35 TCB (y)


Love the torch but do not look into it though. I hope the company didn't make a loss though, as it was delivered by dpd.


Just got the torch As someone who loves a good torch, have about £500 worth of torches 3 things I love about it -Its about the size of an as battery -Can be held in your mouth -Tis bright Great little light


Mine arrived today. Cracking little light


Turned up well packed and item very good for money

Olight Christmas Sale i3T Twin Pack for £22.93 (£11.47 each) using sitewide coupon @ Olight
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Posted 10th Dec 2020Posted 10th Dec 2020
Olight Christmas Sale i3T Twin Pack for £22.93 (£11.47 each) using sitewide coupon @ Olight£22.93£37.9039% off Free P&P Free
Olight Chistmas sale has started and this deal looks like a really good one. This is for the Olight I3T EOS in a twin pack. This is usually around £20 each. Use the code coupon5 … Read more

I did , was 32 (27 plus 5 for shipping) and then went down to 22 And 5 for shipping


You need to add the voucher


Whoever said the millennium bug wasn't real needs to look at this website lmao I tried to checkout with PayPal and it wouldn't let me, kept coming back with errors. I filled out the billing information and hit next, then there was a different "pay with paypal" button, which worked... (confused)


What are your suggestions? Genuinely interested. I have the i3 and it's a great wee torch.


"EDC" = "Every Day Carry" eg small and light "TIR" = "total internal reflection" eg a cone lens in the centre line of the LED redirects the light sideways into the main reflector. That reflector then redirects the light into a parallel output beam. As there is no direct Line Of Sight to the LED itself, there is no single ultra bright spot. Without the cone lens, the reflector wouldn't be able to produce that parallel output beam - there would be spreading and light intensity would decrease greatly off the centre line. " Quick mode shifting " = "push button switch" "IPX8" = "Can survive 1M deep water immersion for some time (unspecified)"

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Tactical + i5UV Torch bundle for £85.74 @ olight
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Olight M2R Pro Warrior Tactical + i5UV Torch bundle for £85.74 @ olight£85.74£103.3217% off Free P&P Free
Olight will have another bundle deal tonight from 8 pm. This bundle includes: Olight M2R Pro Warrior Tactical Torch - 1800 lumens output and 300 meters throw i5UV - 365nm ultra… Read more

If anyone is looking for a really good torch and at bargain price go on Amazon and look for LETION LED Torch Rechargeable,Torches LED Super Bright Powerful 1500 Lumens, Waterproof, 5 Modes Zoomable Tactical Flashlight for Camping Bicyle,Including Accessories 4x18650 Batteries(2 Pack).it is £15.29 and that's for 2 torches plus 2 rechargeable batteries and the charger it's really bright aswell for the money they are amazing for me it's the best torch I've ever owned, I have a rare eye condition so I am losing me eyesight slowly and I depend on a good torch a lot ,I don't know about this make on here as I've not tried and tbh I couldn't afford this torch I'm certainly not saying these are bad just giving my honest opinion on a really good light and fantastic price you won't be disappointed and for only £15.49 on Amazon.hope this helps some people (y) &#x1F3FB;


Sorry mate, just seen this. I'm not 100% but I think they're all fixed.


Do you know whether any of the Olight's have a Flood to Spot feature like you get on the Ledlenser. I find that really useful when walking the dog rather than just having a fixed beam.


I've had an Olight s30rIII baton for about 3 years. Best torch I've ever had. Stays bright for ages, tough, really easy to charge with the magnetic charger, very bright. I think I paid about 65 quid for it but I'd been through countless cheap led torches and a couple of non rechargeable led lenser ones (T7 and P7) which chewed through batteries. Finely recommend Olight. Think they've got a few other torches on offer at the moment too.


Anybody had any experiences with this brand? Never heard of them. Really need a decent rechargeable torch that lasts a while. I have a few ledlenser torches and whilst they’re good I’m forever changing the batteries. Also have a unbranded rechargeable torch and it’s bright whilst it lasts but goes dim when you keep it on for more than a few mins.

OLIGHT Perun 2 Black 2500 lumens head torch + i3T DT 180 lumens touch bundle for £65.94 delivered @ Olight
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Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
OLIGHT Perun 2 Black 2500 lumens head torch + i3T DT 180 lumens touch bundle for £65.94 delivered @ Olight£65.94£78.9316% off Free P&P Free
Another nice bundle deal from Olight for Black Friday starting from 8 pm on Wednesday The bundle includes: Olight Perun 2 black - Max 2500 lumens: Olight's No.1 performance… Read more

Only ones with perun 2 would be people reviewing them. The other lights with magnetic charge base, are not live. Discharge across the base terminal will not short the battery. The charging circuitry is in the base.


Have you tried it? I do not own this flashlight, so only posting what has previously been posted on BLF, CPF and similar outlets. I know you can not use any 18650 of the Warrior Pro as it won't turn on if you try and I have. Therefore, it could be in your pocket, bag etc and brush up against something and cause a discharge.... https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?437041-Safety-evaluation-Olight-H2R https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/6r3p2a/review_and_safety_evaluation_olight_h2r_1x18650/ And before you say that is the H2R, yes it is but they haven't fixed this on the Prerun.


You can use any 18650 battery, just can't charge it in the torch. What live contact on the charger.


Couldn't agree more with the DFS comment! (lol) (lol)


Just aheads up, Olight use a proprietary 18650 on many of their lights (I believe this is light does also, though a battery is included). Therefore, you probably won't be able to use the stash of 18650s you already have, if you want to swap out quickly. Also I believe they have not fixed the live contact issue on the magnetic charger. Each to their own, I would probably go with a Nitecore or Sofirn alternative. Furthermore, Olight are the flashlight version of DFS.... always a sale around the corner haha (cheeky) Cheers.

Olight i1R 2 Keychain Torch (Rechargeable) £4.95 postage (When you pretend/successfully share via email) @ Olight
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Posted 16th Nov 2020Posted 16th Nov 2020
Olight i1R 2 Keychain Torch (Rechargeable) £4.95 postage (When you pretend/successfully share via email) @ Olight
Similar to last time, pretend to share via an email/Facebook and they pop a torch in your basket - P&P is £4.95. You need to create an account then I just clicked on the email… Read more

Ah, I was actually hoping for a stealthy black one but desert tan would have been my second choice. Purple does look very nice too. I previously got the mint colour which is very nice too! Such a useful little torch, bright enough for when you really need it and the low setting is perfect for general day to day use. All this in such a small package, it’s a must for anyone in my eyes


Nice... of all the colours this was my most disliked...but having had (cough!) two Desert Tans delivered this time.... I really actually like them a lot. So the only colour I lack is a Purple - the OH has had to suffice with a (rather attractive) Desert Tan LOL. Out of interest (or not) the lights went out at work the other day - Planned - but inconvenient! And...Someone lost something and needed it urgently - 15 mins of bright bright light from a torch smaller than my little finger - Problem solved. Love them &lt;3


Thanks OP, managed to get a desert tan to add to my collection


You’re welcome, hope you get the colour you want


That's a really nice gesture - thank you. I've got two more coming...so a bit more lucky dip first!

Olight Baton Pro 2000 lumens EDC torch with 3500mAh battery for £49.47 delivered @ Olight
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Posted 5th Nov 2020Posted 5th Nov 2020
Olight Baton Pro 2000 lumens EDC torch with 3500mAh battery for £49.47 delivered @ Olight£49.47£89.9545% off Free P&P Free
£50 might seem expensive for a torch, but this everyday carry (EDC) is normally £89.95 so this is actually a pretty big saving. With a powerful adjustable light (up to 2000 lumens … Read more

For the money, I would look elsewhere. LED Lenser are overpriced IMO.


I can recommend LED LENSER torches


The majority of torches at this price level offer nowhere near the stated outputs, and often they use an entirely different chip to that advertised. Something to bear in mind when not buying from a reputable known brand...


Any torch experts on here with any opinions on the XHP90 chip torches. They seen mighty impressive for around £25, on eBay or Amazon.


That explains the torch doubling as a hand heater on cold mornings :D

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