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Three packs of Reese's peanut butter cups £1.20 @ one.stop
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Posted 6th Feb 2016Posted 6th Feb 2016
Three packs of Reese's peanut butter cups £1.20 @ one.stop£1.20
Normally 79p per pack. Bought three for £1.20 and lady at checkout manually corrected price.
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Shame they won't be the imported Reese's which I prefer


luv em


Same here also includes the cadburys and Nestlé range.


Tesco have this offer on permanently. Also often they have nutrageous bars and the sticks so you can mix and match.

Henry Xtra HVX200A with Air Driven Power Brush  £117.95 @ One Stop Cleaning Shop
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Posted 18th Apr 2011Posted 18th Apr 2011
Henry Xtra HVX200A with Air Driven Power Brush £117.95 @ One Stop Cleaning Shop£117.95
4 FREE DUST BAGS + FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY + FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY A vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hairs that really works! The new turbo head with its rotating brush co… Read more

Thanks for this. I hope this is the case. We have Dyson units at home and they suffer after the builders leave I have to rebuilt them! I'm hoping the Henry will work better on the builders dust work. Will keep the Dyson for regular cleaning. FYI the reasons the Dyson units fail with building dust is that they work using a cyclone, and to operate the vortex needs to have a specific air speed, the fine particals of rock in plaster etc are very heavy and numerous so the vortex speed drops below critical the cyclone effect is reduced and the motor and filters get clogged and this blocks the air flow that cools the motor and then the thermal cut-out shuts down the motor! Which is why I need to rebuild mine after cleaning building dust! Oh if you have a DC07 that overheats this might be due to a failed thermal cut-out on the motor. Its a £4 part on ebay. I have 2 DC07 both had this fault, replace the cut-out and both have been fine. It was the anti arch capacitor in these that failed, creating an arch which overheated the motor that tripped the thermal cut out! Any views on if I need to use a paper bag for the Henry and if the copy bags on Ebay are good are there any good suppliers on ebay / the net? etc?? look nice but £12.50 in VAT and delivery!! Fleabay is £7.20 Item number: 310254235401 if that's the same? Might go for these Item number: 310152375376 that the folk used for my Dyson spares says double walled paper plus rubber membrane and elastic close copies. £4.49 delivered or might for these Hepa clones Item number: 160368865567 almost 2000 sold £4.95 delivered Got 10 a 10 pack here Item number: 37049745380 on fleabay Anyone tried the cloth bags available for Mr Henry which is best slide closer or Zip wanted a machine washable one.


Henrys are great for DIY clear up and rough stuff but hopeless on carpets - in fact the standard head increases wear. Even with this air driven turbo head, not enough power to the beather brush. The electric power head is the one you need. People swearstandard Henrys work on carpets. I have one and I can tell you without question that they need a powered beater brush to work at all.


Quick question. I have a Henry (rescued from a neighbour's house. Thrown out due to loss of suction, hot it home and washed the filter all fine now) when I got it it had a paper dust bag. Do I need to get new paper bags or are these optional? Also an views on where to get bags, clones vs original etc welcome.


You can buy the Henry frequently at B&Q for around £80. Sounds a lot of extra money (£40) for the brush. I agree with the above poster, Henry rules. Wouldn't use anything else.


my wifes blown up 2 of our dysons, time for a change.

Hetty Pink (Henrys sister) vacuum Cleaner from Numatic £91.95 @ One Stop Cleaning Shop
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Posted 7th Jan 2010Posted 7th Jan 2010
Hetty Pink (Henrys sister) vacuum Cleaner from Numatic £91.95 @ One Stop Cleaning Shop£91.95
Hetty Pink Vacuum Cleaner from Numatic HET200-A Autosave Model 2009 NEW "HET200-A" AUTOSAVE 2009 MODEL IN STOCK READY TO SHIP. 5 FREE DUST BAGS + FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVER… Read more

Ok son, VAX it is. But its an investment. Tell you what, its soooooooooooooooo quiet!


It's NOT a 'Hoover' - it's a Vax!


As far as I can see, all the ones mentioned at Dixons/Very etc are not the latest model which I bought. Tell you what though, it is a great hoover and when you fire up the TURBO is the best sucker in town!


Kinda thought that myself til i got one. I used discount codes to get it cheaper though and its well worth the money. The suction is hoover ive used.


I must be missing something with these - paint a daft face on a very basic vacuum cleaner and people will pay silly money. I know they are supposed to be well made but that's still nearly 100 quid for a cylinder vac! Not voting - just very puzzled by Hetty/Henry mania.