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Asus zen book deluxe UX490 - £558.76 @ One Stop PC Shop
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Posted 23rd Jun 2018Posted 23rd Jun 2018
Asus zen book deluxe UX490 - £558.76 @ One Stop PC Shop£558.76
Very good price for such a specs! Btshop is selling it as well for pounds more all other websites is £900 or more Full HD display 14'' 256SSD 8GB RAM Light and portable

Mine arrived on Tuesday. Lovely piece of kit. Think its on the BT Shop again for £600 "last few remaining".


Take it back, got dispatched today.


This will turn out to be a pricing error with a supplier selling direct. Nearly always the case with a price like this over a weekend.


Thanks for that- have ordered the one from the BT shop slightly more than this deal, but still well worth it.


BT Shop still have theirs in stock. It's wrongly described as a Zenbook S in the heading, but the rest of the listing relates to a UX390UA-BE029T. I have voted hot. The highlight that you pay for is the lightweight and thin form factor for the level of performance. It has a 14 inch screen in a typical 13 inch ultrabook size. I think that screen is IPS. The models do confuse me as I think the UX390 was originally just a 12.5 inch, but this is definitely 14 inch.

StormForce PC i5 8gb RAM gtx 1060 3gb 128 gb nvme ssd 1tb hdd £687.38 @ One Stop
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Posted 17th Dec 2017Posted 17th Dec 2017
StormForce PC i5 8gb RAM gtx 1060 3gb 128 gb nvme ssd 1tb hdd £687.38 @ One Stop£687.38
Update: Just got a reply from customer service and here are the bits that makes this prebuilt pc up. Now get those heat coming! Full specs, STORMFORCE LUX I5 8GB W10H GREY SKU: … Read more

missing a little on those makes, I would prefer to know what GPU, MOBO, RAM, NVMe I am getting for that price, overall for a pre-built I guess it is a fair price with a 3y guarantee on parts. I assume that for someone who does not want to build their own PC or does not have someone who can do it for them it is a fair price. In case of comparing this to other pre-built systems it is ok enough. Not a fan of those though.


They are the closest I could find for that PC but the OP has now listed them specifically.


Customee service sent me the full spec. Ive updated it


Just got the specs in


That big if is now confirmed. I said you were crying because you were implying that people only vote hot for the flamedeer. As you did i just passed my observation, that you are crying and you should stop. Nothing nasty about it too.

Asus RX 480 8Gb White £183.72 @ One Stop PCShop
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Posted 18th Feb 2017Posted 18th Feb 2017
Asus RX 480 8Gb White £183.72 @ One Stop PCShop£183.72
Asus RX 480 8GB Same site as the other deal below, just a bit more for the 8GB Model postage is £4.99
Get deal*Get deal*

thank you for the answer, i purchased a 4GB version.


​4gb is enough for any game on the market. As long as you don't mind turning down some settings in game such as shadow detail and ambient occlusion you can run games with very high frame rates.


One question before i order between the 4GB vs 8GB I play H1Z1, CS:GO, would 4GB be enough, I dont mind having to ugrade in 2 years time, but for now is 4GB enough for those games? thanks


yes they are go for it


are these guys trustworthy?

Asus RX 480 4GB Overclocked to 1320mhz £156.85 delivered @ One stop pc
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Posted 18th Feb 2017Posted 18th Feb 2017
Asus RX 480 4GB Overclocked to 1320mhz £156.85 delivered @ One stop pc£156.85
The Title Explains All ALL OUT OF STOCK NOW!!!

Because alot of these types of "stores" don't carry actual stock, they all ship from a referred supplier which offers them a cut. A lot of the time, the item in question will be oversold because of outdated pricing (onstop/zippy) then cancelled once the supplier comes back with a no go on price.


how come all these stores look alike?


transparent UK have 7.9 on trustpilot also -


Thanks for that, I looked this morning as I remembered you posting it at the beginning of the thread, but there was no add to basket button. Just completed order, we'll see if it tutns up tomorrow. Thanks once again. Looks like a supplier pricing error maybe, all these stores listing then cancelling, Zippytom cancelled too. Suppose I'll wait until 28th Feb and see what transpires.


VTX3D AMD RADEON R7 265 X-EDITION 2Gb £88.29 @ onestoppcshop.
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Posted 20th Jul 2015Posted 20th Jul 2015
VTX3D AMD RADEON R7 265 X-EDITION 2Gb £88.29 @ onestoppcshop.£88.29
Price is 83.30 £4.99 for delivery. For anybody that does not know this used to be a HD 7850 but this has a higher clock speed and faster memory it has been re branded again by AMD… Read more
Audioengine A5+ Speakers - £217.93 + £4.99 next day delivery One Stop PC Shop
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Posted 17th Feb 2015Posted 17th Feb 2015
Audioengine A5+ Speakers - £217.93 + £4.99 next day delivery One Stop PC Shop£222.92
Was looking for a good set of PC speakers and settled on the Audioengine A5+. Found them at onestoppcshop for a really good price. Also available in black: http://www.onestoppcsh… Read more

Cheers I've ordered the bt3 to checkout only because of bluetooth, its a shame my laptop doesn't have optical as that has the dac element, but I will check sound Audio engine 5+ looks good but it's a shame it doesn't have a wireless option. There is another speaker by emotiva not available in UK which is meant to be better. Thanks for your advice


I like q acoustics. My mate has a 2020i 5.1 setup and it sounds great.


I can't give a qualified recommendation for a DAC because I haven't bought one yet. Having read around the topic, I'm torn between the schiit modi and the audioengine d1. The schiit is a bit cheaper at 85 notes but doesn't include a headphone amp. However it's possible to extend schiit setups at a later date because they are modular. The d1 is around 110, includes a headphone amp and is meant to pair well with the a5s. Even though i dont need the headphone amp, i'll probably go for d1. Again, cheapest d1 is available from onestoppcshop.


i like the look of the a5+ what dac would you reccomend.


what do you guy shink of the acoustic q-bt3

Aerocool Xpredator X3 Avenger £72.08 @ One Stop PCShop
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Posted 17th Dec 2014Posted 17th Dec 2014
Aerocool Xpredator X3 Avenger £72.08 @ One Stop PCShop£72.08
*PRICE INC SHIPPING* EN52247 Aerocool Xpredator X3 Avenger - Solidly constructed chassis interior (0.7mm SPCC). - Supports CPU cooler max. height up to 186mm(without fans on side… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

£67.09 now!


Looks hideous. next cases look nicer


Was thinking the same thing.


If Tony Stark built a PC, he would use this case!


sweeeeeeet :D looking for an nzxt phantom myself on zi cheap :D

Best value 50 inch plasma £445.00 at One Stop PCShop
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Posted 8th Apr 2014Posted 8th Apr 2014
Best value 50 inch plasma £445.00 at One Stop PCShop£445
I know everyone has been rushing out to grab those £350 50 inch 720p plasma's at pc world. But for an extra £90 i think i'd rather have something more up to date, capable of handl… Read more

1080p hot !



depends if he is short sighted


You want a 50 inch for 9 ft viewing distance .You're having a larf ! oO


Make in title or description is a thought

Ricoh SP 204SN All-in-one laser printer/scanner/copier £55 @ One Stop PCShop
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Posted 11th Mar 2014Posted 11th Mar 2014
Ricoh SP 204SN All-in-one laser printer/scanner/copier £55 @ One Stop PCShop£55
Decent price for a laser mfp with ADF. Not sure of the quality of the scanner but the printer function seems to be decent.

Printer ok. ADF very convenient. Scanner painfully slow (almost 80% slower compared to the HP Officejet). I would not recommend it for small office use but more than adequate for home use.


Received it today so no complaints about the delivery (even got a text message with the expected delivery time). Will install it tomorrow and will get back with impressions.


My mistake, that was the SP100SU


Can't be any more expensive than my Lexmark injet: the cartridges are more expensive than employing someone to type the stuff :-S


I called today and was told that it was shipped. Lets see.

Samsung UE40ES6300U 40 Inch SMART Full HD 3D LED TV £307.20 @ onestoppcshop
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Posted 23rd Sep 2012Posted 23rd Sep 2012
Samsung UE40ES6300U 40 Inch SMART Full HD 3D LED TV £307.20 @ onestoppcshop£307.20
Enjoy apps, videos, Skype, web browsing and moreDiscover a new world of social and personalised home entertainment with Samsung s updated Smart Hub and three great new services. Fa… Read more

Ordered on Sunday, money taken immediately from my credit card, heard nothing since. My account still says 'Payment Approved'. Just wish they'd come clean and admit they won't be honouring my order.


Has anyone actually receive their tv from JAMDUP?

murphwiz, click on the big link on their website for online store, and hit the TV button ;-)


I'm confused dont seem to sell/supply TVs... ?!?!?!


If is the same telly we were talking here, you are lucky because they must've sold it at a loss. Good for you