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For anyone who is looking for trustworthy tyres and wheels, there is UK's online retailer Oponeo. Established in 2001, Oponeo boasts a daily delivery of 15000 high-quality tyres a day to customers across the globe. All the available Oponeo discounts are listed on the HotUKDeals page.
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Zeetex HP2000 VFM 225/40 R18 92 Y XL Tyre - £40 @ Oponeo
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Posted 6th Feb 2020Posted 6th Feb 2020
Zeetex HP2000 VFM 225/40 R18 92 Y XL Tyre - £40 @ Oponeo£40
Found these for my Skoda Octavia. Really quiet and very low priced. So far can't fault them. No rim protection.

Very Fast Motorcar...


Does VFM stand for value for money!

Yokohama Winter Drive V905 225/50/17 98 V XL RPB tyre - £75 @ Oponeo
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Posted 11th Sep 2017Posted 11th Sep 2017LocalLocal
Yokohama Winter Drive V905 225/50/17 98 V XL RPB tyre - £75 @ Oponeo£75
Currently under very good offer. With this spec and size premium winter tyres start at over £100. Please don't start argument about need of winter tyres in UK or no cause is totall… Read more

Heated, good price for a well known branded winter tyre in this size. I use Avon Ice Touring in the winter but as I live in the midlands it's probably overkill but I'd rather have the peace of mind that I've done all I can to be safe.


Wish I could get tyres fitted for £5 a corner round here. Everywhere is loads more than that, and they all take ages to fit the damn things - well from my limited experience anyway.


The majority of ppl in UK using part worn tyres and most of them only changing them when the car fail MOT. This is not just wrong but also not safe ! Been in the tyres and cars industry for years now and still don't get why people don't pay attention to the tyres. They are the most important part in the car as is the only 1 part wich have constant contact with the ground. I knew the vote will be cold as most of you think that you don't need a winter tyres ! In my opinion every single car in every Country in the World should be fitted by law with winter tyres if the temperature dropps down to 7 and below. We will have 50 % less accidents and 50 % less injuries. But unfortunately for majority of people car accident is still an good opoturnity to earn some cash on fake whiplash claims !!! From the other side Im happy with the cold voting as Winter tyres are designated for cold Weather lol


Is that unusual ? With that price you could have fitting done but not for that tyre. Im always getting tyres and then go for fitting for £5 each


This is just the price for a tyre, fitting costs are on top

Tyres 185/65 R14 free delivery £28 @ Oponeo
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Posted 15th Dec 2016Posted 15th Dec 2016
Tyres 185/65 R14 free delivery £28 @ Oponeo£28
Chip tyres. Free delivery.

In fairness to cheap (and possibly nasty) tyres, it's the failure of the nut holding the steering wheel that causes by far the most problems.


I work at national Tyre distribution centernever heard of that makecheapest budget tyres are about £12.50taxi drivers love themwould not have them fitted on my car


you might not have a "long time" left if you buy these Chinese slippers.


love you long time


Whats a Chip tyre?

£20 off set of 4 tyres at Oponeo.co.uk when you pay with PayPal
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Posted 15th Aug 2016Posted 15th Aug 2016
£20 off set of 4 tyres at Oponeo.co.uk when you pay with PayPal£20
Just got £20 off 4 new tyres for paying with PayPal! Bought 4 new Uniroyal Rainsport 3's for £132! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Asda tyres... always has been cheaper for me. too much hassle for few quid...


they seem a bit cheaper to me and the £20 will cover fitting if you shop about and don't use places like Kwik Fit


This doesn't include fitting though. I am currently looking for some new tyres. Even with £20 off, there not much cheaper than other places that includes fitting in the price.

Uniroyal Rainsport 3 205/55 R16 only  £41 delivered!!! @ Openeo
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Posted 18th Jun 2016Posted 18th Jun 2016
Uniroyal Rainsport 3 205/55 R16 only £41 delivered!!! @ Openeo£41
I don't think I need to explained it more. Well known tyres, I have got a pair myself. Well recommend. Tyre size:205/55 R16 Speed index:V = max 149 mph Load index:91 = max 615 kg … Read more

As others have said, and I will try to summarise, changing tyre width in isolation would not affect the speedometer. HOWEVER, in the context of the question that was asked here - i.e. going from 225/55 to 205/55, this *WOULD* affect the speedometer. This is because the height of the tyre is given as a proportion of the width. So to get the closest similar height to a 225/55 tyre, you would have to go to 205/60. Unfortunately my Masters of Engineering wasn't Motorsport specific, but I hope this helps nonetheless ;-)


my local garage does that size for £35 balanced and fitted. new budget brand


Best all-round tyre around!!! Would highly recommend these, and they are a MASSIVE upgrade from my previous Goodyear Eagle F1s (which are only good if you enjoy crashing).


No it's c for fuel economy and a for wet grip


Is that C for grip and A for Economy? If so that does make sense as less grip = less resistance = less fuel Budget tyres generally score well on Fuel economy.

Nokian zLine 205/50/16 87W £64 delivered @ oponeo.co.uk
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Posted 15th Feb 2015Posted 15th Feb 2015
Nokian zLine 205/50/16 87W £64 delivered @ oponeo.co.uk£64
Excellent tyres with very good reviews, I've had those before and couldn't fault them. Beats more expensive Bridgestone RE050A and Toyo T1R I tried on the same car hands down, espe… Read more

I bought some of these for my Jeep a year ago. Good tyres to drive on but only last about 15000 miles (I've done about 12,000 on them & they'll mneed replacing soon). My previous ones lasted 22000.


Branded might be different. I wouldn't touch kwik fit anyway, so no problem. :)


that was about kwik fit, won't touch anything they don't sell - and will try and sell you other things too


get them delivered to your chosen garage (tell them first :D)


Nonsense, all my local garages will fit them, £10 per wheel inc. valve and balancing.

nexen cp672a tyres 225 55 18 £62 del at oponeo
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Posted 30th Jul 2014Posted 30th Jul 2014
nexen cp672a tyres 225 55 18 £62 del at oponeo£62
i was just looking for some rear tyres for my outlander and came across these great price for a half decent brand

Now £62


do you honestly think these tyres would be sold on the open market if they werent safe to use, they are nexen tyres they sell 20% of the tyre market you stick to paying £120 a tyre for contis or above ;)


I used to think the same way, but have gradually lowered my standards until I've got 4 non-matching, used, unknown brand Chinese tyres on my commuting car, and only notice the difference when it costs me £60 to replace all 4 instead of the £320 I used to pay.


Not sure about others, but I wouldn't trust cheap tyres on a car...


Sorry I've also used Pirelli and Goodyear and continental. Continentals were the best tyre but over twice the price. Really recommend kumho. You can feel the road (slight negative) but fantastic in the wet bar none! VFM!

Maxtrek MAXIMUS M1245/40 R17 95W Tyre £54 @ Oponeo
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Posted 23rd Jun 2014Posted 23rd Jun 2014
Maxtrek MAXIMUS M1245/40 R17 95W Tyre £54 @ Oponeo£54
High Performance. M1 is designed with excellent gripping ability, smooth water channeling and outstanding noise reduction for luxury passenger cars. The tyre carcass is made of two… Read more

Cheers for posting this OP as this website had a different brand of tyre I was looking for at the cheapest price yet. 8)


Go for the Sailuns, they are almost unknown in the UK but watch the reviews on You Tube and they are considered almost as good as the premium brands for much less money when tested in the US and Canada. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D3uXe_9xpc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6yX_lKnP3U They are £58 each delivered at the link below, they are also a four season tyre so are excellent for the UK with our hugely variable weather and will provide additional winter and cold weather safety. http://www.tyres-pneus-online.co.uk/car-tyres/sailun/atrezzo-z4-plus-as/245-45-r17-tl-99-w-xl.html They would be my choice for your wheels since Atlas don't produce that size.


Had some 'sunny' or similar Chinese things on my car when I bought it. Good dry handling but noisy. But in the wet........zero grip. It was like driving an Asda shopping trolley. Got Dunlop Sport Max x4 and they are excellent tyres. I drive really slow and boring and they do seem to be wearing a bit too quickly though. Put Goodyear F1 asymmetrical on my other car and they are very good. Steer clear of unknown Chinese stuff where your life is at stake!


"vulcanprojectJun 24, 2014 Sorry, has to be cold. Cheaper here, if by only a little. http://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/maxtrek/maximus-m1/245-40-r17-95w-248561 Tyre Leader is the only site that matters for Tyres (delivered). You can get Toyo Proxes and Michelin Pilots for only 10 quid more same size there too" Vulcan, thanks.. I should save over £100 by getting my tyres from here. So £500 rather than £660 from black circles. Yay, no more part worns!


I always think the budget brand called Goodride sounds promising ...